Student deals at Bugis Junction X Bugis+ 

The perils of being a broke student – kiasu, low on budget, and forced to revisit the same old restaurants and food courts we’ve been patronising for pretty much the entire course of our studies.

The struggle to find cheap and quality food, especially in town, is probably realer than the sight of your GPA leaking painfully down the drain. But hey, at least you can rely on your trusty matric card to tide over the next time you give in to peer pressure and end up eating out. Flash your card to enjoy these 10 deals the next time you’re at Bugis Junction X Bugis+. We got jio hor.

1. Sharetea – 50% off selected drinks 

sharetea bubble tea promotion

Attention all milk tea addicts: Sharetea is offering a 50% off selected drinks, starting at just $1.35 after discount. Just saying – you might wanna get your homework done ASAP and head down to their outlet at Bugis Junction before the queue extends all the way to Tuas.

sharetea earl grey milk tea

Hand-brewed with love by their lively baristas, Sharetea’s Earl Grey Milk Tea impressed us with a balanced infusion of fragrant earl grey and sweet milky goodness. Sharetea officially wins all our brownie points for piling on a generous helping of mini black pearls at only an additional top-up of $0.50. Not stingy, we likey.

sharetea passionfruit mojito

We tried out their Passionfruit Mojito (U.P.$5.50) which also exceeded our expectations. This drink isn’t your typical syrupy concoction either. It’s made of real passionfruit with the seeds, giving you that satisfying touch of sourness without overwhelming your taste buds. And there’s no alcohol in this, so don’t worry.

Terms: Valid all week incl. weekends. Toppings like mini black pearls are chargeable from $0.50 & ice level cannot be changed. Only 1 drink per transaction.

Unit: #01-14A, Bugis Junction
Opening Hours:Daily: 11AM-10PM

2. Wing Zone – $4.95 5 pc wings with a side of rice and drink 

wing zone student promo

Sometimes you just gotta shake the stress by going on a fast food binge. Wing Zone gets it, which is why they’re offering a student meal for $4.95.

A wise man once said, “Go big or go home”, so we ordered the Original Wings with one of the spiciest sauces on the menu: the Nuclear Habanero.

wing zone student meal .95

The wings hit all the right notes – the meat was juicy, succulent, and very tender. The spicy sauce, however, was too much for us to bear and descended us into the fiery pits of hell. If your tummy doesn’t take well to spice like ours, there are a whole slew of other flavours to choose from like Liquid Gold Honey Mustard sauce, a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.

liquid gold honey mustard wings

TBH, I’d pay $4.95 just for the wings alone, but Wingzone ain’t playing around. On top of the wings, you’ll get a side of Aromatic Rice and Ice Lemon Tea. All that for just shy of 5 bucks!

wing zone crunchy wings kettle chips

We also tried out the newer offerings on the menu – 6-pc Crunch Wings with Chipotle BBQ sauce and Kettle Chips ($11.40). The combination of the crispy wings and smokey BBQ flavour was seriously addictive. The chips were preferable to fries in our opinion – they were crunchy, non-greasy and thoroughly well-seasoned.

Terms: Valid all week incl. weekends, available for takeaway. Flash your student card to get 20% off all other items on menu.

Wing Zone
Unit:#04-22, Bugis+
Opening Hours:Daily: 11AM-10PM
Telephone:6222 9464

3. BAOBAO – Buy 2 baos get 1 free

baobao store bugis

Bao is bae, Bao is life. That’s a motto most students live by. After all, what’s a poor bloke to do when all we’re left with is a couple of dollars to tide us through the rest of the week? We get a kong bak bao (braised pork buns) from our school canteen or 3 Kong Bak Baos for the price of 2 ($7.80) at BAOBAO.

Stationed exclusively at Bugis Junction, BAOBAO serves kong bak baos with a twist – instead of just pork belly, they offer a few meat options designed to give you the same shiok factor.

baobao pulled pork

We tried out the signature Pulled Pork, Spicy Beef and Chicken Masala baos. All of them were delicious in their own ways, but if we had to pick a favourite, we’d pick the Pulled Pork just because the shredded meat was incredibly tender and easy to chew on.

The meat in the pork and beef baos were soaked in the hot peppery goodness that was gochujang sauce, giving us a kick of both sweet and spicy.

Terms: Valid all week incl. weekends.

Unit:#B1-K10, Bugis Junction
Opening Hours:Daily: 11.30AM-10PM 

4. Rocku Yakiniku – $13.90++ lunch buffet with free flow meats

rocku yakiniku lunch buffet student promo

Roll your way – Neymar style – to Rocku Yakiniku, a Japanese charcoal grill joint, to enjoy their All-You-Can-Eat Student Lunch Buffet at only $13.90 (U.P.$29.90).

The cheapo in us sought to stretch that $13.90 as far as we could go. We ordered so much for two that we nearly dropped dead – our buffet spread consisted of an assortment of beef and pork cuts, like Beef Chuck Tenders and Pork Belly.

rocku yakiniku charcoal grillWe grilled the meat on this sizzling hot charcoal grill.

We also ordered some seafood to amp up the variety. The Octopus and Cuttlefish were especially fresh. We grilled some of the seafood, but we preferred eating them raw ‘cos they made for a great palate cleanser having stuffed ourselves with all that grilled meat.

rocku yakiniku green mussels and octopus

The meat paradise doesn’t stop at $13.90++. Top up an additional $10.90++ per pax and you get a free flow platter of premium meat cuts – Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork galore!

Terms: Valid 12PM-3PM (80 mins) on Mon-Fri, except Public Holidays, Special Occasions and their respective eves. Additional $3++ on Friday.  Not valid for drinks.

Rocku Yakiniku
Unit:#04-06, Bugis+
Opening Hours:Mon-Thur: 12-3PM, 6-10PM | Fri: 12-3PM, 5.30PM-11PM | Sat: 12PM-11PM | Sun: 12PM-10PM
Telephone: 6634 3313

5. Fish&Co. – $10 main course + drink

Fish lovers – you’re in for a treat. Fish and Co. is offering $10 lunch deals for matric card holders. Choose from a selection of six main courses, including crowd fave Peri-Peri Catch and a range of fish and chips inspired by flavours from different countries.

fish n co estb

We had the Peri-Peri Catch, which is basically peri-peri sauce slathered atop pan-seared dory with a side of paella rice and fries. The Peri-Peri sauce tastes like a sweeter version of nasi lemak sambal sauce. It added a nice spicy kick to the fish and blended really well with the saffron-infused paella rice.

peri peri catch Peri-Peri Catch

If your spice tolerance is on the lower end but you still want a little bit of heat, you might want to try the Singapore Fish & Chips instead. It’s your classic fish and chips with a local twist – chilli crab sauce spread across golden fried dory fish. The result? Seafood heaven.

singapore fish and chipsSingapore Fish & Chips

Top up $2 for more premium selections like Chili Crab Spaghetti and Danish Fish and Chips.

fish n co estb

Terms: Valid for dine-in all day, Mon-Fri except eve of PH & PH.

Fish & Co.
Unit:#04-07, Bugis+
Opening Hours:Daily: 11.30AM-11PM
Telephone:6338 2836

6. Suki-Ya – $13.90++ Student Lunch Special (U.P.$18.90++)

If you and your schoolmates experience hotpot cravings, Suki-Ya may just have what you need to indulge without burning a hole in your wallet. Fork out $13.90++ and pig out all you want with their shabu shabu student lunch buffet.

sukiya interior

For our taste test, we ordered two soup bases and a few plates of sliced pork, beef and chicken. The pork bones and red dates used to brew the Butaniku broth brought out a motley of sweet and savoury flavours, while the Kimuchi soup base – made with some fermented kimchi – fired up our hotpot experience with spicy and sour tang.

sukiya steamboat buffet

We dipped the meats in a wide variety of sauces. The spicy sesame sauce and ponzu sauce stood out to us in particular – the rich, nutty flavour of the sesame paired exceedingly well with the pork and beef, whereas the ponzu sauce gave a lemony zing to our chicken. Yum.

sukiya sesame sauce

The beef deserves a special mention as it was not tough at all, which was certainly a plus for us.

Terms: Valid Mon-Fri: 11.30AM-4PM, excl. PH/Special Occasions and their respective eves. Limited to 60 mins per session.

Unit:#04-14/15, Bugis+
Opening Hours:Mon-Sun: 11.30AM-10PM
Telephone:6884 5778

7. Ramen Champion – $10+ ramen (U.P.$11.80+-$13.80+)

ramen champion estb

Everyone loves a hearty bowl of ramen, but it doesn’t make for the most budget-friendly meal for those of us relying on pocket money for sustenance. Enter Ramen Champion, that’s offering a student deal of $10+ per bowl of ramen. Whew.

sapporo ramen

The Sapporo Miso Ramen and Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ticked all our boxes for rich, flavourful broth, tender chashu slices, and firm, chewy noodles. What we appreciated most about the Tonkotsu broth was that it wasn’t jelak.

pork shogayaki sapporo ramen

If you feel like eating rice instead of noodles, the restaurant serves Pork Shogayaki Don, which is sliced ginger pork atop Japanese rice.

ramen champion student promo

Terms: Valid on Mon-Fri all day

Ramen Champion
Unit:#04-10, Bugis+
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri:11AM-10.30PM | Sat-Sun:10.30AM-10.30PM
Telephone:6238 1011

8. Mookata – Student buffet from $12.90++ 

mookata bugis outlet

We all have that one glutton of a friend with an unusually high metabolism to boot. You know – the one who whines about how they can eat bucket loads of junk food and still resemble a bamboo stick. Jio that friend to Mookata to enjoy their BBQ & steamboat buffet from $12.90++.

mookata buffet spread

You can expect a decent variety at Mookata – one that’ll make for a very happy belly. We laid all our fave comfort foods on the spread, from hot dogs and cheese tofus, to a generous assortment of meat and seafood. Don’t worry, just take only.

mookata interior exhaust

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the exhaust system in the restaurant did its job – we weren’t smelling like BBQ and smoke by the end of the meal!

To top it all off, you’ll get to season and cook your meat in so many ways to get different textures and tastes. We lathered our sizzling hot grill with pork fat cubes and conducted our own Masterchef cook-off as we seared, pan-fried and sautéed our way to gastronomic heaven.

Tip: Marinade your meat cuts with the sauces provided for the full experience.

Full promotion:

  • Lunch Buffet at $12.90++ (U.P. $14.90++)
  • Dinner Buffet at $21.90++ (U.P. $25.90++)

Terms:  Mon-Fri excl. PH and Eves. Min. 2 to dine.

Unit:#02-53, Bugis Junction
Opening Hours:10AM-10PM
Telephone:6837 0171

9. Flaming Don – Free chawanmushi with every lunch set ordered

flaming don student lunch promo

Flaming Don knows what’s up – enjoy a rice bowl set with a free serving of chawanmushi, free flow drinks and miso soup at just $8.90+.

aburi salmon don

Their Salmon Aburi Don was generously portioned and the salmon slices glistened from being doused in spicy mayonnaise.

black pepper chicken don

Their Black Pepper Chicken Don also fared pretty well in our taste test. The chargrill-style chicken was well-seasoned and had the savoury yakitori flavour that we love. It’s also accompanied with an onsen egg and nori seaweed – a classic combination that can’t go wrong. Not gonna lie, breaking apart the onsen yolk and watching it ooze out gave us major foodgasm.

flaming don self service

Free miso soup!

Here’s the best part – no pesky 10% service charge, because they operate a self-service system. Order your meals at a kiosk, pick it up at the collection point, and drop off your trays when you’re done with the meal. Easy peasy.

Terms: Valid Mon-Fri, 11.30AM-4PM, excl. PH/Special Occasions and their respective eves.

Flaming Don
Unit:#05-02/03, Bugis+
Opening Hours:Sun-Thurs & Eve of PH: 11.30AM-10PM | Fri-Sat & PH: 11.30AM-11PM
Telephone:6835 7019

10. Miam Miam – 20% off a la carte main course + free iced tea with every main course ordered 

Okay, so you’re looking for a slightly more high SES place to bring your crush for a treat. Miam Miam may just be the place you wanna make your move.

miam miam estb

Our first order was the Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice ($17.20), a tomato sauteed rice topped with very light and fluffy clouds of buttery egg. We gave it a good jiggle for the ‘gram before sinking our forks down into it.

riz noir squid ink rice

Beyond its visual appeal, the dish also passed in terms of overall tastiness. The foamy egg and butter layer mashed with each mouthful of squid ink rice – delivering a very interesting mix of sweet, savoury & creamy flavours all at once.

miam miam spaghetti

We also ordered a Signature Miam Miam Spaghetti tossed in a broth made in-house. We loved the mix of flavours for this – the salty bacon, sweet cherry tomatoes, and creamy onsen egg all came together exceedingly well.

The portion is big enough for 2 pax, so you definitely get your money’s worth. Hey, you could even re-enact the Lady and the Tramp scene with your crush with this spaghetti number.

Terms: Valid for students up to 21 y/o only.

Miam Miam
Unit:#02-14, Bugis Junction
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri: 11.30AM-10PM | Sat-Sun: 11AM-10.30PM
Telephone:6837 0301

*Bonus* Sign up as CapitaStar member to redeem free LiHO milk tea!

liho milk tea promo

If it isn’t enough, Bugis Junction X Bugis+ is treating the first 500 students (16 and above) who sign up as a CapitaStar member to a FREE cup of LiHO Milk Tea w/ Pearls (M). CapitaStar members get to accumulate reward points which can be used to redeem CapitaVouchers for their shopping and entertainment needs. Members also enjoy exclusive deals on the CapitaStar app, invites to member-only promotions, and birthday perks. Fastest fingers first!

Register for CapitaStar membership here.

Student privileges at Bugis Junction X Bugis+

bugis junction bugis+

Jio one, jio all to dine at Bugis Junction X Bugis+ this coming school term. With so many great student deals and promos going on in this bustling central area, you and your friends will be spoilt for choice and be able to save some major coin on meals. You don’t even have to break a sweat to get here – these malls in Bugis are conveniently located along the East-West Line and the Downtown Line, so pop by after school!

Note: Promotions last from 3 August to 16 September 2018 unless otherwise stated.

Bugis Junction
Address:200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021
Opening Hours:10AM-10PM
Telephone:6557 6557

Address:201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Opening Hours:10AM-10PM
Telephone:6634 6810

Find out more about Bugis Junction X Bugis+ promotions here!

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