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Not many will refuse more cash. But not all of us have the time, or talent to earn it outside a day job – or so we might think. What if there was an Uber equivalent for your skills – but instead of driving others around, you’ll be paid just for doing the things you like doing anyway. 

And if you’re too paiseh to ask your friend’s friend’s friend for gigs, there’s an app that will help you dodge the hassle and embarrassment. 

Yep, we called it first if StageMetro becomes your fave app alongside Carousell or LinkedIn when you need some cash, or jobs. 


1. You can get paid for anything – even dog walking 


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We spotted intriguing talents such as hypnotists, dog-walkers and mime artists on the app, among aspiring entertainers or creatives such as emcees, musicians and photographers. As long as you have something you like to do, you might get your first customer here. Just think of it as forces of demand and supply – as long as there’s a market, you can offer your services here. 

Don’t limit yourself to “conventional” skills too! There’s a chef on StageMetro who prepares meals for others from his own home.

StageMetro Talent (Alvin - Private Chef)
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StageMetro Talent (Alvin - Private Chef)


2. It’ll help you do the accounting + chase for payments


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Welcome to the freelancer life. It’s not just sipping cocktails with a MacBook at some tropical resort. It’s a whole lot of chasing elusive clients, messy payment excel sheets and plain finance saikang. 

Give yourself a break with StageMetro’s easy payment process. When customers book your service, their payment is pre-secured electronically. Then, when the service’s done, the amount will zoom into your bank account within 7 days. 

Note: if you prefer it old-school, there’s also a collect payment by cash option. 


 3. Stand out from the competition with a good ‘gram game


The app works pretty much the same way as TripAdvisor. Get good reviews and you’ll find yourself rising to the top when people do a search. 

But more good news: easily earn points when you go “influencer” and share your profile on social media (20 points). Completed services for happy customers earn you 50 points, too. The more points you get, the higher your ranking and likelihood of new clients knocking on your doors. 

Share your talent via Instagram and earn points: (Left-Right) Source: @thesmartlocalsg

Tip: Try it from the other end – “recce” potential talents you want to engage by checking out on the app which talents your friends have booked. 


4. Work whenever you want


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The whole point of taking up gigs like these is the freedom from the 9-5. You’ll get to define your work schedule by location and timing on the app, so you can still go for yoga class in the morning. Customers will book only predefined slots, and you’ll receive a friendly notification when they do! 


5. No dubious commission fees when you finish a job


You’ve been burned before by hefty middleman fees in other jobs, “What? 30% commision for you?” No nasty surprises of the sort here. It’s all upfront – create a basic account for free and enjoy 3 service booking slots instantly. 

Or shell out just 30 bucks a month for unlimited bookings. You’ll easily earn it back in a single gig. 


6. Make clear exactly what you can – and cannot – give your clients


Adapted from @tomysushi and @StageMetro

Sushi workshop, anyone? A day will arrive where you’ll be organising a party, workshop or event to showcase your mad skills. Party-planning – from food planning to publicity – is made easy with two functions on the app: “Menu” and “Event”. 

The “menu” function is great for intimate events such as house cooking – say, when you can whip up a mean Korean meal, and want to let customers know what’s in store for their tastebuds. But, if you like to share your talents on a larger scale, try holding a class instead and the app’s “Event” tab to hype it up. 


Job-searching 2.0


Whether you’re a fresh grad that wants to strike out and do your own thing, or a professional that wants to expand a side-hustle, StageMetro that has everything you need to build your income in one-stop. 

It’s easy to get started on this subscription-based platform – no over-complicated forms to fill out here. In just 15 minutes, you can create a profile and broadcast your talent to the world. 

You might just win the “Talent of the Month” contest, and enjoy an Onsen Spa package at Kallang Wave’s Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa. 

Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Download the app and sign up as a user
  • Step 2: Click ‘Manage Tab’ at
  • Step 3: Create your talent profile. 

If you need more help: attend a workshop that’s conducted every last Friday of the month at SPACES, City Hall Source

Now you’re ready to roll… in the cash!

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