Splat Paint House Now Has Glow-In-The-Dark Neon Paint Parties With Water Guns At Upper Thomson

Splat Paint House UV party

Painting has always been a relaxing affair – think art jamming and a picture of an aproned Bob Ross before an easel may come to mind. But taking the traditional idea of painting and tossing it out the window is Splat Paint House, now offering glow-in-the-dark UV paint parties with neon paint and water guns.

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Art jamming in the dark

For stressed-out souls in need of catharsis, make a beeline to Splat Paint House instead of the now-unavailable clubs. Enter the second storey of the unassuming Upper Thomson Road shophouse and you’ll be greeted with EDM and pop music pumping up a UV-lit, kaleidoscopic party of luminescent splatters.

Paint with syringes, squirt bottles and water guns

For their UV parties, each participant will be equipped with a medium-sized canvas, choice of four tubs of fluorescent paint and free reign to do whatever you want. 

We asked if there were rules. There were none. Zilch. Nada. You can get paint on the tables, chairs, walls and floor. While the world may not be our oyster during this pandemic, this room sure will be for whatever creative outburst you’ve been penting up. 

Along with your painting mediums come paintbrushes, syringes, squirt bottles and water guns to craft your masterpiece with.

The neon green, yellow, pink and orange paint stand out the most in the dark, but for extra pizzazz, they’ve also got UV glitter paint that’ll still glimmer when you display it at home in the day.

Everyone’s experience here more or less follows the same arc. It begins with careful strokes of the brush just like how you were taught in school. But as the staff would advise, let loose as you go along and that’s where the real fun begins. Cue the chaos.

Fling paint at the canvas with the vengeance of Bling Empire’s Kim as she threw water at Kelvin for saying she was raised by wolves. The harder you throw that paint, the more satisfying the end result looks. The best part? No one’s going to chide you after for the mess, or come after you with a hefty fine for vandalism.

And, if video games like Nintendo Switch’s Splatoon sound like your kind of fun, be sure to save some extra paint for a paint war with your art jamming buddies. In case anyone’s wondering, the syringes have the best projectile.

Stay covered with protective gear and kid-safe UV paint

Things may look like a chaotic mess but there’s no need to worry about ruining your favourite pair of jeans or looking like a bird of paradise on the MRT home. Protective gears of disposable waterproof poncho that come with a hoodie and plastic feet covers will be provided so you’ll be more or less shielded from head to toe.

The UV paint used here is water-soluble, non-toxic tempera paint. If by any chance some get on your clothes, it can easily be washed off in the machine even if you’re donning a clean white. As it turns out, white glows under UV light and is also the best colour to don for photos. 

The components of the paint are also kid-safe, and won’t irritate the skin. But if you’ve got ultra-sensitive skin, everything can be easily washed off in a jiffy, with water and provided soap, at the shop’s washroom.

Held on an ad hoc basis, these UV parties are priced from $70/person for a 2-hour session, and will be available until further notice. Come in groups of four and above to redeem an extra canvas! The maximum capacity for the space is 15 pax, and you’ll have to place a reservation beforehand to secure a slot. 

At the end of everything, your work of art will be ready for collection within the next two weeks. Either come by to pick it up, or arrange for delivery to your doorstep from $25 for five canvas or less; or $30 for six or more canvasses.

Daytime jamming and other packages

Other than night-time UV parties, also go crazy with paint at their daytime art jamming packages (from $39) where you can experience your paint splatters in its full glory. Similar to the UV paint party packages, this comes with the whole shebang of protective gears, painting tools and canvas; but regular non-toxic paint in place of the fluorescent ones.

More varieties of art jamming can be found in their birthday party packages, tote bag fabric-painting sessions and private events for hire. Find out more by visiting Splat Paint House’s website, or dropping the friendly staff a call.

Splatter painting at Splat Paint House

Previously a limited-time pop-up along Joo Chiat Road, Singapore’s first and only splatter paint studio, Splat Paint House has found a new permanent home along the popular street for all art junkies to visit, day or night. Relieve your stresses in this no-rules zone; the perfect space to unleash your imagination and paint whatever you will.

Splat Paint House
Address: 207a Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574346
Opening hours: Wed – Thu 3PM-9PM | Fri 3PM – 9.30PM | Sat 11AM-9PM | Sun 11AM-7.30PM (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
Telephone: 8882 0839
Splat Paint House website

Getting there: From Marymount MRT, take bus 410G towards Sin Ming Plaza (3 stops) or walk 11 minutes to Splat Paint House. 

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