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Whether it’s riding on the train, working, or exercising in the gym, the first thing you’d probably do is have your ears plugged to your favourite Spotify playlist. This paid music streaming service has become such an integral part of our daily routines that most of us would agree that we can’t live without it. 

Singtel knows it, which is why they’re letting all customers subscribe to Spotify Premium at just $1 for the first 2 months and be blessed with uninterrupted music on the app. The best part? You won’t even have to spend a single byte of your monthly data on it. 

Here’s how it works:


What is ‘data-free’ music?


spotify data free

The coolest thing about Singtel’s partnered deal with Spotify is all the songs you stream through Spotify will NOT be charged. Think about it this way: while everyone’s cars are being taxed at the toll booth, you’ve got the express pass allowing you free movement on the Music Streaming Expressway.

You won’t even have to find a WiFi hotspot to download songs into your phone for offline listening. Rad.


There are NO ads


So you’re rocking out to The Killers and you’re all set to belt out as the chorus approaches… *bam* an ad pops up to kill your vibe. Spotify Premium empathises with your pain. They’ve done away with those pesky ads so you can listen to your music without being bombarded with one every five seconds. Yes please. 


Listen to all your favourite songs from Ed Sheeran, Khalid, Bon Iver


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Bop and sway to all kinds of music – from the latest Ed Sheeran hits to local music from M1LDL1FE and Lew. If you tire of songs easily like me, you have access to an endless repository of millions of songs. 

Plus with the radio feature on the app, search up a song that you really like and Spotify will automatically curate and stream songs that are similar or of the same genre as your searched song without using up a single byte of your data. How cool is that? 


Switch to Spotify Premium with Singtel Music


Making the switch from your existing non-Singtel-affiliated Spotify Premium to Singtel Music is seamlessly easy. Customers don’t need to set a new account up and will be able to keep all their existing playlists even when they connect their Spotify account to Singtel Music. 

Simply refer to this step-by-step guide on the Singtel website to find out exactly how to swap your current Spotify subscription with a Singtel Music subscription. 


Get Spotify Premium from Singtel Music from just $1


If you’re thinking of making the switch to Singtel, there’s no better time to do it than now. New and existing Singtel 12 or 24-month postpaid mobile customers are eligible to enjoy Spotify Premium at only $1 for the first 2 months.

What’s more, customers who choose to make the switch to Singtel music between 9 to 12 November will get to enjoy Spotify Premium at just $0.11 for 3 whole months. That’s barely $0.03 per month! If you want to pay next to nothing for Spotify Premium account, this is your only chance to do it. Make the switch now – and make it quick.

For more information on Singtel’s available mobile plans, visit their website here.

Get 2 months of Spotify Premium for $1 here!

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