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Singapore Food Expo 2017

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Foodies rejoice, there’s a new food fair that’s knocking on our doors after Artbox. Hold out your fancy-schmancy lunch dates and wait on for the Singapore Food Expo 2017 – Singapore’s largest pop-up food festival held indoors!

The best kind of “spoilt” is being spoilt for choice – held from 26th May to 30th May, this fair will host almost 150 wholesalers selling local and foreign food from hawker delights to Japanese goodies. Pre-packaged products displayed at the fair are discounted up to 70% off, and many stores will be offering ‘Buy-1-Get-1-Free’ deals.

Here’s a little insider’s scoop on what’s gonna be up for grabs at the event.


1. Giant Squid


Singapore Food Expo 2017

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That’s right, this is a whole squid grilled to perfection on skewers, topped up with sweet and tangy barbeque sauce. A popular street snack in other Asian countries, this chewy snack will be sold alongside other dishes like fried squid, popcorn squid and barbequed prawns.

Find it at: Booth SB42


2. Giant Fried Chicken Cutlets


Singapore Food Expo 2017


Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, this Taiwanese specialty is flattened chicken deep fried to a golden crisp. Choose amongst various seasonings and enjoy it with a friend or two; there’s more than enough to share in a single serving.

Find it at: Booth SB43


3. Japanese + Korean Snacks


Singapore Food Expo 2017

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Leave it to the Japanese to invent all sorts of crazy snack flavours; From flavoured Kit-Kats to Pocky sticks, there’ll be a wide range of packaged Japanese snacks available for all adventurous taste buds out there.

Find it at: Booths SA07, SA66

Singapore Food Expo 2017

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For fans of the highly popular honey-butter flavour, scour through the fair and look for Korean snacks. Be it packet chips or nuts, the best range of Koreans’ favourite guilty pleasures will be available for sale.

Find it at: Booth SA65


4. Salted egg carrot cake


Singapore Food Expo 2017

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The salted egg craze might have died down, but we can’t deny that it’s still delicious. Plus, we bet you won’t find salted egg carrot cake anywhere else! A traditional white carrot cake with salted egg yolk sauce drizzled all over, this dish was a fan favourite from Food Expo 2016.

This year, you can kick up some spice with their Tom Yum Carrot Cake too.

Find it at: Booth SB44


5. Durian Pizza


Singapore Food Expo 2017

Love it or hate it, the king of fruits also claims a spot in this expo – in the form of pizza, covered in thick durian puree and stringy cheese. If you’re a die-hard fan of durian you definitely won’t want to miss this sweet and salty specialty along with other delicacies like durian pastries and candy.

Find it at: Booth SB34


6. Bak Chang


Singapore Food Expo 2017

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Singapore Food Expo 2017

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This triangular goodness of glutinous rice and meat fillings covered in banana leaves is sure to lure your taste buds in. It’s not very common in markets and hawkers these days, so bite into them for a little reminiscence of old tradition. With the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival on 30 May, you can get your Bak Chang fix here before heading off to enjoy the festivities.

Find it at: Booth SB49


7. Penang Laksa


Singapore Food Expo 2017

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Different from Singapore’s coconut-milk based version, this popular street dish from Malaysia is the OG of Laksa with a piquant kick. Expect a mix of sourness and sweetness in the sauce along with a generous amount of meat and veggies. Perfect for foodies that are into bold tastes.

Be quick on your feet though, this dish will be sold out fast daily.

Find it at: Booth SB46


8.  Nonya Kueh


Singapore Food Expo 2017

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Colourful, sweet and chewy, nonya kuehs always have a way of satisfying both our eyes and palates. With an assorted variety to choose from, you’re bound to be reminded of good ol’ family gatherings and house visits from your childhood, chewing happily on your kuehs.

Find it at: Booth SB37


9. Brown Sugar Cube Tea


Singapore Food Expo 2017


This is sugar and tea combined in a single cube, coming in various natural flavours such as wintermelon, ginseng, passion fruit and more. We hear the ginseng flavour helps ladies with easing period pains and clearing skin.

Find it at: Booth SA09


10. Pink Coconut Water


Singapore Food Expo 2017


Everything with coconut somehow seems healthier and better; now it’s time to kick things up a notch with aesthetically pleasing pink coconut water. 100% natural with no artificial flavouring or colouring, this is something you won’t be able to find on any random supermarket aisle.

Find it at: Booth PA10


Food Expo 2017 – Extra perks for visitors


Singapore Food Expo 2017

Don’t miss out on this event if you’re all for freebies – stand to win $50 vouchers for the event, and snag a few commemorative watches as well as special deals for PAssion Card holders.

Take part in their SFMA50 fundraising campaign that will take place throughout the 5 days, whereby visitors can donate $2 to participate in a lucky draw. All funds collected will go to help Lions Home and Lions Befrienders to sustain their on-going services and programmes.

There is going to be interesting food you’ve never seen before like durian bak kwa, mango coconut milk, and chili crab buns. Grab your friends and feast out together at this pop-up event – it’ll be easy on your wallets, and generous to your stomachs.

To participate in their sure-win giveaways at 2pm and 6pm daily, here’s what you have to do:

– Like and share (Public) the SingaporeFoodExhibitions Facebook page
– Like and share this article
– Comment on what you would like to try/eat and tag 3 friends
– Show the post to staff at redemption booth located at the extreme right of the hall’s entrance to enter dip for lucky balls
– Win $50 vouchers and exhibitors’ products!

*Limited to first 100 redemptions per draw session. Draw timing is 2pm and 6pm daily.

Singapore Food Expo 2017

Date: 26- 30 May 2017
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4
Time: 11am – 10pm

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