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Shopee Is Running A Crazy Flash Sale Today & We Have Insider Info Of What To Camp For

Shopee’s Flash Sale Has Returned 


New Year’s sales are long gone, Black Friday is a distant memory and you somehow missed all the leap day sales in February. What next? Luckily for all you savvy shoppers out there, there’s another crazy flash sale fast approaching, where not only will prices be slashed by up to 50%, but you’ll also enjoy completely free shipping too!

With hundreds of items with reduced prices, trying to find the best deal can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack with the lights turned off. However, we’ve got the inside information on the crème de la crème of deals available.


1. Original Apple Lightning Cable



Usual Price: $19.00

Sale Price: $9.90

Buy it here!

It seems as if 99% of the population now owns an iPhone, so the struggle of constantly replacing chargers like they’re going out of fashion is felt by many. If you’re anything like me and break your charger no matter how careful you are, shelling out up to $30 for a new cable every few months is the thing of nightmares. 

Luckily for us, you can now stock up for the foreseeable future, with Shopee selling authentic Apple lightning cables for only $9.99! Even before the sale, Shopee’s price was cheaper than going to the Apple store, but when you’re getting an extra 50% off on top of that, you’ll struggle to find a cheaper *authentic* charger anywhere else in Singapore. 

Stock up now, and never worry about spending a small fortune on chargers again! 


2. Wet N’ Wild Brushes



Usual Price: $8.00

Sale Price: $4.00

Buy it here!

Cruelty-free makeup is all the rage right now, and so it should be! Vegan, cruelty-free, and frankly all-too-adorable makeup brushes from Wet n Wild are perfect for the beauty and ethically conscious out there, and will look stunning in any bedroom or makeup bag. 

These brushes are affordable anyway, but add on Shopee’s massive 50% discount, and their elegant looks become even more enticing. Sure you could spend hours trying to clean all your old brushes, but why not just spend a little to get a whole new gorgeous set?


3. Laneige 


Usual Price: $11.50 

Sale Price: $5.90

Get it here!

Think of flawless, milky skin and you’ll probably imagine a huge price tag coming along with it. If, however you’re on a budget and can’t afford to shed out a small fortune on skincare, you’ll be glad to hear that Shopee is offering a Laneige New White Plus Renew trial kit for a mere $5.90.

For less than the price of a McDonald’s you’ll later regret, you can be on your way to gorgeous glowing skin any celebrity would be envious of. Down from $11.50, why not get two to celebrate how good the deal is? Your skin will thank you for it. 


4. NIVEA Men Oil Control Mud Serum Foam


Usual Price: $12.90

Sale Price: $5.90

Get it here!

Don’t worry boys, this list isn’t just for the beauty loving girls out there, you get your share of the fun too. With NIVEA Mens 3-in-1 Mud Serum Foam, you can pick between acne-care or brightening, because there’s no reason why guys shouldn’t be allowed to have beautiful skin too!

Understandably, no guy wants to spend hours trying to get the perfect skin, making this 3-in-1 wash ideal for those few spare minutes you can find in the morning. Skincare no longer needs to be a girly thing boys try to avoid.


5. Samyang Spicy Noodles 


Usual Price: $4.99

Sale Price: $1.99

Get it here!

Everyone’s favourite spicy noodles, Samyang has been bringing us tears of pain and hilarious reactions for years, and now you can enjoy two packs for only $1.99. Whether you genuinely love the spice or fancy doing your very own spicy noodle challenge, when they’re half price you can enjoy the burning aftertaste and streaming eyes for twice as long! 

Forget a trip to cold storage or actually having to leave the house, don’t forget that this will be delivered right to your house for a big fat $0. And while you’re at it, watch what happened the last time we tried these noodles here:


Enjoy all these sale products, with FREE shipping!


Shopping for the best bargains doesn’t need to involve fighting tooth and nail over the last product on the shelf, only to return home empty handed and in need of some form of therapy. Enjoying the best deals from the comfort of your own bed whilst enjoying deals as good as any of the major sales is a beautiful thing, and free delivery is just the icing on the cake. 


Not only are Shopee’s products amazing value, they are also 100% authentic. If for some reason when your product arrives and isn’t what you ordered, you will always get your money back! So don’t hold up for pre-Christmas sales or scour the internet endlessly for voucher codes – with Shopee’s crazy flash sales you’ll never find yourself pining for cheap products again.

Download the app and shop now!


This post was brought to you by Shopee.