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Scoot Will Soon Let You Order Food, Shop Duty-Free & Book Activities On Your Phone Inflight

Scoot inflight portal

Long-awaited flights to dream destinations abroad are just around the corner as news of travel bubbles and vaccines fill our social media feeds. Even when travel resumes, most of us will be extra cautious when it comes to germy surfaces like menus and catalogues – but if you’re flying Scoot, that’s all been replaced with a new touch-free inflight portal ScootHub.

Simply by scanning a QR code on the seat-back with your personal tablet or phone, you’ll get full, convenient access to amenities like F&B and duty-free purchases. This new portal also unlocks extra perks like curated guides and advance bookings to plan your trip, mid-flight

If you’re raring for a sneak peek at the future of travel, you’re in luck:

Order meals, snacks and drinks from your mobile device

You can filter the menu according to diet, with Spicy, Gluten Free, Halal and Nut Free options.

Despite being seated for hours on end, there’s just something about flying that works up an appetite. ScootHub gives you easy access to the Scoot Cafe menu, letting you lock in your order whenever those hunger pangs strike – without having to crane your neck to hail a flight attendant.

ScootHub saves on tonnes of paper used in physical menus, and you can also look forward to more eco-friendly packaging for inflight meals during your next trip.

The interface, which replaces the physical menu you’d normally find in the seat-back pocket, lets you easily sort according to drinks, hot meals, snacks, liquors and promo items. It also has an easy-to-use toggle to filter items according to your dietary requirements.

Purchase duty-free goods & inflight essentials whenever you want

Passengers can also get their hands on Scoot merch and duty-free purchases via the portal
Image credit: Scoot

For most Singaporeans, shopping is an integral part of travel. Whether just for casual browsing, a pre-trip warm-up or for some bonus post-trip loot, a plane’s duty-free catalogue sure sets the mood for deals galore. 

The KrisShop catalogue on ScootHub lets you make inflight purchases whenever you want – no more waiting for the duty-free cart to pass or flipping through the physical catalogue.

Image credit: Scoot

From staples like liquor and perfumes to travel essentials like earplugs, neck pillows and blankets, you’ll be able to peruse the offerings at your convenience on your phone and pull the trigger whenever the urge hits.

P.S. By end-June 2021, customers will be able to access the entire range of items on the KrisShop website.

The Inflight Services menu on ScootHub

If you’re riding on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the new Inflight Services interface will also allow you to unlock in-seat power for last-minute gadget charging. You’ll also soon be able to make spontaneous seat upgrades if you’re looking to snooze in comfort, though it’s currently suspended due to contact tracing requirements.

Explore your destination & make bookings while still on the plane

Informative write-ups, itineraries and guides in the What’s On section will keep you busy during the flight.

Travel, however enjoyable, can be stressful especially if you’ve not fully planned your itinerary or settled essentials like local SIM and transport. Instead of a mad rush when you hit the ground, the What’s On section will come in handy with its attraction guides for easy last-minute planning while mid-flight. 

With curated write-ups on everything from eateries and events to things to do at your destination, it’ll be a breeze to compile a fun-packed itinerary to embark on as soon as you hit the tarmac.

Those who love asking “are we there yet?” can now check on flight progress in the Map section. By end 2021, the Map will also feature clickable pins with info on attractions at different destinations.

Reserving a place at popular restaurants and attractions during these times can be a challenge as slots are limited by social distancing. But we hear that the What’s On feature will be upgraded to let you book popular joints while still airborne in the future. 

With that, you won’t have to endure the disappointment of scouting out a food joint, only to be turned away because they’re at full capacity.

BONUS: Look forward to an all-new games section

It’s hard to sit tight for a couple of hours, and nothing makes time fly by like a good variety of games. If you’ve exhausted all your offline entertainment options, then you’ll soon also be privy to a slew of games to while away the hours – ranging from brainteasers like sudoku and 2048 to fast-paced titles like the Diner Dash-like Delicious.

Games on ScootHub work equally well on tablets, too.

There are plenty of immersive adventures, puzzles and a colouring book for kids to keep them busy as well.

Redeem F&B perks when you complete surveys

Inflight surveys let you provide feedback and complete polls in exchange for freebies

Going digital means greater interaction, and the portal lets you give prompt feedback on your flight experience – whether you enjoyed that beef rendang or want to appreciate that super-cheerful cabin crew – or Scootee who served it up. 

You’ll be able to complete surveys to redeem free F&B perks like free drinks (worth $4) to sustain you on your flight!

Prepare for a new travel experience with the Scoot inflight portal

Packing all sorts of conveniences while keeping the experience low-touch and sanitary, Scoot’s new interface is also shaping up to provide new services like inflight entertainment, attraction guides and booking capabilities.

The new Scoot inflight portal will be rolled out by the end of the year, and its features will be enhanced by mid-2021 – with any luck, in time for travel to resume. 

Find out more about Scoot’s inflight portal here

This post was brought to you by Scoot.

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