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Save Money In Singapore - Unwanted Old Clothes H & M Voucher

Sometimes we deny ourselves of life’s little indulgences which we *so clearly* deserve, all in the name of scrimping on a couple bucks. But what if we told you there were ways that could have allowed you to save money all along?

Here are 10 of our greatest money-saving lobangs, so don’t let the sloth in you allow wads of cash going down the drain. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to enjoy savings from free annual gym memberships to complimentary beauty products sent straight to your doorstep. You’ll even start to get paid for taking the MRT, we kid you not.


1. Get adorable travel-sized beauty products mailed to your home for FREE


Nope, you don’t even have to pay for postage!

Save Money In Singapore - Sample Store Free Travel Cosmetics

As someone who’s a sucker for trying out new skincare and cosmetics as soon as they hit the market, I can never commit to finishing a single product in its entirety. That’s why these The Sample Store’s subscriptions are a godsend. It keeps your makeup regime full of surprises that appear in the mail. Best part? Some of them can be redeemed absolutely free of charge!

Save Money In Singapore - Sample Store Free Beauty Products

These miniature beauty products are great for vacations. The hassle of transferring your makeup and lotions into travel-sized bottles is ridiculous, and investing in tiny versions of your go-to products is honestly super uneconomical.


2. Haul your unwanted clothes to H&M to get a 15% off voucher on the spot


Dig through the wreckage of your full-to-bursting closet and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fashion you grew out of. The good news is, that mountainous stack of clothing can actually be donated – and in town too!

Save Money In Singapore - Free H&M 15 Percent Discount Voucher

Bring it over to any local H&M store and the fabrics will be given a new lease of life through recycling. They’ll also reward you for your good deed to the tune of a sweet 15% off H&M voucher, no minimum spend required!

Click here to find out more about H&M’s recycling programme and how the reward system works!


3. Ride the MRT for free OR get paid to do so


You’ve lamented the extravagant public transport prices. You’ve seen the campaign banners. You’ve vowed to set your alarm ahead by half an hour to take advantage of the early morning free rides. Now it’s time to stop hitting snooze and get on that train without paying a cent!

Save Money In Singapore - Early Morning Free MRT Ride

Journeys to 18 city destinations before 7.45 am on working days are free. And even if you’re a little bit tardy, you’ll still enjoy a fare discount of 50 cents if you tap out by 8.00 am.

With all those savings added up, that cup of coffee you leisurely sip on before work starts is totally justified. Because let’s face it, a mad morning rush is no way to start the day!


BONUS! Register your EZ-Link and get PAID to ride the MRT


Before you attempt to make yourself look a decade younger and use your little sister’s student EZ-link card to save a dollar or two, here’s a way to actually EARN money by taking the train!

Save Money In Singapore - Travel Smart Rewards MRT

Literally requiring no more than a minute to sign up for, the Travel Smart Rewards programme enables your transit card to start tracking the starting time of your trips as well as the distance of your journeys on the MRT.

Simply by zipping back and forth on public transport as you would anyway, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for monetary prizes of up to $200. Pssst…there’s also a lucky draw prize of $1,500 every month, which definitely doesn’t hurt as well.

Think it sounds too good to be true? We’d never joke about savings THIS juicy. Click here to find out more and sign up before you hop on the next train!


4. Never pay full price for online purchases again


Save Money In Singapore - How To Use Shopback

Whether you purchase something from the web once in a blue moon or do your shopping exclusively online, Shopback is a service you absolutely have to know about.

The premise is simple. You shop from the merchants collaborating with Shopback, and Shopback gives you a portion of their commission in cash back! This is on top of special deals and discounts only available from shopping through Shopback’s portal.

Save Money In Singapore - Shopback Merchant Brands

You’ll be getting all your fave buys from ASOS, Taobao and Zalora. Fashion aside, they even count Jetstar, and Redmart as merchants. So go crazy and splurge on a shopping spree or even an overseas getaway while you’re at it. Shopback’s got your back, and you’ll be getting cold hard cash back just for shopping!

Click here to get the lowdown on how it works!


5. Choose the perfect mobile plan for your needs


Think of a mobile contract like you would a relationship. It’s great value for your investment, is reliable, and it always has your back. But for commitment-phobes, this could also be your worst nightmare.

Save Money In Singapore - Phone BillSource

If you’re one of those who live on the latest in tech, then you would know the horrors of not being able to switch to a snazzier model of the iPhone because you were only one year into your two year contract.

For the free-spirits who don’t want to be tied down, a StarHub’s SIM Only plan will be your best friend. Whether you’re an overseas student back home on your summer break, or a hoarder of your siblings hand-me-down phones; get a plan that suits your monthly needs to a T from any of StarHub’s hassle-free SIM Only plans and get 4G talk, text and data – all bundled into one.

And if you want to switch it up with a different plan or go for an upgrade? You can terminate your plan with no penalty charges whatsoever. Perfect for those who just need to get connected without having to buy a new subsidized handset!


6. Ring your credit card company to say bye-bye to the annual fee


I know, I know. Ever since the reign of texting, telephone conversations have become daunting even for those who aren’t socially awkward. Who wants to be kept on hold for what feels like an eternity and not have anyone but an automated machine to speak to?

Save Money In Singapore - Waive Credit Card Annual Fee

Here’s a game-changer for you: A quick and simple call to your credit card company enables you to waive the annual charge for that year. Mind you, it’s not chump change we’re talking about. The yearly fees could add up to hundreds of dollars!

TSL tip: Ideally, you should be ringing your the bank up around one month before the year stated on your credit card is up.


7. Receive $100 in credit for gyms, pools and sports bookings islandwide


Stop forking out obscene amounts of money for a gym membership. In one of the grandest giveaways ever, all Singaporean citizens and PRs get a whopping $100 worth of ActiveSG credits the moment they sign up for an ActiveSG membership. Which, by the way, is completely free.

Save Money In Singapore - Active SG Free Gym Membership

Your credits can be redeemed throughout the year for admission to ActiveSG gyms ($2.50 per entry) conveniently located all around the island. You can also take a dip in public swimming pools ($1 – $2 per entry) or book courts and playing grounds for anything from badminton to hockey!

The credits will be valid for one year but the good news is, it’ll be extended for another year so long as you make a single redemption by year-end.

Click here to find out more and sign up for the membership!


8. Pick up yoga, pilates or kickboxing for FREE


Save Money In Singapore - Sports Hub Free Sports Yoga Class

Picking up a new skill brings forth new meaning to life. Even better if you can shred some calories and enjoy a burst of endorphins while you’re at it! Joining any yoga studio in town will cost you a small fortune, so why not take advantage of the Sports Hub’s daily FitBit FIT-sessions? Zumba, pilates and even kickboxing are also available, and it’s absolutely free for ANYONE to join so long as you bring your own mat!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Gather your mates and learn new sports like rugby and ultimate frisbee. Yup, all complimentary from Singapore Sports Hub! Going out to play is so much more fun when it’s free.

Click here to see schedules of all their free classes!


9. Upgrade your home fixtures for a lower utility bill


Perhaps the biggest leecher of funds, the utility bill’s monthly arrival can burn a pretty big hole in your pocket. Before you swear off washing altogether in a bid to save money, consider investing in a faucet aerator for your sinks as well as shower flow restrictor.

Save Money In Singapore - Shower Flow Restrictor

Costing no more than 20 bucks apiece, these handy contraptions are easy to install and will save a good 25% to 60% from your water bill on average. Find out more about faucet aerators here.

Updating your outdated light bulbs with compact fluorescents will also slash up to 80% from your electrical bill each month. Not bad for a quick trip to any furniture store! Pick up some of these small but mighty money-saving contraptions ASAP.


10. Enter a quick Google search for coupon code galore


How often do you “proceed to checkout” an online purchase without keying in the coupon code section? They may seem like an elusive secret you’re not in on, but let me open the doors to a whole new world of exclusive discounts for you. One word: Google.

Save Money In Singapore - Coupon Codes

From major online retailers to independent blogshops. Heck, even food delivery services like Deliveroo are part of the deal! Anytime you’re ordering something off the interwebz, don’t skip the vital step of hitting good ol’ Google up for some coupon codes. One quick search for whatever site you’re one, and we guarantee you’ll find an up-to-date code in seconds flat.


A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned


A big part of saving money is uncovering all the little loopholes where your precious cash are slipping through the cracks. From everyday rituals like riding the MRT to the dreaded monthly gym membership and phone bills, you’d be surprised how much you can save just by switching up your habits!

Save Money In Singapore - StarHub SIM Only PlanSource

Better yet if it’s a commitment-free one like StarHub’s SIM Only 4G plan. Starting from low price points, it can offer up to 12GB of data per month, with unlimited SMS/MMS as well as outgoing calls! Find out more about terms and pricings here.

Go fuss-free with one of StarHub’s all-in-one SIM Only plans now!

This post is brought to you by StarHub.

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