The RWS Invites Attractions Membership


My first visit to Resorts World Sentosa was one of the best days of my life – I remember being ecstatic when Universal Studios Singapore® finally opened. I ran around like a kid, taking photos with Shrek and the Madagascar Penguins, and stared wide-eyed at the candy collections. 

Previously, there were two types of membership – the Annual Pass and RWS Invites. This year, Resorts World Sentosa has combined both membership benefits into a new, gleaming card – the RWS Invites Attractions Membership. You can choose from 3 types of memberships – USS, S.E.A Aquarium or Adventure Cove Waterpark – and then become RWS royalty. 

Here are 10 reasons why you need the RWS Invites Attractions Membership this year.


1. Unlimited Entry Throughout the Year


b2ap3_thumbnail_image07.jpgWith the RWS Invites Attractions Membership, the attractions become your second home. You can visit them an unlimited number of times throughout the year, by just flashing the card. 

Depending on your membership, you’ll get unlimited one-year admission into either USS, S.E.A Aquarium, or Adventure Cove Waterpark. Resorts World Sentosa is now your playground.


2. Skip the Regular Queues with Priority Entry



Singaporeans love queueing up for everything, but if you’re queueing for admission into Universal Studios, you’ll just end up with less time to play. With the RWS Invites Attractions Membership, you get to beat the queue for the first 3 hours of regular park operating hours (excluding special events). 

You’ll enjoy priority entry via an exclusive turnstile as you stroll past everyone else and enter like a boss. 


3. Be Treated Like Royalty



With special rates for VIP tours, feel like a celebrity as you enjoy VIP treatment while touring the theme park. On a VIP tour, you’ll have a tour guide to yourself, and priority access to rides and shows via Universal Express. 


4. Full-day Parking At Just Invites$1.50*!


b2ap3_thumbnail_image05.jpgThe RWS Invites Attractions Membership offers you a flat rate of just Invites$1.50*, regardless of how long you’ve parked! Gone are the days of keeping track of time and running when you have only 1 minute left to exit the car park. 

Think of all the other advantages too – you can drive in to Sentosa and spend the day indulging in the activities or pampering yourself at ESPA – without worrying where to park!

*Learn more about Invites$ below.


5. Complimentary Refreshments At The Riptide Lounge



If you’re tired of being in the sun all day long at Adventure Cove Waterpark, the RWS Invites Attractions Membership offers exclusive access to the Riptide Lounge, complete with complimentary refreshments, newspapers, and magazines. 

Sit back and relax in the shade while recharging for your next ride!


6. Complimentary Screenings At The Typhoon Theatre



With a gigantic, panoramic ceiling-to-floor screen, follow the adventures of a bunch of sailors as their ship runs into a typhoon, before sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The RWS Invites Attractions Membership offers complimentary access to the typhoon theatre.


7. Lounge in Private with Your Very Own Cabana


b2ap3_thumbnail_image02.jpg A perfect day for me would be to get away from work, chill by the clear waters and sip a glass of lemonade. At Adventure Cove Waterpark, there are full-day cabanas available for rental at half-day rates for RWS Invites Attractions Membership members! Prices usually start from $68.


8. Redeem a Free Staycation


b2ap3_thumbnail_image01.jpgHere’s a shot of Gwen when we checked out the super spacious Hotel Equarius last year.

The RWS Invites Attractions Membership also allows you to accumulate points – in the form of Invites$ – which you can use to redeem hotel stays, attraction passes or even to offset your next purchase. It is essentially getting ‘cash’ back as you spend. 

You’ll get a 20% Invites$ rebate by visiting Resorts World Sentosa attractions, such as USS, S.E.A Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island interaction programmes, and Ultimate Marine Encounters. Use these points to redeem hotel stays for your next family staycation, or bring your special someone to ride the attractions for free!


9. Get Up to 50% Rebate at Participating F&Bs!


b2ap3_thumbnail_image06.jpgThere’s no need to worry about burning a hole in your wallet as you eat your hearts out – the RWS Invites Attractions Membership offers up to 50% Invites$ rebate at participating F&B outlets at Resorts World Sentosa, such as Forest,  L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Syun and Osia. You’ll also get to enjoy 20% Invites$ rebate on all in-park F&B and retail outlets. 

With these dining privileges available, filling your tummies at Sentosa has never been more satisfying.


10. More Promotions and Discounts Around RWS



The RWS Invites Attractions Membership allows you to enjoy monthly resort-wide promotions at participating outlets in RWS, such as TungLok Heen, Slappy Cakes, Starbucks and Candylicious. Discounts like 1-for-1 deals or 20% savings off your final bill are available just for RWS Invites Attractions Members. Yes, you! 


Get Your RWS Invites Attraction Card



For those who enjoy multiple visits to the Resorts World Sentosa’s attractions yearly, the RWS Invites Attractions Membership is heaven sent. And because there are different cards catered for visitors who enjoy different attractions, there’s something for everyone.

There’s also a mega all-park access membership for those who want unlimited access to all the attractions

Choice of RWS Invites Attractions Membership


Junior (Age 4 – 12)

Senior (Age 60 & above)

Universal Studios Singapore



S.E.A. Aquarium



Adventure Cove Waterpark



Universal Studios Singapore & S.E.A. Aquarium



Universal Studios Singapore & Adventure Cove Waterpark



S.E.A. Aquarium & Adventure Cove Waterpark



All Parks Access



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