About Romeo & Juliet



The legendary star-crossed lovers are given a new lease of life by Toy Factory productions. A total of 16 shows will be aired over this period, timed to start just before Valentine’s day on the 13th of February to the 23rd.

The play features a gorgeous young cast including Benjamin Kheng as Romeo. Those who follow the local music scene will recognise the singer/musician from being in one of the hottest bands at the moment – The Sam Willows.





In aristocratic Verona, a fateful meeting at a ball sees tempestuous young Romeo and wide-eyed Juliet falling in love at first sight… but bliss abruptly transforms to despair upon the realisation that their families are locked in bloody feud.

They find brief solace in an oath of eternal love and a secret wedding, until Juliet’s beloved, brash cousin Tybalt incites a duel with Romeo, leading to deaths on both sides, including Tybalt’s own. Romeo is exiled from Verona, and Juliet is forcibly engaged to the charming Count Paris. Will the star-crossed sweethearts find love at last, or will their world finally tear them apart?


About Toy Factory Productions Ltd


A theatre company with real soul, constantly seeking to create, innovate, and inspire, is the heart of Toy Factory Productions Ltd (Toy). Having risen from humble puppetry beginnings to the theatrical giant that it is today, Toy has firmly established itself as Singapore‟s leading bilingual theatre company.


Romeo & Juliet Show Details

  • Date: 13 February – 23 February 2013
  • Duration: Approximately 120 mins (with intermission)
  • Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
  • Ticket Prices: $69, $59, $49 (Exclude $3 ticket charge)

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