Romantic Melbourne getaways


Winter is upon us, tax-time is looming, and on the rainiest of days, sometimes not even coffee can make you get out of bed. But what if I told you there were so many places in our glorious state that will re-energise you, re-start those July batteries and let you rest up until you’re back at 100% and ready to tackle the rest of the year? 

These staycations, roadtrips and beachy/spa stays can also inject some extra romance into time spent with your SO (but are also great for focusing on the most significant person in your life: you!). 

That’s right, folks. It’s mid-year holiday time.





So, right about now, you’re feeling like putting your feet up, not cooking (for once), having to not worry about cleaning and being able to spend your time just thinking about literally nothing — not worrying about exam scores/work/money/children (who are with a responsible babysitter, obviously).

There are so many wonderful hotels in Melbourne that will have you feeling like royalty that you and your partner can enjoy the high-life in before checking back into reality.


1. The Langham



The place for honeymooners and the loved-up, this is tops for romance factors. This place is mega-luxe but not mega-bucks. With incredible views, dining on the Yarra and close proximity to the CBD, this hotel is situated in the prime arts and leisure district of the city.

For a getaway, file this one under ‘go big or go (back) home’, because The Langham has a multitude of elements to enjoy; Melba restaurant, a massive pool, a gym and a spa/wellness centre. You may not want to return to your usual life after this one.

Address: Southgate Melbourne, 1 Southgate Ave Southbank VIC 3006
Price: Starting from AUD 605 per night
Website: here


2. Quest Gordon Place



This will always be one of my favourites, because the exterior of the building transports you to Manhattan with gorgeous brick finishing and cosy, warm light radiating through the welcoming windows. 

I love the feel of this hotel, because you are amidst the hustle and bustle of Little Bourke Street, surrounded by both Chinatown’s incredible food, but also close to other restaurants, giving you a sample of many of the fine, undiscovered city cuisines. It feels like home, but a fancy home in another country that you want to go to. That kind of home.

Address: 24 Little Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000
Price: Starting from AUD 164 per night
Website: here


3. Crown Melbourne



Now, the reason this is last is because these hotels (Promenade, Metropol and Towers) all represent a large part of the city’s identity. The famous Brownlow Stairs, the sprawling casino with its theatrical musical and nightclubs and glitterati swarming the blackjack tables; even the massive shopping complex attached with high-end brands and high-end clientele.

Many a Melbourne young person has celebrated the stroke of midnight on the day of their 18th birthday at this infamous complex, and so if you and your loved one feel like getting out of the reality rut for a few days, you sure can.

My pick for a staycay would be Metropol; amazing pool, short walk to the river and not as draining on the hip-pocket. So dig out or suit/cocktail dress, hit up Sky Bar (one of my favourite city spots, ask for the ‘Not-So Cosmo’) and live it up.

Address: Crown Towers Melbourne, 8 Whiteman St Southbank VIC 3006
Price: Starting from AUD 248 per night
Website: here




Everybody loves a good roadtrip (unless you’re paying for petrol and it’s sky-high, then that’s fair enough). Getting away from the daily grind, your boyf/girlf by your side, what could be better?

Thankfully, we are blessed with so many amazing places to retreat to, and the drive will be well worth the effort once you arrive at such breathtaking locations.


4. Hudson on Wombat



An absolute number one on my list. Located in the paradise that is Daylesford, this B&B is beautifully designed, completely fitted-out and is known to be a ‘couples-only’ retreat. How romantic!

This beauty is elegant, has an enormous couch that will blow your mind, and showcases a meticulous attention to detail with a gorgeous chess set and an incredible bathtub. You honestly have to see it to believe it, and if you need more evidence, check out their website.  

Address: 16 Central Springs Rd Daylesford VIC 3460
Price: Starting from AUD 254 per night
Website: here


5. Weeroona Exclusive Bed and Breakfast



Now this place is a little different but definitely pretty cool. Located in Rye, there are a bunch of different themed cottages to choose from — Egyptian, African Cottage, the Tuscan Villa (my fave), the Phuket Lodge and the Grange Jacuzzi Suite, each offering aspects unique to the different cultures and places represented.

Not to mention you are also in a prime location, just MINUTES from one of the great attractions in Victoria; the Peninsula Hot Springs — perfect for a relaxing spa and massage with your SO. And just to add: this place is ridiculously good on the money front, so if you’re strapped for cash but itching to get away, you got it.

Address: 24 Creedmore Dr Rye VIC 3941
Price: Starting from AUD 210 per night
Website: here


6. Hilltop: Phillip Island



In a departure from B&Bs, Hilltop offers ultra-stylish apartment living with a bunch of different apartments to choose from, and guess where it is? Phillip Island, home to the penguins and a destination all must try, if you want to get away stretch your legs, and breathe in fresh air (and see penguins! Penguins, you guys! Seriously!).

I may have mentioned this, but these apartments are only a hop, skip and a jump away from PENGUINS, the Phillip Island icons, where you can go and see them do their little penguin-y things. The apartments are gorgeous too. But penguins. With your other half. Perfection.

Address: 124-128 Red Rocks Rd Cowes VIC 3922
Price: Starting from AUD 160 per night
Website: here


-Beach Stays-


When I want to flee to the sea, I don’t have only one beach in mind. In fact, I have many, many beaches that I adore and guess what? They are all along the same road.

So for the ULTIMATE beach road trip with your partner in crime, here are a stack of places along the Great Ocean Road where you can stay, in between having the time of your lives.


7. Torquay



Known as the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, this is where your journey will start. But how can you resist not spending a day/night here, because it truly is an amazing place!

For me, a day in Torquay equals: breakfast at Café Moby (and later a quick snack from Bell Street Fish and Chips) then a huge walk along to sand, around the head to the surf beach, where a nice lay (read: nap) on the grass is needed.

A quick look in Torquay Books is always productive, followed up by a burger at The Bottle of Milk. If you’re able to, try and pitch a tent or park your van at Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park, because you’ll be literally one step away from all that ocean action, and fall asleep to the crashing of the waves.

Address: 35 Bell St, Torquay VIC 3228
Price: Starting from AUD 36 per night
Website: here


8. Lorne



So you have travelled through many a town (including Anglesea and Aireys Inlet), probably bought cute matching thread bracelets, and you’re ready to bunker down for the night. Lorne is a huge presence on the GOR, and the Lorne Hotel is where you need to be. 

This is your typical, surfy Aussie pub, with killer accommodation. The bistro will knock your socks off (parma, just order it and you’ll understand) and the views aren’t to be laughed at either. You’re also central to all of the action, and the rooftop will have your jaw hitting the ground. There is a lot of history in this building, and it’s a great feeling to be in the middle of an iconic hotel, surrounded by centuries of Aussie beach culture. 

Address: 176 Great Ocean Rd Lorne VIC 3232
Price: Starting from AUD 130 per night
Website: here


9. Apollo Bay



You have now passed through more towns (Wye River being my personal all-time GOR favourite), and are at the last major stay. While here, make sure you try the pancakes at the Bayleaf Café, and you can pull in for the night at the Pisces Caravan Park. You’ve got great views, great cabins if you so desire, and plenty of room, and it truly feels like a summary of the Great Ocean Road experience.

Address: 311 Great Ocean Rd Apollo Bay VIC 3233
Price: Starting from AUD 30 per night
Website: here


Bring your SO on a romantic holiday now!


There’s no better time to go on a short break with your loved one, so give one of these places a try! If you have any romantic getaway favourites we’d love to hear them, so do leave us a comment below!