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In 1976, a seafood restaurant along Upper East Coast Road opened up shop in a red house adorned with red lanterns. It was these distinctive features that gave Red House Seafood its name. Today, these lanterns can still be seen in their logo and at some of their branches. 

Red House Seafood is one of Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurants, with this year marking their 38th year in business. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve prepared 5 new dishes influenced by the owners recent travels which utilises direct Scottish suppliers.

They have also launched two special anniversary menus which are offered only at their flagship outlet at Prinsep Street. Here’s a look at their lunch and dinner set.


We just had to try their Chilli Crab Baos too which are priced at 3 for $8. They’re way better than the Din Tai Fung ones we’ve tried recently. They are not part of the set menu and can only be ordered during lunch. 


Red House Anniversary 5-Course Lunch Set ($38++)


The set lunch comes with:

  1. Individual Dim Sum Platter (4 pieces per basket)
  2. Red House Signature Spicy Seafood Combination
  3. Daily Greens
  4. Oyster Yuan Yang Hor Fun
  5. Durian Mochi


The Oyster Yuan Yang Hor Fun had a very interested concept. Giant oysters sat atop the hor fan which was wrapped in a fluffy omelet.


I enjoy spicy food so their Seafood combination was the highlight here. The scallops, prawns and fish were mixed up in a gooey spicy Thai-inspired sauce and I’ve never tasted anything quite like it. It did not have that strong Thai herb flavoured that I dislike, yet the mix of lemon grass and fish sauce (I believe) provided a unique and original taste.

The lunch set is priced at S$38++ per person.


Red House Anniversary 7-Dinner Dinner Set ($388++)


The 38th anniversary set dinner is meant for 6 people so that comes down to $65++ per person. It includes a bottle of Champagne OR white wine OR two jugs of Beer.

I will also be including the A-la-carte prices of these dishes for comparison. The dishes included are:

  1. Chilled spicy whelks ($35)
  2. Scottish Blue Lobster coated in sweet mayo ($148/kg)
  3. Spicy Seafood Combination ($28/ $42/ $56, above) OR Garlic steamed Megrim fish ($100/kg)
  4. Scottish Brown Crabs in White Pepper ($58/kg)
  5. Oyster “Yuan Yang” Hor Fun ($20)
  6. Daily Greens
  7. Dessert such as Chilled Lime Sherbet with Lemongrass Jelly ($6.80/bowl) or Chilled Mango Pomelo with Sago – ($4.80/bowl)


The spicy whelks or sea snails as we learnt was a refreshing Thai-inspired starter. I enjoyed the Megrim fish too so it’s a pity you have to choose between that or the spicy seafood combination as those were my favourites. 





Red House Seafood prices their food at a premium even to other reputable seafood places. Their a-la-carte prices are not cheap. But the good news is their sets are affordable. Their lunch set is especially value for money and its a set I would strongly recommend if you want to get yourself acquainted with what Red House Seafood has to offer.

The dinner set requires 6 people and it may be suitable for small gatherings like the upcoming Mothers Day, where prices will be considerably cheaper than if you were to order them a-la-carte.

It’s also notable to mention there’s a lot of inventiveness in these traditional dishes, so those looking to try something different will find the set menu appealing. I do not know of any other restaurant that has direct Scottish suppliers!

Lastly, if you’re coming for lunch, the Chilli Crab Baos are a must order.


Red House Address and Latest Promotions


This 38th Anniversary Set Menus are available till 30 June 2014, only at their Flagship Prinsep Street Outlet. For more information, check out their website or facebook page.


Red House Branch Locations:

68 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188661
Contact: +65 6336 6080

Blk 1204, #01-05 East Coast Seafood Centre, East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449882
Contact: +65 6442 3112

#01-14 The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238252
Contact: +65 6735 76666

This post was brought to you by Red House Seafood.