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For many of us, growing up meant weekend trips to Genting Highlands. Throughout the years, the place has pretty much remained unchanged – until now. 

Now that the Resorts World Genting’s Outdoor Theme Park is closed for renovation, why go down to Genting Highlands this June? If you thought you had outgrown Genting, think again, because 2015 sees the outdoor theme park at Resorts World Genting undergoing a complete overhaul. In its place, a new Twentieth Century Fox theme park with bigger, more exciting rides will open in 2016.

But from now till then, why would you visit RW Genting? Here’s a list of ideas including a super exciting light show you won’t want to miss this June.


1. It’s a Road Trip!



Road trip movies are always fun to watch because of the heady sense of adventure they leave you with when the credits roll. This holiday, make your road trip dreams a reality by travelling across the causeway. For the less experienced, Resorts World Genting is an achievable destination, being only 5 to 6 hours away from Singapore.


2. Cruise through the Clouds on the Skyway Cable Cars


b2ap3_thumbnail_1.jpgCoasting through the Singapore skyline via cable car, you eyes graze the tops of towering skyscrapers. Taking the cable car here at RW Genting is a different experience altogether. 

You’ll find yourself amidst the clouds, looking down at nature in its unadulterated form. This is a breath-taking experience that you definitely want to include in your RW Genting to-do list.


3. Check out First World Hotel’s Newest Tower


b2ap3_thumbnail_5.jpgOne of Genting’s mainstays, First World Hotel, has a swanky new tower –  Tower 2A. It comes with its own bakery and cafe. The new wing is modern and stylish, and is close to a variety of amenities, making it a perfect R&R accommodation option. 


4. Catch An Illuminating Performance By One of America’s Got Talent’s Top Performers 



Think lights – lots of flashing neon lights. Think songs accentuated by reverberating bass beats. Now imagine all of that going down in pitch darkness, occasionally illuminated by the blinding flashes of strobe lighting. 

Nope, it’s not a club we’re describing, you party animal. It’s something way better, a) because you won’t have to do any actual dancing (yay for not being all sweaty and gross), and b) because you’ll actually be sober enough to remember how much fun you had

iLuminate - Finals 2011 HD!
play button
iLuminate - Finals 2011 HD!

Best known as the dance troupe that finished third in the 2011 season of America’s Got Talent, iLuminate is a New York-based entertainment technology company that marries cutting-edge technology with electrifying dance performances.b2ap3_thumbnail_iluminate-aol-2.jpgThe iLuminate Dance Crew are performing at RW Genting until the 28 June 2015.

You won’t want to miss them – click here to purchase tickets. 


5. Visit the Casino at First World Plaza



Remember when you were younger and you weren’t allowed to visit the casino along with your parents? Now you can skip the $100 surcharge at Singapore’s casinos and try your hand (or hands) here. Play your cards right, and you might leave richer than before.


6. Find Interesting Local Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of



As a hardcore music buff, you’re always looking to get a feel of the music scene wherever you go, in hopes of discovering new artists to add to your Spotify playlist. 

This June, take some time off from retail therapy at Genting to scout for cool live gigs that will get you acquainted with the local music scene. As with Singapore, several up-and-coming local artists seem to be dominating the Malaysian music scene – keep an eye out for names like Hujan and They Will Kill Us All.

If you need help finding live music gigs in Malaysia (or even back home in Singapore or Philippines), check out Bandwagon to locate the nearest music gig near you. 


7. Go Bowling in the Dark


b2ap3_thumbnail_8.jpgFor adults complaining that the indoor theme park has nothing to offer them, First World Plaza has a bowling alley – Genting Bowl. On of the highlights at Genting Bowl is the glow in the dark bowling. Though the balls don’t actually glow, it feels like a disco party in a bowling alley. 


8. Watch World Class Entertainers 


b2ap3_thumbnail_6.jpgHere’s some exciting news: this June is the Genting International Buskers Showcase. Everyday, entertainers are slated to perform at the Times Square Stage located within First World Plaza. From stilt-walkers to juggling acts, get up close and personal with these talented individuals – for free!

Performance times include 12pm – 9.30pm Mon to Fri, and 11am – 10pm Sat & Sun. Click here to view the list of performers.


9 For Kids: Snow World


b2ap3_thumbnail_7.jpgSnow World is RW Genting’s answer to Singapore’s Snow City.b2ap3_thumbnail_snowworld.jpgSource 

On one side, the place modelled after a quaint little village in the midst of wintertime. On the other, things take a turn for the whimsical with a castle, an igloo and several adorable penguins that you can pose with. Kids will also enjoy sledding down the slide.  

Click here to book your tickets to Snow World.


9. For Kids: Indoor Theme Park 


b2ap3_thumbnail_3.jpgRW Genting’s outdoor theme park may be temporarily out of action till 2016, but the indoor theme park is still running. The indoor theme park rides are more suitable for children and families. Most don’t have height limits, are slow moving, colourful and bound to delight the young ones.b2ap3_thumbnail_reindeer-cruiser.jpgFamilies can hop aboard the Reindeer Cruiser, a four-seater. Source 

You can also check out other attractions like the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum, which has 11 themed galleries showcasing over 500 exhibits from Robert Ripley’s collection.

For more information on ticket pricing and operating hours, click here


10. Shop Till You Drop



First World Plaza is also a retail paradise. For bargain hunters, there’s a Factory Outlet Store located at level 2 that sells clothing at discounted prices. Otherwise, there are over 40 more retail outlets for you to shop at, ranging from jewelry to souvenir stores.

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