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My Renaza Wellness Facial Experience – A Sanctuary in Palais Renaissance

About Renaza 

b2ap3_thumbnail_renaza.jpgWhen was the last time you went for a facial?” is a question I dread answering.

On the day I visited Renaza, my last facial was an entire year ago in January 2014. Yes, I’m a skincare slob and no, I can’t remember the last time I shaped my brows. Stop judging me right now.

As facials have always been a DIY affair for me, I was thrilled to be visiting Renaza – a one-stop wellness spa with services that pamper you from head to toe. All 8 centres in Singapore boast of world class technology and treatments, but more on that later.

Update: Renaza at Palais Renaissance has since closed down. View their other outlets here

Facial Treatment 

The outlet I visited sits quietly and peacefully at Palais Renaissance – a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of town. A small space it may be, the furnishing was simple and stylish. Comfort certainly wasn’t compromised either.  b2ap3_thumbnail_renaza2.jpgAmanda and I were welcomed by our therapists, Britney and Joey, and eased into dimly-lit rooms with mellow music and candles. I make a neat Brown Honey Sugar exfoliant back home, but relaxing on a bed while a beautician does all the work sounds amazing.

After calming and cleansing, the facial began beautifully with the Honey Almond Scrub – an exfoliant that smelled so sweet I wanted to eat it all up. Note to self: find a way to DIY this.

I share a love-hate relationship with facial extraction. While it’s annoyingly painful, having your skin purged of impurities like blackheads is a really shiok feeling. After my pores could breathe again, Britney examined my skin and recommended the Repêchage Classic Seaweed Facial ($220).b2ap3_thumbnail_C-serum.jpgSource

Repêchage is one of the first to introduce seaweed-based skincare products, giving the skin the best vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. This treatment is meant to calm, sooth, clarify and moisturize sensitive skin like mine.

C-Serum, a concentrated seaweed serum, was massaged into my skin. It acts as a multi-vitamin supplement to speed up cell regeneration, healing and restoration. At long last, hope for the damage that sleepless nights have caused.

The facial and shoulder massage was all sorts of rejuvenating. Her strong and nimble fingers worked their magic on my face, temple, neck and shoulders. It was also then that I realized just how much skill it takes to be an all-rounded therapist.

Now that I’m in a state of complete relaxation and partial confusion about why I’m spending a Monday afternoon in Nirvana, it’s time for the pure and fresh seaweed mask. Applied in thick slabs for 20 minutes, it rejuvenates, tones and firms the skin.



I unabashedly pranced towards the mirror the second my treatment was completed. Minimized pores and moisturised skin, it’s been a long time since we met! I loved what I saw, but the best thing of all? Not a single sign of clogged pores.

Amanda, who did the Aqua Peel facial ($220) that simultaneously exfoliates and hydrates the skin with a machine, was equally satisfied. The results were visible even from a distance; her complexion noticeably brighter and clearer after the facial.

We decided that we no longer want to step out onto the streets or go anywhere. May our complexion and pores remain clear forever.


It was a relaxing experience for both Amanda and myself to be thoroughly pampered by Renaza. Apart from the treatment’s effectiveness, the therapists’ service had a huge part to play.

Britney was highly meticulous, mindful about any allergies I may have and constantly checking if the treatment was painful for me. Both therapists showed professional care for our skin, asking questions about our lifestyle and skin type before making recommendations.

We accepted their kind offer to shape our eyebrows as well. Guys, it’s my pleasure to inform you that my brows were done 2 days ago!

Brand New Year, Brand New You!

In light of the upcoming Chinese New Year, you may want to keep Renaza in mind to get yourself ready for the occasion, or to simply give yourself a invigorating treat. Also, here’s your chance to be sponsored for hair, facial, body and nail treatments throughout 2015: b2ap3_thumbnail_brandnewyear2015-a-1.jpgBook your appointment with Renaza now.

See all of their outlets here.

This post was brought to you by Renaza.