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Recreate An Old Photograph With Your Mom & Win $350 Worth Of Grab Credits

Recreate memories with mum for the ultimate Mother’s Day present


Mothers. They deserve the best. Whether it’s cleaning up after our mess or braving the 1 hour bus ride to send us to school on time, there’s no doubt that moms are lifesavers. And that’s why they deserve some major pampering.

This year, instead of rushing out a random gift from the gift shop, get mom something more meaningful. Listen up kids, because Grab is giving you a great M-Day idea that’s tons of fun and can potentially help you beat the traffic – all while going on a trip down memory lane and recreating memories with mum!

Here’s how you can stand to win $350 worth of JustGrab rides for you and your mum by recreating an old mother-child photo:

  1. Raising a kid has its ups and downs. So relive the good and bad times you spent together, and find a special snapshot. The photo doesn’t have to have mum inside – she could be behind the camera, as long as there’s a story!
  2. Recreate the photo and model with mum!
  3. Upload the photo on Instagram with the hashtags #RidingWithMumSG. Throw in some #MomGoals too to make your followers jealous of your mum’s onz-ness.
  4. Caption Tip: Share the story behind the picture or write a thank you to your mum. If mum doesn’t have an Instagram account, now’s a great time to get her on the social media bandwagon.
  5. Win $350 worth of Grab credits for you and your mum if yours is selected as the best entry. We did the sums, and that translates to 2 months of free Grab rides to work everyday!

Here’s a few of us from the TSL office recreating our mother-child photos for the feels:

Image credits: @mynameisfauzi

“My family was on holiday – we can’t remember where exactly. But we had a good laugh over this old picture because my pose was so sassy!” – Fauzi

Image credits: @glimpsesofhope

“My family and I were having lunch after church at a nearby restaurant. If I remember correctly, my mum and I liked the particular dish we were having then a lot more than the others – that explains our facial expressions!” Pepita

Image credits: @aannadine

“The picture was taken right after I finished performing for a National Day event in kindergarten, which my mum came to support me for.”Annadine

Image credits: @rachormee

“We were on a boat in Bangkok and it was rocking quite a bit – just like my Photoshop skills now.”Ra

Image credits: @chim_chime

“When I saw this picture my first thought was, ‘Why I pose like that?’ I was searching for an old picture with my mum and in the end, I spent the whole night scouring through over 20 photo albums. There were many pictures of my sister and I with our parents at different milestones of our life – from birthday parties and weddings to overseas trips. I’m just really grateful that my parents documented so much of our childhood because now, I have something to look back to whenever I want to revisit those memories.”Chime


Get free trips by taking a ride down memory lane


Our mums have always gone the extra mile for us, so now’s the time to repay mum with extra miles to get around Singapore. There are 15 sets of Grab credits up for grabs, so don’t waste a second. Blow the dust off your old photo albums and get to snapping pronto!

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This post was brought to you by Grab.