Time To Get Your Face Paint On

In this episode, we bring to you the second part of our Halloween special. Christabel and some of the TSL crew slapped some face paint on and recreated looks from Inside Out that were so on point it got the whole office in awe.

The five characters in the movie represent different emotions: Red for Anger, Purple for Fear, Yellow for Joy, Green for Disgust, and Blue for Sadness.


If you’re intending to take the plunge and transforming into any of the characters seen in the video, be daring and bring out the emotion you’re portraying – choose an emotion that suits YOU best.

Getting ready for Halloween is all about going all out and making sure you put in the best effort so you can clinch the Best Halloween Costume/Makeup at the end of every party!

If you’re not a fan of Inside Out but want to get in the Halloween spirit, check out our previous Halloween episode here.

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