Concealing Pimples Online and Offline

b2ap3_thumbnail_the_art_of_concealing_pimples_-_ps_ep14.still003_20150428-093811_1.jpgIn the latest episode of TheSmartLocal TV’s beauty series PrettySmart, Christabel shares her secret to concealing Pimples both online and offline. b2ap3_thumbnail_a_20150428-093809_1.PNGFirst, you’ll learn to conceal your pimples offline.

Remember to cleanse your face and apply your pimple cream. It is important to have your face as clean as possible to help with the removal of pimples. You might also want to stay away from makeup as much as possible. However, if you have an event and need to apply makeup, you must know how to conceal your pimples! b2ap3_thumbnail_aa_20150428-093807_1.PNGIn the second part, you’ll learn how to conceal your pimples online! What do I mean by online? It simply means to erase your pimple from photos you post on social media! This little secret is spilled for the many of you who are wondering how to touch up dark spots, scars and pimples on pictures you wish to upload. It’s a good trick to keep in your boot for a rainy day!b2ap3_thumbnail_aaaa_20150428-093803_1.PNG

How To Conceal Your Pimples - PrettySmart: EP 14
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How To Conceal Your Pimples - PrettySmart: EP 14

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