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Day trips from Phuket

6 Island Hopping Day Trips Around Phuket That Come Fully Planned For Beach Lovers

Day trips from Phuket

Day trips from Phuket

Image adapted from: @koyykois and @jordisark

While descending from 30,000 feet in the air, we realised that Phuket is truly a full-blown beaut. White sands, turquoise-blue seas, and vibrant marine life? The sunny island of Phuket has got it all. But while the sprawling main beaches of Patong and Karon are scenic, we were lusting after a landscape with less sunbathing tourists and more…scenery.

And that’s why we decided to try island hopping. From water activities like snorkelling and canoeing to perks like lunch buffets and champagne, here are 6 fully planned day trips around Phuket that are perfect for any beach lover.

1. Racha & Coral Island Sunset Day Tour

Highlights: Snorkelling, free breakfast, & champagne

Day trips from Phuket - Racha & Coral Island

Image credit: Klook

There’s no need to be a CRA to live it up in Phuket: you can enjoy lavish cruises with sparkling champagne and a hearty lunch buffet, all at an affordable price point. Especially with day trips like the Racha & Coral Island Sunset Day Tour where a catamaran will bring you around Racha Island and Coral Island.

Beach day trips from Phuket - Coral Island

Couldn’t stop marvelling at the natural beauty of Coral Island!

Over at Coral Island, make a stop at Banana Beach – the water is a brilliant sea-green hue that’s so clear that you can see right through to the ocean floor.

Day trips from Phuket - Coral Island

You can opt to book additional water activities like parasailing and banana boat, but we were sufficiently pleased with lazing by the beach and floating in the ocean.

Lunch will be served on board – not to worry about any seasick wooziness, the stability of the catamaran means that any choppy waves will be soon be quelled by its wide beam. Instead, look forward to a gourmet meal on board, where you’ll get served Thai dishes like Chicken Green Curry and Mango Sticky Rice. They even offer fresh coconuts and champagne too.

Day trips from Phuket - Racha Island

Next stop: Racha Island, where we arrived at a U-shaped bay called Ao Tawan Tok. This island is even more deserted than Coral Island – we suggest renting a beach umbrella and towel space 100THB (~$4.20) since it’s the ideal spot for some lazy sunbathing.

Day trips from Phuket - Racha Island

And of course, we got a chance to try snorkelling too, where we saw tons of colourful fish darting in and out of coral reefs.

Itinerary details
When: 8AM to 6:30PM
Where: Coral Island (Banana Beach) and Racha Island
Transport: Catamaran

Find out more about Racha & Coral Island Sunset Day Tour here.

2. Khai & James Bond Islands Day Cruise

Highlights: Scenic cruise, canoeing, & sightseeing

Image credit: Klook

For a mix of water activities and nature sights, try the Khai & James Bond Islands Day Cruise – it’ll take you around Phang Nga Bay where you can explore plenty of mystical caves and Khao Tapu, the renowned “James Bond” island that featured in one of the ‘70s James Bond flicks.

Day trips from Phuket - Panyi Island

Image credit: @yasenedemek

You’ll be having lunch at Panyi Island, a small floating village that’s entirely built on stilts over water.

Day trips from Phuket - Phang Nga Bay

Image credit: @wunder_baerchi

Once you’ve had your share of Thai dishes, you can canoe through a mangrove forest on Hong Island – the water is crystal clear so you can look through for any signs of marine life. You’ll have more than enough time to while away at Khai Island too, where you can simply soak up the sights.

Itinerary details
When: From 7:30AM to 5PM
Where: Phang Nga Bay, Panak Island, James Bond Island, Panyi Island, Hong Island, Khai Island
Transport: Speedboat

Find out more about Khai & James Bonds Islands Day Cruise here.

3. Phi Phi & Khai Islands Day Trip

Highlights: Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, & Thai buffet lunch

Day trips from Phuket - Phi Phi Islands

Image credit: @nickplinio

Phi Phi Islands – the legendary tropical islands that are forever surrounded by emerald-tinted water. To fully explore Phi Phi, take the Phi Phi & Khai Islands Day Trip: you’ll drive past Maya Bay before docking at the pristine sands of Pileh Bay.

Day trips from Phuket - snorkelling at Khai Nok

There’s also plenty of colourful yellow-striped fish to see, so snorkelling is a definite must.
Image credit: @yrotsreh

Once you’re feeling peckish, you can take a break at a beachside restaurant and load up on a buffet-style lunch that’s filled with hearty Thai dishes. You’ll also have some free time to relax at Khai Nok Island before returning back to Phuket.

Day trips from Phuket - Monkey Island

Image credit: @ivan.loz

Be warned: Phi Phi Island’s Monkey Beach is exactly how its name sounds – although adorable, these monkeys will be constantly eyeing your belongings.

Itinerary details
When: 7:30AM-5PM (1 Oct to 31 May) or 7:30AM-4:30PM (1 Jun to 30 Sep)
Where: Phi Phi Islands (Phi Phi Leh,  Phi Phi Don) and Khai Nok Island (1 Oct to 31 May) or Phi Phi Islands (Pileh Lagoon, Phi Phi Don, Rantee Bay) and Khai Nok Island (1 Jun to 30 Sep)
Transport: Speedboat

Find out more about Phi Phi & Khai Islands Day Trip here

4. Krabi 4-Islands Day Trip

Highlights: Water sports, caves, & snorkelling

Day trips from Phuket - Krabi

Image credit: @krabi_sj

You might be based in Phuket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit neighbouring Krabi for its equally beautiful seascape. It’s just 2 hours by big boat – a boat that’s guaranteed to be more stable due to its size – and you’ll reach Nopparat Thara Beach with the entire afternoon to spare.

Day trips from Phuket - Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave overlooks a tranquil beach.
Image credit: @jordisark

Island hopping is no easy feat, but with the Krabi 4-Islands Day Tour, everything’s already planned for you: you’ll be visiting the shores of Chicken Island, Tup Island, Poda Island, and Phra Nang Cave. From one island to another, you’ll be snorkelling and leisurely exploring the different beaches.

Tip: If you’re prone to seasickness, take medication beforehand – you’ll be transferring to a speedboat midway through.

Itinerary details
When: 7AM-5:20PM (Only available on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday)
Where: Chicken Island, Tup Island, Poda Island, and Phra Nang Cave
Transport: Big Boat
Extra costs: 400 THB for National Park fees

Find out more about Krabi 4-Islands Day Trip here.

5. Phi Phi Jet Cruise Day Trip

Highlights: Pi-Le Cove, Monkey Beach, & snorkelling

If you’re after a simple trip to Phi Phi Islands, then the Phi Phi Jet Cruise Day Trip is ideal since you’ll be exploring scenic sights like Viking Cave, Pi-Le Cove, and Loh Samah Bay.

Day trips from Phuket - Phi Phi Islands

Image credit: Klook

You’ll be gliding through the open sea in a Royal Jet Cruiser 9, a luxe cruiseliner that even comes with a rooftop deck to bask in the sun.

Day trips from Phuket - Phi Phi Islands

Image credit: Klook

The inside of the cruise is decked out with plush sofas and cushions for a comfortable journey. They’ll even be serving refreshments on board, but keep some stomach space for the lunch buffet at the island restaurant.

Day trips from Phuket - Pi-Le Cove

Image credit: @pursuingnirvana

Of all the sights, Pi-Le Cove is one of the most striking – if you’re up for it, head out in a canoe or kayak to best admire your surroundings.

Itinerary details
When: 7AM-4:30PM
Where: Phi Phi Island (Phi Phi Ley Island & Phi Phi Don Island)
Transport: Jet Cruiser

Find out more about Phi Phi Jet Cruise Day Trip  here.

6. Racha Noi and Maithon Island Sunset Day Tour

Highlights: Snorkelling, wild dolphins, & Thai lunch buffet

Day trips from Phuket - Racha Island and Maithon Island

Image credit: Klook

This tour offers up the best of Racha Island and Maithon Island, with the Racha Noi & Maithon Island Sunset Day Tour. For those who aren’t keen on the idea of speed boating through choppy waves, this tour brings you on a luxe motor yacht with a fully splashed out interior – wooden trimmings and soft couches included.

Day trips from Phuket - Maithon Island

There’s also a viewing deck to enjoy the gentle sea breeze.
Image credit: Klook

The yacht will be docking at Maithon Island first, where you can dive to see a stunning display of marine life. If you’re lucky, you might even chance across a few wild dolphins leaping through.

Day trips from Phuket - buffet lunch

Lunch will be served on board, with tasty dishes like Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Tuna with Chilli Sauce. Drinks and a glass of champagne are inclusive.

Day trips from Phuket - Racha Island snorkelling

Image credit: @koyykois

Once you reach Racha Island, look forward to a snorkelling sesh to spot all the colourful fish and underwater creatures.

Itinerary details
When: 9AM-6PM
Where: Maithon Island and Racha Noi Island
Transport: Motor Yacht

Find out more about Racha Noi & Maithon Island Sunset Day Tour here.

Island-hopping tours around Phuket

Day trips from Phuket - Klook

Phuket is a dream destination for many, and a day trip out in the open ocean can be likened to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From snorkelling in clear blue waters to enjoying the sea breeze in your hair, these day trips are fully planned are an easy way to hop around Phuket’s scenic islands.

Day trips from Phuket with Klook

And you’re spoilt for choice too, with Klook’s wide array of day trips. Since many of us will be trying these water activities for the best time, Klook tries to ensure that all tours will go entirely as planned – there’ll be in-depth safety briefings and life jackets for everyone, from adults to kids.

Each trip also comes with a trusty tour guide who’ll take care of you the entire way. Since these guides are usually multilingual and can speak both English and Chinese conversationally, you’ll be kept up to speed with your next destination or activity.

Day trips from Phuket - Klook

Klook also offers plenty of other useful travel essentials, like airport transfers and SIM Cards. We booked a Private Phuket Airport Transfer and it was one of the most hassle-free travel experiences we’ve ever had overseas.

Instead of a cab that’ll scam you into paying exorbitant tourist prices, this service picks you up right from the airport to bring you directly to your hotel. You can even opt to add-on a Thailand SIM Card that’ll give you 3GB, valid for 8 days.

Klook is also offering an exclusive promo code to all first-time Klook users – simply enter <TSL5> while checking out to get $5 off any activity!

And the best part is? There’s no need to plan anything. With buffet lunches, round-trip transport, and snorkelling gear – these day trips have got everything sorted out for a memorable Phuket getaway.

Find out more about Klook’s day trips around Phuket here!

This post was brought to you by Klook.