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Dandruff treatment tips

How I Finally Got Rid Of My Dandruff & Hair Loss, No More “Snow” When Combing Hair

Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment with PHS Hairscience

When it comes to our appearance, we all have that one thing we tend to fixate over – and for me, that’s my hair. See, I’ve had dandruff issues for as long as I can remember, and finding white flakes along my parting and hairline was sadly an almost everyday occurrence.

So when I first heard about the Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment at PHS Hairscience, I was intrigued. It claimed to guarantee significant results in just 90 minutes, so to sate my curiosity, I booked an appointment at their Ngee Ann City outlet to try it out.

Treating my dandruff problems at PHS Hairscience

PHS Hairscience Scalp Treatment

This wasn’t my first hair or scalp treatment, so I knew what was going to come – the dreaded scalp examination. It’s a necessary step for the hair experts to assess the state of my scalp before deciding on the right treatment, but I’ve seen the close-up pictures of my scalp in previous assessments, and they were not a pretty sight. 

Warning: gross image of my scalp coming up:

PHS Hairscience Treatment - Scalp results

To no one’s surprise, my scalp was 1) clogged AF, and 2) full of flaky white bits. The hair expert at PHS Hairscience informed me that I had a dry scalp which tended to overproduce oil to hydrate itself. In turn, this caused dandruff to appear frequently.

Treatment at PHS Hairscience

PHS Hairscience Treatment Area

Treatment centres for scalp and skin problems usually give off clinic vibes, but not at PHS Hairscience. In fact, the treatment area resembled a chic hair salon complete with large windows and full-length mirrors that made the process pretty comfortable. 

Once seated, my therapist gave me a head and shoulder massage to help me settle down before the treatment. After months of hunching over my laptop at home, I couldn’t help but sigh in relief as she worked on the knots that have built up on my neck and shoulders – it was that relaxing.

Scalp wash Most people only shampoo their hair once, but it’s actually one of the most common hair washing mistakes we make.

As that was happening, my therapist recommended the Dandruff Clear treatment to remove the pesky white flakes and tackle my congested scalp at the same time. The process soon kicked off with a soothing double cleanse hair wash to thoroughly scrub the solution and dandruff flakes off my scalp. 

I was glad to find out that all the products used were highly concentrated and botanical in nature, which meant no parabens and harmful chemicals to clog up my hair follicles. An extra perk was the gloriously refreshing citrus scent from the shampoo.

Scalp massageOne of the shiok-est part of the treatment was the hair mask being massaged right into my scalp 

Once my scalp was squeaky clean, it was given a nutrition boost via a cooling mask for my scalp. Since an undernourished scalp is a common cause for pertinent dandruff, it was a huge relief to finally get a shot of nourishment to halt those flaky attacks. 

Infrared Machine

Next was a 15-minute time-out under the MI Infrared Machine. The red light was pretty intimidating at first glance, but I learned that it helped to rev up the rate of hair growth and repair. There was no overt heat emanating from the light – in fact, I barely felt anything but the cooling scalp mask working its magic. 

Microcurrent deviceThe gentle thrumming against my scalp was soothing enough that it pulled me into a light sleep 

After the infrared treatment, my therapist used a microcurrent device to help the mask penetrate deeper into my scalp. I know what you’re thinking: the tip of that machine looks like large needles, but I can attest that it wasn’t painful at all. Instead, it felt like light pinpricks which was actually relaxing enough to put me into a light slumber.

Blowdry session

The final part of the treatment was a quick rinse followed by a final application of hair serum that was massaged into my scalp by hand. My therapist wrapped things up with a complimentary blow-dry and styling session, which left me with smooth, silky, and thoroughly pampered hair.

The results after my scalp treatment

Before vs After resultsBefore vs after the treatment

During the post-treatment consultation, I was blown away with what I saw. All the crusty white bits were now gone, revealing a cleaner, unclogged scalp.

Hair results

That difference extended to my hair as well. After the treatment, what used to be dry, frizzy hair was now less damaged, and running my fingers through it, I was delighted to find that the strands felt super smooth to the touch.

PHS Hairscience soothe maskImage credit: Farzana Fattah

In the days following the treatment, I began to take my scalp health more seriously. As shampoos and conditioners weren’t enough, I picked up a PHS Hairscience Soothe scalp mask ($120) to hydrate my scalp while simultaneously calming down the tinges of red I saw in the close-up pictures.

After a week, my dandruff is almost nonexistent. My hair also feels much fresher and healthier, and I’m glad that I was finally able to get to the root of the problem before my scalp issues exacerbated even further.

Doing scalp treatments at PHS Hairscience

PHS Hairscience Lab at Ngee Ann City

In our bid to achieve perfect hair, we tend to overlook our scalps, which leads to a multitude of problems like dandruff, thinning hair, and hair loss. But it’s not too late to treat these issues, as the Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment from PHS Hairscience will help you get rid of any scalp issues you’re afflicted by.

What you’ve read throughout the article was the treatment dedicated to those with dandruff-plagued scalps, but there are 3 other variants for this treatment – namely for dry, oily, and sensitive scalps. The hair experts at PHS Hairscience will administer the most suitable treatment for you based on your most pertinent issue.

Hair products

You won’t find any chemicals like parabens, mineral oil or benzophenones in their products either. Instead, they’ve been formulated with a high concentration of botanical extracts, which does the job of nourishing your scalp without congesting your hair follicles.

interior shot

If you’ve been battling scalp issues, you’d be glad to know that as part of their National Day promo, PHS Hairscience will be slashing the prices of their first trials all the way down to just $38 (U.P. $267) – that’s almost an 85% discount! 

There’s no time like the present to begin restoring your scalp, and you can do that at pocket-friendly prices with PHS Hairscience.

Book your appointment at PHS Hairscience here

This post was brought to you by PHS Hairscience.
Photography by Alaric Sim.