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oreo pokemon - cover

OREO Pokémon Has New Embossed Cookies & Special Edition Pikachu Flavour, Collect Them All

The new OREO Pokémon collection has cute embossed cookies

Twist, lick, dunk takes on a whole new meaning this year with the OREO Pokémon collection that’s already in supermarkets. This latest collaboration sees the familiar cookie emblazoned with the cutest Pokémon, and launched in a multitude of flavours so you really have to try ‘em all.

OREO Pokémon comes in 4 flavours & 16 cookie designs

oreo pokemon - flatlay

Just like how Pokémon come in 19 official types, this new series sees 4 different flavours – the OG vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and an all-new choco banana.

oreo pokemon - individual packs

Whichever you choose, you’ll find every cookie embossed with one of 16 Pokémon, including Bulbasaur, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Growley and more.

oreo pokemon - chocolate

In case you were wondering, the chocolate- and strawberry-flavoured editions still come with OREO’s iconic chocolate cookie.

oreo pokemon - strawberry

They respectively sandwich chocolate and strawberry cream centres: one for a double whammy of choc and the other for fruity sweetness.

Special edition Pikachu flavour

oreo pokemon - slugs

Pikachu is the single most popular Pokémon of all time, and it’s no wonder, with its ultra cute looks and sunny disposition.

oreo pokemon - choco banana

This collaboration immortalises Pikachu with a special edition Pikachu flavour – think bright yellow banana-flavoured cookies embossed with the adorable Pokémon, and a chocolate creme centre.

Collect all 16 Pokémon photocards

oreo pokemon - pikachu

You can try to collect all 16 cookie designs, but you can’t keep them forever. What you can hold for a lifetime are the 16 Pokémon photocards; each multipack contains one, issued at random.

Win prizes when you find a Mew cookie

If you’ve invested any time in the Pokémon universe, you’ll know that not every Pokémon is created equal, with some being more uncommon than others.

oreo pokemon - prizes
Image adapted from: OREO Pokémon

In the same vein, one of the 16 embossed designs you may chance upon is the elusive Mew cookie. Find it, snap a photo, and be one of the first 32 to submit it on the OREO Pokémon website before 31st May 2024. You’ll also have to share your submission on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FindMew, and tag @oreo.mysg. You can either win an OREO Pokémon Metal Badge gift box, or OREO Pokémon 2D lamp.

Buy your cookies at FairPrice Online, Redmart, or your nearest supermarket, and find that Mew cookie before 31st May.

Order your OREO Pokémon cookies here

Photos taken by Emmanuele Loza.
This post was brought to you by OREO.