About Open Door Policy


Open Door Policy (ODP) is well-known as one of the pioneer eateries in Tiong Bahru before the whole cafe craze swept through this neighbourhood. The dark lights and modern interior decor gave the restaurant an intimate setting that would be lovely for a Saturday date night or even a quiet family dinner. 

It was my first time eating at ODP and having heard raving reviews from my friends, I was extremely excited to try the food there. Just the mere description of how the juice would ooze out of every bite of their Wagyu burger made me salivate ten times over.

The introduction of new Head Chef Daniele Sperindio has led to ODP revamping 70% of their menu to incorporate new tastes while retaining a number of their well known classics. With authentic handmade fresh Italian pasta and crunchy classic breads now all made in-house, I knew I had to try this, ASAP.  


Appetizers At ODP


First, we had the Crumbed Mediterranean Anchovies with Red Onion Jam and Caper Berries ($20). This was a duo of anchovies done two ways, one crumbed Mediterranean style and the other pickled in Chardonnay. The crumbed style tasted a bit like fish and chips, but I didn’t really fancy the ones pickled in Chardonnay. It was a rather forgettable dish.


Next we had Fresh Burratina Cheese with Wagyu Beef Bresaola, Confit Cherry Tomatoes and Crystal Bread ($26). As an avid cheese and beef lover, this was a match made in heaven for me, and undoubtedly the favorite out of the starters we had. The burratina cheese together with the salad and beef bresaola was like a party in my mouth, matched with the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. This is a must-have here at ODP.



Mains At ODP


To start our mains we had a Beetroot Risotto Topped with Feta Goat Cheese and Pea Tendrils ($25). This gooey-looking and bright purple beetroot dish looks a tad suspect, but don’t let it fool you. It was pretty good taste-wise, but I found it too rich and couldn’t go further than a few mouthfuls. I wouldn’t recommend you to eat on your own, this dish is better shared. 


Next we had the Glazed Iberico Pork Belly with Sweet Potato Gnocchi, 30 Crushed Cashews & Butternut Pumpkin Sauce ($30). The pork belly was delicately glazed and would literally melt in your mouth. It was complemented with a perfect pesto and butternut pumpkin sauce. They were also generous with the serving size of the pork belly, and I highly recommend it!


Lastly, we had the ODP Bouillabaisse with Prawn, Scallops, Seabass, Squid and Baby Fennel ($28). It was basically a mixture of seafood served in lobster bisque together with Cristal bread! The seafood was fresh, and the lobster bisque was a light stew that was easy on the palate. It was pretty decent and I would recommend it. 



Desserts at ODP


For desserts we had the Strawberry Consommé with Fromage Blanc Sorbet & Nitro Raspberries ($16) and Chocolate Pistachio Soufflé with Crème Anglaise ($18). The Strawberry Consommé was just a mixture of strawberries cooked in sugar and blackberries in port wine, with a side of mint meringue and fromage blanc sorbet. All these were topped off with raspberries frozen in liquid nitrogen. It gave the dessert a pretty misty and definitely Instagram-worthy look.


The Chocolate Pistachio Soufflé is a popular dessert at ODP. Not overpoweringly sweet, the soufflé was light and easy to eat. 



Verdict at ODP


Because I heard so many good things about ODP and went there with exceeding expectations, I was a tad disappointed by the food. Most of the dishes were average and it may be a tad steep price-wise, but I had no regrets going there. The ambience makes it a great lunch place with friends or one for a romantic date.


Getting to ODP


Address: 19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168650
Website: Click here

This post was made possible thanks to ODP.