GSS 2019 at One Raffles Place

Takeaway container and tote bag

GSS may be all about rad discounts that help you save money. But this year, One Raffles Place shopping mall is going green, so in turn, you help to save the environment as well. For the entire month, you’ll find sustainable fashion taking centre stage here, as well as workshops and dining perks with an eco-friendly twist.

Here’s what to look forward to this GSS:

Pop-up fashion swaps and eco-friendly clothes

It’s normal to feel the urge to spruce up your wardrobe every so often. And if you’ve already Marie Kondo-ed the heck out of your closet but don’t know what to do with those extra clothes, you can actually swap them out.

Women looking through clothes rackThe Fashion Pulpit is an eco-friendly fashion store that does clothes swaps, upcycling and tailoring, so clothes that are still good to wear don’t go to waste.
Image credit: One Raffles Place

For those who have no idea where to start, The Fashion Pulpit will be having a fashion swap on 28th June 2019 so your pre-loved items won’t have to be tossed out. Just drop off your items beforehand on 25th June 2019.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register for the The Great Singapore Swap event here. A $25 fee applies for this event.
  • Drop off a maximum of 10 items on 25th June in exchange for points.
  • The points you earn can be used to “purchase” other items at the event on 28th June.

So bring along clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that you hardly use anymore, and trade them in for something fresh. Just remember that items should be in clean and wearable condition.

Lady in yellow dressImage credit: @qlothe

Keep a lookout for QLOTHÈ’s pop-up store as well. The womenswear label recently launched their TERRA collection, which features ready-to-wear pieces that are made with sustainably-produced fibres. Prices usually range between $49 to $79, and there’ll be plenty of discounts to look forward to at their pop-up store.

The Fashion Pulpit fashion drop-off
Date: 25th June 2019
Time: 11AM-6PM
Location: Level 5 Open Space

The Fashion Pulpit fashion swap event
Date: 28th June 2019
Time: 11AM-4PM
Location: Level 2

QLOTHÈ pop-up store
Date: 24th June – 23rd July 2019
Time: 10AM-9PM
Location: #03-27

Free DIY workshops to go green

Break away from the usual ol’ weekday routine and take part in a workshop or two. Learn how to create mini gardens that can fit into bottles at the terrarium workshop taking place on 27th June 2019, and spruce up your workspace and home with some greens.

Look out for DIY tote bag workshops as well, organised by QLOTHÈ. Bring your old fabrics and learn how to upcycle them and turn them into one-of-a-kind tote bags, and you’ll never run out of go-to gift ideas for your friends and family.

Coral tote bagImage credit: One Raffles Place

Terrarium workshop
Date: 27th June 2019
Time: 12PM-1PM
Location: Level 5 Open Space
Registration: via the Healthy365 app

DIY tote bag workshop
Date: 16th and 23rd July 2019
Time: 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Location: Munch Saladsmith #B1-16
Registration: here

Shopping perks and voucher sales

The sale doesn’t just stop at fashion pop-ups and workshops – mall vouchers aren’t left out of the equation either. During a 5-day sale, you’ll get to purchase One Raffles Place vouchers worth $120 for just $100. It’s limited to 2 sets of vouchers per shopper each day, but it’s a handy way to save some cash, especially if you frequent the area.

Spending at the mall has these perks as well:

  • Spend $100 to redeem a $5 shopping voucher*
  • Spend $200 to redeem a $10 shopping voucher*

*with a maximum of 3 receipts.

Mall voucher sale
Date: 24th – 28th June 2019
Time: 10AM-2PM
Location: Level 4 Information Counter

Dining discounts if you bring your own container

One sure-fire way to reduce your carbon footprint is to bring your own reusable container when you tapau food. A number of F&B outlets at One Raffles Place shopping mall will be offering some perks and discounts if you do so.

Aloha Poké

Lady taking away food using own container

Colourful poke bowls are here to stay. Combining fresh chunks of sashimi with salad, rice and yummy dressings, Aloha Poké’s green bowls have been rising in popularity. Bring your own takeaway container and you’ll get a free standard add-on, like edamame beans or tamago worth $1.

Location: Level 2, #02-21

Healthy Soba IKI

Avocado Kaisen Tororo Soba from Healthy Soba IKIAvocado Kaisen Tororo Soba ($15)

Healthy Soba IKI doesn’t skimp on flavour and healthy eating: Their menu has a wide variety of hot and cold organic soba with different twists: from classic sobas, to Japanese curries and toppings like fresh tuna, salmon and Japanese yam. You’ll get a $0.50 discount for takeaways using your own container.

Location: Level 4, #04-47


Spooning dishes into containerFor fuss-free vegetarian food where you can customise your own bento, Greendot’s got you covered. Besides freshly cooked greens,  they also offer mains such as Lion’s Mane Mushrooms with Signature Rendang sauce, that can rival any non-vegetarian option out there. They’re offering $0.20 off if you bring your own container.

Location: Level 3, #03-23/24

Other take away discounts to look out for

You’ll notice that most of these places offering discounts on self-brought containers also promote healthy eating. Here are some other eateries that are in on the green movement:

Kraftwich by Swissbake (#B1-04/05) : $0.50 off for takeaways with your own container
Kipos (#01-02/15): $0.50 off when you bring your own container and $1 off Kipos Organic Ice Tea if you bring your own cup
Fun Toast (#B1-02): 10% off any hot beverage when using Fun Toast tumblers or stickers
Munch Saladsmith (#B1-16): $0.50 off for takeaways using your own containers and cups

One Raffles Place’s eco-friendly GSS

GSS banner for One Raffles PlaceImage credit: One Raffles Place

See how you can play your part in lessening your impact on the environment and head to One Raffles Place this GSS for events that’ll get you started. Recycle your unused clothes and pick up some new skills at the free workshops held throughout the month.

There’ll be plenty of special discounts and deals to look forward to, all of which come with an added value of eco-friendliness.

One Raffles Place exterior

Shop at One Raffles Place this GSS

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