Benefits of an NTUC membership


While checking out after grocery shopping at NTUC FairPrice, the auntie will surely ask, “Member?” I’ve shaken my head about 958 times and have never given the question a second thought. We all assume memberships are scams and that we won’t spend enough to get our money back, but it’s time we think again. 

Besides a multitude of discount privileges an NTUC membership provides from dining to travel, it can also help you in landing a dream job and making the most out of your career. 

Here are 4 unexpected ways that you can be rewarded for being an NTUC member! 


1. Get $250 yearly to learn new skills



While $117 sounds like a bomb to be a supermarket VIP, you’ll get more out of it than you realise. One thing covers the cost right away – the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) funding that gives you up to $250 every year to offset up to 50% of the costs of training and skills upgrading courses. 

From financial management to experiential art, there’s a whole array of courses to develop skillsets for a better career or simply pursue an interest. On top of that, every Singaporean above 25 years old gets $500 of SkillsFuture credit (which can be used together with UTAP) – so courses could end up being completely free!

Bonus tip: To prepare you for the future, NTUC also gives you opportunities to network and learn from leaders and innovation labs! Find out more about NTUC’s Innovation Exchange where you can be handpicked to visit leading innovation labs in Singapore!


2. Have yourself covered with insurance


We all remember the case of how a plate seemingly harmless yu sheng cost fellow Singaporean, Mr Tan Whee Boon his limbs – thankfully, every cloud has a silver lining. From having his medical bills defrayed, to having his children’s education fees assisted with funds raised from his union and payouts under NTUC GIFT insurance, he was able to regain some sort of normalcy in his life again.

Source: NTUC

You’ll be eligible for an exclusive group insurance policy – NTUC GIFT – that covers you against death and total & permanent disability of up to $40,000. While many of us live with the illusion of immortality, having insurance is essential to protecting our families in the face of uncertainty.


3. Learn how to deal with bad bosses



The office can be hellholes for those with bad bosses. You might not be granted the leave you’re entitled to, OT every day without compensation, or are tied down by unfair clauses in your contract. This barely covers the tip of the iceberg that is horrible bosses. Yet, it’s often hard to determine what the right thing to do is, and so you tahan for fear of losing your job. 

Union members get comprehensive workplace representation (which includes protection of their employee rights and interests) via legally-binding agreements between unions and their companies, also known as Collective Agreements.

What if my company doesn’t have a union? Don’t worry, NTUC members can get workplace advice at the NTUC U PME Centre, which has 2 walk-in centres and a virtual centre for help.


4. Gain access to a unique pool of mentors


We’re part of a generation of millennials whose life motto is: never settle. But being hardworking only gets us so far in achieving the most out of our careers. 

Professional development programmes exist to make this gruelling journey a lot easier, and having an NTUC membership grants you free or discounted access! 

On top of career fairs to expand your network and leadership summits where you can gain insight from top industry players, you can also have unique access to mentors who will guide you in your professional journey. 

Find out more about NTUC’s services to groom future leaders and more career progression resources here


More than an NTUC supermarket card


Forget the notion of a supermarket card. Sure, being a member entitles you to LinkPoints that you can use to redeem rewards. But the impacts of being an NTUC member are much more far-reaching than simply meeting your everyday needs. 

NTUC goes the extra mile by helping protect you in the workplace and your career progressions needs! From protecting your rights, getting career advice, to helping you find your dream company, the intangible benefits will be well worth the $117 per annum.

Note: Anyone above 16 years old can apply for NTUC membership, except personnel from Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prisons, Auxiliary Police bodies, foreign domestic workers and full-time students.

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