Personally, I find Facebook, Twitter & the like troubling. More than a social network, it’s now a stage for people. We used to have a filter that was between our brains & our mouth. Now, that filter’s non-existent. That filter beween our thoughts and our speech is a very powerful gift, and it is what defines us in a large way. 

Now we have the racists, the haters, the immoral, etc all having a platform where they can vent out hateful things that threaten the fabric of our society. What makes it worse is that these people make public statements & then cower away from them in real life.

One who types on a keyboard behind the protective comfort of 4 walls may be called a person. But as far as I’m concerned, this cyber age we live in has given birth to a whole generation of cowards. Let’s remember that real men and women say things and then stand by them. In the name of updating our “status”, let’s not incite hate & anguish. It’s wrong.