New date ideas in 2017


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Image adapted from: Flodoco

We’ve all been there. Despite priding yourself on being a top-notch GF/BF and a pro stalker of #couplegoals IG accounts, there comes a time when your significant other asks you, “Eh, where to go ah?” And your mind is suddenly, blindingly blank. 

Yes, if cafe-hopping, watching indie films and cycling at ECP just don’t cut it anymore, these new date ideas will buy you a little more time in bae’s good books. From rage rooms to Virtual Reality “dives”, these date ideas have mostly become available only in 2017, so chances are they’re still unchartered territory!


1. Visit the world’s biggest camera-shaped building – Vintage Camera Museum


Date Ideas - Vintage Camera Museum

Image credit: @nomadicbacks

Even if you don’t know your Holgas from your Rolleiflexes, the Vintage Camera Museum will make you one happy shutterbug. Housed in a huge camera-shaped building in Jalan Kledek, the museum opened in June and is perfect for those who wanna try a lil’ “photoception” – taking photos of cameras with cameras. 

Date Ideas - Cameras

Image credit: @ethelromero

After the token couple shot in the museum’s entrance or “lens”, step in to find aesthetic black & white walls of over 1,000 cameras through the ages. You can even pick them up for a closer look if you like.

Date Ideas - Mammoth Camera

Image credit: @cardrey

Also, look out for the HUGE – and aptly named – Mammoth Camera replica. This OG camera was built way back in the 1900s to photograph a whole train and weighed a whopping 640kg. You might wanna think twice when whining about how your DSLR weighs a ton.

Date Ideas - 3D Shot

Image credit: @vintagecamerasmuseum

Psst…you’ve might have conquered Sentosa’s Trick Eye Museum, but there’re even more reality-warping shots you can get here – pose with portraits of Mona Lisa, Lee Kuan Yew and even Charlie Chaplin which seemingly “jump” out of their frames! 

Address: 8C and 8D Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199263
Opening hours: Daily: 10.30AM-9.30PM
Admission: $20 (adults), $15 (senior citizens & children up to 12). Free for children 5 and below.
Telephone: 8591 8918


2. Nail that hypebeast aesthetic at Dover Street Market


Date Ideas - Dover Street Market

Image credit: @doverstreetmarketsingapore

Girlfriends who need more colourful walls to pose against, we hear you. This time, get your OOTDs done in a spot loaded with hypebeast vibes –  we’re talking about multi-label concept store Dover Street Market, which has branches in fashion meccas London, Ginza and New York, and finally landed on our shores in July. 

Date Ideas - NikeLab

Image credit: @doverstreetmarketsingapore

The place is home to Southeast Asia’s FIRST NikeLab, a total sneakerhead heaven with a curated collection of kicks designed in collaboration with the hottest streetwear labels. Some name-dropping to further entice you: Commes des Garcons, cult brand UNDERCOVER and Parisian cool label Pigalle.

Date Ideas - Commes des Garcons

Get dotty with Commes des Garcons!
Image credit: Global Blue

Even if you don’t have cash to drop on these high-street brands, the artsy display of wares make it a great spot for a mini-photoshoot. Last we checked, there were dotted columns at the CDG capsule that would make Yayoi Kusama proud, and Andy Warhol’s “You’re In” perfume arranged in architectural style.

Date Ideas - You're In

Image credit: @doverstreetmarketsingapore

Address: Block 18 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677
Opening hours: Daily: 11AM-8PM
Telephone: 6304 1388


3. Walk on stars along a glow-in-the-dark path 


Date Ideas - Glow in the Dark Path

Image credit: @donnnut

If walking on stars sounds like a romantic dream, you can now realise it at a little path behind Bukit Panjang MRT

The fairytale-worthy path has a proper reason behind it – it’s made of a glowing material that’s one of the four materials URA is testing for the future Rail Corridor trail. You can even leave feedback here.

Date Ideas - Glow in the Dark Path Materials

The other materials include gravel and grass, but we say “Glow in the Dark” wins hands down.
Image adapted from: @hanyoweihan

Tip: In real life, the glow is a lot fainter. So if you want the best effect, bring along LED lights so that the path can absorb the light. Or, use a camera with strong low light capability and a wide aperture lens (at least F1.4).

Address: Along Woodlands Road, behind the DTL Bukit Panjang Station


4. Take a VR “dive” on St John’s Island


Date Ideas - VR Dive

Image credit: Hiverlab Facebook

There’s always that one evenly tanned friend boasting about their diving encounters and how they were so lucky to spot a turtle or manta ray. Well, now you and bae can explore the underwater world together, without having to get diving certifications – with the help of VR headsets, you’ll be able to explore coral reefs at Sisters’ Island Marine Park!

virtual reality dive

What you’ll see in the interactive underwater simulation.

Image credit: Eyes on Habitat

This is part of the expanded Sisters’ Island Marine Park Public Gallery on St John’s Island – which has other new exhibits like a viewing pool to get up close with starfish and sea anemone.

There’s also a FREE curated trail of the island, where you might just spot great-billed herons, gold-ringed cat snakes and even the endangered hawksbill turtle.

Address: Sister’s Island
Opening hours Mon – Fri: 10AM-2.30PM | Sat: 10AM – 3.30PM | Sun: 10AM-5.30PM
Admission: Free. Does not include fare for ferry which runs from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island.


4. Break things at The Fragment Room


the fragment room

We sure hope you and your partner don’t have anger issues to work out. But either way, smashing objects for fun can be pretty liberating.

In this one-of-a-kind room, you’ll be suited up and equipped with bats to smash glasses, bottles and plates to your heart’s content. Plug in your phone to play a soundtrack of your choice, too – Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” seems apt at this point. 

The Fragment Room - SINGAPORE'S FIRST RAGE ROOM! | TSL Vlogs
play button
The Fragment Room - SINGAPORE'S FIRST RAGE ROOM! | TSL Vlogs

Just look at this awesomeness. Fast forward to 05:45 if you want some smashing action. 

Address: 3 Balestier Road, Singapore 329671
Opening hours Daily: 1PM-10PM
Telephone: 6291 1519


6. Spend a lazy day out at the new Tampines Regional Library 


If you’re looking for a chill date that doesn’t cost money, here’s an idea. Troop down to Tampines Hub – newly opened in August this year – and lounge around their spanking new library. 

Date Ideas - Tampines Regional Library Field

Here, you can catch S-league matches for FREE and in air-conditioned comfort. We’ve heard there’s even an exercise bike so that you can cycle and read a book/watch a match at the same time.

Date Ideas - Tampines Library Cage

Prime spot for lounging around in comfort

Date Ideas - Tampines Library Culinary Studio

Singapore’s first ever culinary studio in a library!

Alternatively, sign up for an affordable cooking class that’s held in the library’s full-fledged culinary studio. From banana pizza making to ice-cream workshops, these sessions are held on the reg and are sure to help you transform into husband or wife material.

Address:  #02-01 Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 529684
Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-9PM
Telephone: 6386 7413 (For class enquiries)


7. Go glamping and have a romantic outdoor picnic   


Date Ideas - Glamping

Save this one for special occasions! If you thought camping means cramped quarters, buzzing mosquitos and soggy salads, this glam version will change your mind. Instead, what’ll greet you are Tumblr-worthy picnic setups and a spacious tent where you can roll around as much as you like.

Date Ideas - Glamping Beds

Say hello to comfy beds, flamingo floats and even a fan to keep you cool!

Glamping Society offers ready packages so that you can plan dates easily, too. Guys, get your girlfriends the “Romantic Fleurs” package – she’ll gush over details such as fairy lights, rose petals on the bed, and a flower-themed picnic that’ll earn you a million brownie points.

Address: East Coast Park’s Camping Area G (For Glamping Society)
Opening hours: Check-in: 3PM, Check-out: Next Day 2PM
Telephone: 9789 7022


8. Scale an augmented reality climbing wall 


Date Ideas - AR Climbing Wall

Image credit: Let ‘em Play

Whether you’re a rock-climbing beginner or a Spiderman wannabe, this Augmented Reality (AR) climbing wall at Let ‘em Play takes the fun to new heights.

Use your hands and legs to play “pinball” on the wall, or give the Augmented Problems challenge a go. This just means that you can create your own personalised climbing route on a touch-screen panel, then compete with your partner for the fastest timing.

Address:  #01-100 Trade Hub 21, 18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609966
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10AM-7.30PM | Sat and Sun: 10AM-8.30PM
Telephone: 6266 6125


9. Learn how to fly a plane at Seletar Aerospace


Date Ideas - Flight School

Image credit: Flight School

If your childhood dream was to be a pilot, you’ll be thrilled at’s full-motion flight simulator, where you’ll feel like you’re handling an actual plane from 45mins to a full 3 hours!

Strap up to experience the rolling motion of the aircraft and peer at surrounding panels that’ll give you a 200-degree view of the “sky”! You can even try taking off and landing at different airports ‘round the world. 

Date Ideas - Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle

Image credit: @sixrollingwheels

But if bae or you are not the, uhh, high-flying sort, why not spend the day watching planes instead. Camp out at the bicycle-themed Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle cafe where you can dine beside an airport runway and enjoy views of planes taking off and landing. 

Bonus: More food options await you at Seletar The Oval
Address: #02-09, 66 Seletar Aerospace View, Singapore 797509
Opening hours: Daily:10AM-10PM
Telephone: 6659 2343

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle
Address: #01-01 MAJ Aviation Building, 80 Seletar Aerospace View, Singapore 797563
Opening hours: Tue – Thur, Sun: 10AM-10PM | Fri – Sat: 10AM-11PM
Telephone: 6453 4181


10. Have a BBQ party on a donut float


Date Ideas - Donut Float

Image credit: Flodoco

There are unicorn floats for your pool party, and then there are these ones. These “floating donuts” are essentially a boat with a built-in BBQ grill and seat a party of up to 9 people. 

Date Ideas - Donut Floats

Image credit: Flodoco

Grab your partner – bunch of friends optional – and get away from it all on this boat that departs from ONE°15 Marina Club’s jetty in Sentosa! The best part is that there’ll be a certified captain on board, an audio system fit for a lit party playlist and even an umbrella to keep sun rays away. 

Date Ideas - Donut Float BBQ

Savour BBQ meats and some wine on the waters. You get mini donuts for dessert too!
Image credit: Flodoco

Donut sessions last from 1.5 to 2 hours and we have our eye on the “Romantic Voyage for 2” package – a private speedboat drops you off at Lazarus island before you board the donut, and champagne is included too.

Update: The Floating Donut Company are not taking any new bookings at this time, but feel free to send in your contact details. 

Address: 11 Cove Drive, Singapore 098497
Telephone: 9756 8666


Fresh new date ideas in 2017


With so many new date ideas to try, there’s no more excuse to binge-watch 47830940 episodes on Netflix at home with bae. Give these a go and you’ll be rewarded with the look of happiness on your partner’s face, as well as countless #couplegoals photos for the ‘gram!