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10 Horror Movies and Series On Netflix That Are As Creepy As Thailand’s Shutter

Netflix Horror movies and series

Netflix horror movies
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If you’ve run through your list of series, K-dramas, and movies during the Circuit Breaker, you may be looking to mix up your Netflix sessions with something new to break the monotony of staying home.

So whether you’re a horror-junkie or just looking to try this genre for the first time, this list of 12 Netflix horror movies and series is guaranteed to find something from supernatural to psychological thrillers that’ll make you cover your eyes and squirm.

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– Movies –

1. Don’t Breathe – a great plot twist weaved into the story

Home invasion movies are typically about the house owners falling prey to some psychotic serial killers and whatnot. But Don’t Breathe flips this premise around and turns our trio of invaders into unknowing victims. You could say they had it coming since they’re robbing an old, blind man who lives alone.

The Netflix horror movie is ripe with suspense from the beginning and you’re served a chilling reveal about the owner of the house that’s sure to make you cringe or scrunch up your face in disgust.

Look forward to Stephen Lang’s portrayal of the blind homeowner – it’s impeccable and blood-chilling. We can imagine the other actors not having to fake being scared with him stalking them around his house.

Tomatometer: 88%
Recommended for: Fans of Get Out, suspense lovers
Trigger warnings: Violence, sexual assault, kidnapping

2. Gerald’s Game – psychological thriller

A cabin getaway sounds perfectly romantic for couples who can’t seem to get some alone time away from kids, work, and responsibilities. But this trip to rekindle Jessie and Gerald’s marriage becomes a nightmare when Gerald dies right as they’re getting it on, leaving his wife all cuffed to the bed.

With no way out, she starts hallucinating from dehydration and it’s not always clear if what’s on screen is a figment of her imagination or reality. She gets out eventually in a gory scene. Overall, it’s definitely not the romantic weekend any of us like to picture.

Tomatometer: 91%
Recommended for: Stephen King fans, 127 Hours fans
Trigger warnings: Sexual assault, violence, gore

3. Hush – a deaf woman being stalked by a serial killer

In slasher films, it’s pretty important for victims to listen out for the vicious murderer that’s out to get them. Heavy footsteps, heavy breathing, and accidental jostling of surrounding items help characters keep a lookout and also build up the suspense of an approaching killer.

But this movie centres around a deaf and mute woman who can’t hear the noises she makes, much less listen out for her attacker. Cue a frantic cat-and-mouse chase where she has to fend for herself after her attacker steals her phone and cuts off her internet and power.

Tomatometer: 92%
Recommended for: Fans of the Scream franchise, slasher genre fans
Trigger warnings: Violence

4. The Ritual – college students haunted by a Norse creature

A lot of supernatural horror movies use spirits, ghosts, or demons usually from widely practised religions, but this movie puts a different spin on things by taking inspiration from Norse mythology instead.

Follow 4 men who embark on a hiking trip in the Swedish wilderness only to be slowly picked off one by one by an unknown creature. They end up stumbling upon the village of the cult that serves this entity and then trapped. Watch it to find who makes it and who doesn’t, if any at all.

Tomatometer: 73%
Recommended for: Cult genre fans, Norse mythology fans
Trigger warnings: Violence, gore, alcohol

5. Ladda Land – classic Thai horror movie

This Thai classic, Ladda Land, is a little dated but it contains all of the elements that remind us why Thailand is lauded for their horror films.

Unlike US films that focus on jump scares, Thai horror films deliver tragic stories that are interspersed with ghosts and hauntings. Expect family drama, grisly murders, and suicides all wrapped into one.

iMDb: 6.3/10
Recommended for: Virgin Thai horror viewers
Trigger warnings: Gun violence, domestic abuse

6. Veronica – Spanish demonic thriller based on a true story


There have been a handful of horror movies with the basis of a Ouija board session gone wrong but this is one of the creepiest, particularly because it’s based on a true story. And
waddya knowthe 1991 Vallecas case it’s based on is also the first recorded report from a police officer certifying that they witnessed paranormal activity in Spain.

In the movie, 3 schoolgirls attempt to contact Veronica’s deceased father using an Ouijia board during an eclipse. Things go wrong, as they do when people decide to mess with the supernatural, and Veronica becomes possessed. What follows is a series of unnerving events that’ll definitely make you rethink playing around with spirits.

Tomatometer: 90%
Recommended for: Supernatural horror fans
Trigger warnings: Some violence

7. The 3rd Eye – Indonesian supernatural horror

The title of this horror movie is pretty telling of what this it’s about.
One twin, Abel, is naturally born with a third eye, but can’t get anyone to believe her. In a bid to help her sister out, Alia has her third eye forcibly opened to share the “burden”.

They both end up being plagued by hostile, restless ghosts and look for a way to be free. This Netflix horror movie is pretty mild compared to others on this list so it would be a great fit for those looking who can’t take too much horror. All in all, it’s a reliable Indonesian film for a guaranteed spooky time.

iMDb: 5.1/10
Recommended for: Those who want to experience Indo horror films
Trigger warnings: Some violence

– Series –

8. Marianne – French supernatural horror

This is a series for those who want a very good scare – the kind that keeps you up at night and plagues your nightmares long after you’re done watching it. You can sense the pervading doom right from the iconic opening scene and it stays with you almost every second.

For some context, it’s about a woman whose best-selling books inspired by her nightmares are coming to life. The basis sounds simple enough, like a twisted Bedtime Stories, but the production makes it purely eerie and sinister.

Tomatometer: 93%
Recommended for: Hardcore horror fans
Trigger warnings: Suicide, alcohol, violence

9. The Haunting of Hill House – hidden ghosts that quietly unnerve you

Usually, when a family moves out of a haunted house, that alone solves all their ghostly problems. But in the case of this family from Hill House, their nightmarish experiences follow them well into adulthood and explodes into full-blown family drama when they’re forced to reunite after one of the siblings commits suicide.

The siblings are a configuration of a recovering junkie, an insensitive writer, a psychic alcoholic, and an owner of a mortuary. So while every episode has its own handful of jump scares, you won’t be able to help but to press “Next Episode” to find out what happens next with the dysfunctional family.

Tomatometer: 93%
Recommended for: Those who want a good story, those who want a happy ending
Trigger warnings: Suicide, alcohol, drugs, violence

10. Strangers from Hell – Korean thriller

For those who loved the thriller Parasite and want something similar can turn to this 10-episode series. Seoul is a city many of us love to emigrate to for work but this can’t be further from the truth for this one country boy who moved to the city for his job.

From the title you’d think that he’s being terrorised by his overly-interested neighbours and while that’s true to an extent, there’s a twist that’ll make you wonder if we truly know ourselves after all.

iMDb: 8/10
Recommended for: Fans of Parasite and Hannibal
Trigger warnings: Violence, drugs

Netflix horror movies and series

Admittedly, the horror genre has a questionable reputation – who deliberately sets themselves up to get scared right? But even non-horror buffs can enjoy one or two of these Netflix horror movies and series with the right company. So hit up your friends and have a Netflix Party sesh before you can’t anymore.

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