Best Smart TVs In Singapore Ranked, So That You Know Which To Invest In For 24/7 Netflix

Best smart TVs in Singapore

Whether you love blockbuster movies, Korean dramas, or stan Singapore-made shows, smart TVs are the best way to catch the latest shows on a large screen. They don’t just support a range of streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and MeWatch; they also sync with your smart home systems and give you more crisp visuals for movie nights in.

To help you find the crowning jewel of your smart home and to upgrade your binge-watching experience, here are the 9 best smart TVs in Singapore you can get your hands on.

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How to choose a smart TV


Image credit: Qanvast

Before we even begin, it’s essential to narrow down your purchase to one that perfectly fits the dimensions of your viewing area. 

According to LG, the optimal TV should have a diagonal length that measures half of the distance between your couch and screen in inches. This means that for most HDB living rooms with a 3-metre (300CM) distance between the sofa and the TV console, a TV with a minimum size of 40” is ideal.

Image credit: fresh founder


For the clearest picture quality for the price, you’ll want to snag a TV with a 4K resolution. You wouldn’t have to worry too much, though – currently, the best smart TVs are already 4K. This resolution is also marketed as Ultra HD (UHD), which is basically 4 times the resolution of 1080P Full HD (FHD) videos you might have seen on YouTube. 

This will satisfy most viewers who want to enjoy Netflix on a bigger screen – just make sure to upgrade to a Premium subscription ($19.98/month) to enjoy 4K visuals on compatible titles.

Screen tech

OLED vs an LCD (QLED) display – the black circle on the right briefly brightens from the flare nearby.
Image adapted from: Quantum OLED

Nevermind the endless jumble of acronyms TV salespeople hurl your way – there are only 2 main types of TV displays you need to know of: LCD and OLED. Having been around for more than a decade, LCD is a mature tech that is usually more affordable. 

It might come as a surprise, but LED display technologies are in fact LCD screens at heart. They simply use longer-lasting LED lights instead of old-school fluorescent tubes for even backlighting; Samsung’s QLED tech adds an extra “quantum” colour-boosting filter to the mix.

The newer kid on the block, OLED displays offer the best contrast levels by tweaking and even switching off individual pixels for super crisp visuals. In comparison, LCD screens rely on a constant backlight that shines through the actual display layer, which can cause screen glare and uneven colours.

– Best TVs in each class –

1. LG E9 OLED – Best OLED TV

Image adapted from: @hdblog_it

When it comes to stunning, high-contrast visuals, OLED displays are hard to beat. The LG E9 sets the standard for OLED TVs. Ultra-thin, it can be mounted snug against your feature wall to snazz up your living room with its Gallery Mode, which turns your TV into a smart photo frame when you’re not watching shows.

Screen tech: 4K OLED | Dolby Vision
Extra features: Automatically boosts the resolution lower-quality content to 4K resolution
Sound: Dolby Atmos for cinema-like audio, with a built-in soundbar that creates surround sound.

Price: from $4,390 (55”)
Get the LG E9 OLED

2. PRISM+ Q75 – largest screen with smart features

The large 75” screen boasts vibrant visuals for a theatre-like experience at home
Image credit: Prism+

With a pretty massive 75” screen, the PRISM+ Q75 is an attention-grabber. Part of PRISM+’s Q series, this Android TV comes with an array of smart features like Google Play Store which gives you access to more than 5,000 apps like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. 

Alternatively, you can easily use its built-in Chromecast to display content from your phone or tablet on the TV. Google Voice Assistant is also available for couch potatoes to simply command the TV to locate a specific programme with your voice – just saying “Watch Emily In Paris on Netflix” aloud will activate your TV.

For those with smaller living spaces, check out their range of Q series 4K TVs that come in 55” and 65” screens with the same smart features.

Screen tech: 4K Ultra HD | Dolby Vision HDR
Extra features: IPS Panel that guarantees vibrant colours and crisp visuals at all viewing angles
Sound: Dolby Audio + DTS

Price: $1,699
Get the PRISM+ Q75

3. Sony A9G Master – for a premium IMAX cinema experience

Image credit: Sony

Most might know Sony for their headphones and camcorders, but they’re one of the biggest film studios in Hollywood, responsible for blockbusters like Jumanji and Spiderman. They’re also behind the most premium model on this list, the Sony A9G Master

Certified IMAX Enhanced, this TV is the closest you can get to viewing the epic film format from home – something Singaporeans pay more than double for in cinemas! But even for our everyday sitcoms and dramas, the A9G Master is a Netflix Recommended TV, boasting a calibrated mode for the best colours and visuals.

Acoustic Surface Audio+ on the A9G Master projects sound from the screen itself
Image credit: Sony

Screen tech: 4K OLED | Dolby Vision
Extra features: Voice control
Sound: Acoustic Surface Audio+ gives a powerful sound despite its slim design.

Price: from $7,999 (65”)
Get the Sony A9G Master

4. Samsung Q95T – best HDR experience for vivid visuals

Image credit: @hosies_electrical

Despite being a type of LCD display, Samsung’s QLED technology is so advanced that it can easily compete with OLED screens while costing less. Samsung Q95T’s QLED display has one of the best contrast ratios on the market, which translates into stunning HDR visuals with a wide range of tones and colours.

It also boasts ultra-wide viewing angles, ensuring everyone has the best seat in the house during Netflix parties. Most smart TVs are Android-based, but Samsung uses its own Tizen software that learns your viewing habits, making it easier for you to access your favourite shows and features. 

It even lets you view 2 streams of content at once by splitting the screen into 2, great for when you’re following a yoga class while watching your favourite Kdrama. To add to its sleek design, the TV comes with the One Connect box, which reduces the clutter of cables down to a single white wire.

Screen tech: 4K QLED | HDR 10+
Extra features: One Remote that controls other players and accessories, lets you watch 2 shows at once.
Sound: Object Tracking Sound for realistic audio, syncs with added Q Soundbar sold separately

Price: from $3,771 (55”)
Get the Samsung Q95T

5. Samsung RU8000 – best choice for gaming & sports fans

Image credit: Samsung

When it comes to gaming and sports, having a TV that looks good simply isn’t enough. Fast action, like when the camera pans or in a first-person shooter game, can cause screen tearing – annoying, choppy lines across the screen. 

The Samsung RU8000 borrows FreeSync technology from the world of gaming monitors to adapt the TV to the demands of big-screen gaming. That means fast-paced movements aren’t as choppy as they would be on other types of screens, so FIFA nights with your pals will be more seamless.

Screen tech: 4K LCD | HDR 10+
Extra features: Fast 1-millisecond response time, Game Enhancer boosts brightness in dark areas.
Sound: Dolby Digital support

Price:  from $1,099 (55”)
Get the Samsung RU8000

6. SHARP 4T-C50BK1X – Google Assistant on your remote

Image credit: sharpmalaysia

Smart features on TVs usually include video streaming apps, though some include Google Assistant to as an added bonus. For the Sharp 4T-C50BK1X, you’ll get dedicated buttons to Netflix and Youtube, along with a Google Assistant button and microphone baked into the remote, letting you access your TV without having to yell.

Taking advantage of the large TV display, you can easily view your calendar and access maps in addition to controlling smart home devices and navigating TV content. Awarded 4 ticks out of 5 according to NEA’s Energy Label, it’s also the most energy-efficient TV on this list and will save you money in the long run – especially if you’re a drama addict.

Screen tech: 4K LED (LCD) | HDR 10
Extra features: On-remote Google Assistant, energy efficiency rating
Sound: Dolby Audio surround sound

Price: from $999 (50”)
Buy the SHARP 4T-C50BK1X

7. Philips 55POS901F/12 – ambient lighting that works with Hue

Image credit: Philips TV & Sound

Smart lighting might be convenient and cool, but the Philips 55POS901F/12 takes it a step further. Ambient lighting at the edges of the TV sync with on-screen content for a movie experience that extends beyond the screen. If you’ve got a Philips Hue smart lighting setup at home, you can take it to the next level with a full-blown display around the living room.

You’re not just paying for a light show, however. At its price, you’ll get a decent OLED display and a highly-rated in-built sound system – all in an overall slim, sleek package that will blend into your meticulously-curated home decor.

Screen tech: 4K OLED | HDR10
Extra features:
Boosts content to 4K resolution, with Perfect Natural Motion mode to reduce motion blur.
Sound: Built-in surround sound with 6-speaker soundbar and 3 back speakers for bass.

Price: $2,599 (55”)
Buy the Philips 55POS901F/12

8. Prism+ E55 – most affordable 55” 4K TV

Image credit: Prism+ 

Local display company Prism+ is known for their extensive line of gaming monitors, and it’s good news that they’ve now added TVs to their repertoire. As with their other displays, the Prism+ E55 comes with an aesthetic, thin-bezel design along with good visuals – all at an affordable price of $599.

You can even opt to mount it on the KANVA Tripod (left, $169) or the KANVA Quad TV stand (right, $199) to transform the TV into a centrepiece
Image credit: Prism+

Screen tech: 4K LCD | HDR
Extra features:
Free delivery, installation and digital antenna for local programmes
Sound: Dolby Audio surround sound

Price: $599 (55”)
Get the Prism+ E55

9. Xiaomi 65-inch Mi TV 4S – larger screen for less

Image credit: @jesustc87

Xiaomi is synonymous with smartphones and other household appliances, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve got a TV too. Despite being the most affordable on this list, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is among the largest at 65 inches. 

You’ll still get creature comforts like HDR, along with an easy-to-use Android TV interface with access to thousands of apps on the Play Store.

Extra features: Software enhancements to boost action and colours
Screen tech: 4K LCD (LED) | HDR
Sound: Dolby Audio surround sound with 4 speakers

Price: from $828 (65”)
Buy the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S

Best smart TVs in Singapore

With our smartphones, tablets and laptops already making up a large chunk of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the importance of selecting a good TV. But bringing together friends and family through movies, sports and gaming, a reliable unit that fits your needs will go a long way in turning your house into a comfortable home.

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The products have been ranked in terms of functions, and price from sources and reviews online.
This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.
Original article published on 12th August 2020. Last updated by Deborah Gan on 4th November 2020.
Cover image credit: Qanvast, Philips

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