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My First Skool Singapore

4 Reasons Why My First Skool Is A Quality Pre-School Education Option, Minus The High Costs

My First Skool pre-school in Singapore

Every parent wants his or her kids to have a solid kickstart on their journey to becoming not just little Einsteins, but well-rounded individuals with solid values and character building. If you’re on the prowl for a pre-school that’s genuinely invested in your child’s future and has a strong belief in the continuous betterment of its teachers, consider My First Skool.

From a play-based pedagogical curriculum with arts, nature and STEM-based learning to expertly-designed centres, here are 4 reasons why My First Skool – which is backed by awards from the Ministry Of Education (MOE) and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) – is a quality pre-school education option.

1. All-rounded curriculum with STEM, arts & nature

To kickstart your child’s education journey, My First Skool has an all-rounded curriculum beyond literacy and numeracy. Besides covering a broad range of subjects, they adopt a play-based learning approach so the kiddos can develop a positive attitude towards learning.

My First Skool - Play-Based Learning
Image credit: My First Skool

STEM (short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

This field of study has grown increasingly prominent for both the stellar career opportunities it opens up, as well as the benefits of understanding the world we live in.

Early exposure to concepts like science, technology, coding and programming at their tender age will give these pre-schoolers a leg up when they enter primary school, and also cultivate their curiosity to understand how the science and technology surrounding them work.

Pre-School Chinese Lesson
Image credit: My First Skool

Bilingualism and Cultural Intelligence curriculum

The curriculum instils a love for language and culture appreciation through engaging classroom activities, celebrating festivities, and even going on museum visits.

In addition to developing bilingual competence, children learn to appreciate different cultures, make friends with people from all walks of life, as well as form connections with family members who may not be able to speak English.

Some other examples of subjects taught at My First Skool:

  • Arts: A variety of art mediums and music activities help children learn creative expression of their feelings and ideas.
  • Nature: Children get to go on park excursions, monitor wildlife such as bird species, and set up community gardens within the pre-school centres, developing curiosity for the environment they’re in.
  • Character building programmes: Through interactive lessons and activities, children learn how to build their confidence and resilience, paving the way for social and emotional development.

2. Teachers who are passionate about early childhood education

Sending your child off to pre-school is the first time you’re entrusting them to the care of a facility other than childcare, and it’s also their foray into formal education. It makes sense that parents only want their precious little ones to be under the care and tutelage of teachers with a genuine passion for early childhood education, and My First Skool’s team offers just that.

Pre-School In Singapore
Image credit: Life @ First Campus

Each and every teacher is certified by the Early Childhood Development Agency, and most also hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Their experience and credentials as educators don’t stop there though, as My First Skool has a strong belief in continuous learning and betterment through rigorous training programmes and a central team of development specialists.

Going above and beyond the pre-school standard, a dedicated pedagogist is engaged at each centre. He or she uses their insights of the centre dynamics to customise the curriculum and cater to both students and teachers across various demographics.

Instead of getting a one-size-fits-all programme, your child will get an education that’s more intentional and tailored, which in turn leads to a more positive experience for the young ones, and enhanced learning outcomes.

Early Childhood Educators In Singapore
Image credit: My First Skool

With a network of over 2,600 experienced and industry-certified educators who have found their calling in working with young ones, My First Skool educators have also nabbed a long list of impressive accolades year after year. Some examples include:

  • MOE: Outstanding Pre-School Teacher Award for Chinese and Mother Tongue 
  • The National Institute of Education (NIE): Leading Foundation Teacher Award
  • Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA): Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development
  • ECDA: Fellowship status for exemplary leadership and professional expertise

For the full breakdown, check out My First Skool’s Awards.

3. Conducive environments to learn through play

Worry not about lacklustre classroom settings that do little to inspire young minds; plenty of thought has been put into designing My First Skool pre-school centres such that the environment is conducive for learning.

From health and safety considerations to ample privacy and social spaces for kids to get alone time when needed, rest assured that each of the spaces serves as an exciting safe haven which your little one will actually look forward to attending.

My First Skool - Pre-school Centre
Bright and spacious centres with clear pathways to facilitate smooth movement from one area to another.
Image credit: My First Skool

My First Skool Pre-School Design
Consistency – such as standardised furniture and flooring – which has been proven to aid in children’s focus levels. 
Image credit: My First Skool

Besides the precisely designed layouts and furnishing, there are even specific activity nooks that are decked out with props and decor. Not only are they high on the aesthetics factor, but they all serve an educational and enrichment function.

Canteen Mockup Play AreaImage credit: @learningzones

For example, this colourful and well-stocked canteen mockup allows kids to familiarise themselves with the practice of ordering food independently when they enter primary school. Through play, children are able to build confidence and grow out of social anxiety at a young age.

4. Parent-teacher engagement so you can track your child’s progress

Being separated from your precious tot for hours every day, it’s only natural that you’ll be curious about what they’re up to and how they’re faring on the learning front. Rather than putting the onus on parents to chase for progress updates, My First Skool has proactive parent-teacher engagement initiatives in place so you can track your child’s progress regularly.

Pre-School Teacher In Singapore
Image credit: My First Skool

For instance, a dedicated My First Skool Parent app helps to make regular progress updates more seamless and fuss-free than ever before. Parents are able to keep track of announcements and upcoming events, download documents, and scroll through photos and videos of your little one living their best life in pre-school.

Pre-School Parent Teacher Conference
Image credit: My First Skool

There’s also a biannual Parent-Teacher Conference you can look forward to. The sessions are  great opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss the child’s developmental progress, and work together on areas of improvement both in school and at home.

Quality yet affordable pre-school education at My First Skool

Rather than having students sit through stale, one-sided lessons, My First Skool imparts both academic knowledge and life skills through engaging learn-through-play sessions and a professionally-designed curriculum.

Pre-School Play Time
A dedicated team of pedagogists and curriculum specialists work alongside the teachers to ensure optimal lesson planning.
Image credit: My First Skool

Each day at school will be far from dull with engaging group discussions, lively classes and even little tasks outside of classes that aid in enrichment and the development of healthy habits. 

For instance, they’ll get to hone their decision-making skills, handle conflict resolution and develop skills like independence and responsibility – and which child doesn’t want to feel like a big boy/girl? These are done through both class activities and even simple day-to-day tasks, such as independent attendance marking and being tasked to care for bonsai plants.

The pre-school also manages to remain accessible for families of all income levels. This means you won’t have to fork out premium fees, nor worry that you’re compromising on your child’s pre-school education in any way.

The cost of living in Singapore may be sky-high. But thanks to My First Skool’s quality pre-school education without the high costs, it’s one less thing for you and your family to fret about. As an additional tip, make sure you stay tuned to the latest My First Skool promotions.

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Cover image adapted from: My First Skool