The MP3 Experiment is back 



Weekends are made for fun times, and fun is better is when it’s free. On 15th October 2016, grab your mates and head down to the Civic District for The MP3 Experiment 2016! The MP3 Experiment has been gaining popularity over the past few years and it is an exciting avenue to do something new, make new friends, and is an excuse to be plain silly. 

We’ve all played Simon Says when we were younger, and the instructions are simple: follow everything that Simon says. The MP3 Experiment takes that simple concept, and multiplies it by a thousand people. Bam! One of the most interesting flash mobs you’ll ever be a part of. 


Here’s how it works: sign up for The MP3 Experiment 2016 and you’ll be sent an MP3 track that’ll be used during the event. Save it to your phone and make sure you have working earphones to bring along. Follow the trail with the soundtrack as your guide, and complete all the dance-related challenges given. 

Learn simple dance moves along the trail, and make new friends as you complete the challenges together! Besides, you won’t feel so paiseh when you’re doing it with a larger group. Hit up Facebook for more deets, and check out the other activities while you’re there.


The MP3 Experiment 2016 is part of GTM @ Civic District, an immersive and interactive dance carnival with activities for you to meet new people and enjoy outdoor dance performance. This carnival’s super convenient to get to wherever you may be on a Saturday afternoon!

Here are more reasons why you should make a trip down to Empress Lawn and Asian Civilisations Museum Green on 15 October:


Follow dancers around in Tracing the City



It’s not everyday that you get to see dancers interacting with buildings and the spaces they’re in, so don’t miss out on Tracing the City. Be part of a dance designed to make us more aware of our surroundings, and to encourage us to slow down to observe the spaces we’re in. 

Dancers will lead you through the different sites within Civic District through their performances, so join in, Pied Piper-style! 


Experience a happening outdoor dance carnival



I’ve been to a couple of carnivals, but defo not a dance one. Padang Tari, meaning field of dance, will showcase the diverse and colourful local dance scene. From the exotic to the experimental, catch different traditional dances performances and learn more about their roots and artistry. Then get to show off your moves on the open-air dance floor! 


Got to Move 2016 – Dance to one beat


It’s not a dance carnival until you’ve learnt a mass dance! If you’ve been wondering what you can do this October, there’s no better time to hit up as many activities that GTM has with your buddies! Satisfy the dance itch in you while getting a total workout and spending quality time with your friends and family – it doesn’t get any better than this. 

Held from 7th to 23rd October, GTM 2016 will be offering an array of dance activities you can check out.

Check out the full list of GTM’s programmes here!

This post was brought to you by National Arts Council and Got To Move 2016.

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