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14 Places at MBS Shoppes with 3-Course Lunch Sets Under $25

3-course meals under $25


Of all the things I miss about being a student, discounted meals and public transport concession passes are the two that have left an indelible mark on my heart. While most of us are no longer eligible for such benefits, there’s still a way to relive these youth perks – free MRT rides for early risers and lunch set meals!

So here’s letting you in on a secret. For those of you working around the CBD, here are 14 shiok 3-course lunch deals under $25 at The Shoppes at MBS to snap up during lunch time.


Our Top 5 Picks


1. Caffe B – 3-course set lunch at $20++


Good italian restaurants are known to have pasta mains already exceeding $20 excluding taxes. Here at Caffe B, an Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant, get an absolute bang for your buck with a complete 3-course set lunch costing only $20++. 

Their set lunch starts with a Mesclun Salad sprinkled with refreshing Pomegranate seeds and Pecorino Romano, followed by a choice between two mains – Penne with Fan Scallop (pictured) or a Tender Beef Shank and Tendon with Red Wine Sauce

Meat lovers can also opt for their beef dish which consists of tender braised beef shank served atop a bed of mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables. 

To complete this indulgent yet affordable meal is Caffe B’s very own baked White Chocolate Cheesecake topped with whipped cream and wild berries.

Now, this is one place to go to enjoy a full-on 3 course meal coupled with a beautiful view to boot, at less than 25 bucks per person!

Location: The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1-83 & Galleria Level, B1-15
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Sun, 12pm – 3pm
Reservations: 6887 3311


2. Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria – 3-course set lunch at $14.90++


True to its name, this restaurant is a meat haven and a definite must-hit for carnivores. Their outlet at MBS offers a relaxed ambience with a seating area flooded with natural light. At Carnivore, the meats are marinated with a traditional Brazilian recipe and rotisserie-cooked over an open fire to perfection.

For the smaller eaters, shelling out $34++ for their lunch buffet might not be economical, but with their weekday set lunch going at only $14.90++, one can still enjoy a variety of Carnivore’s quality grilled meats!

Not only is it affordable, Carnivore’s customizable set lunch allows for repeat visits. So line up your lunch crew, because this place will soon become your new lunch haunt.

Location: The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1-80
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Fri, 12pm – 3pm 
Reservations: 6688 7429


3. Sen of Japan – Bento sets from $17.95++


If you’re racing against time, head over to Sen of Japan which offers set lunch choices from $17.95++ in an intimate setting with spectacular views of the Singapore skyline. This Grilled Chicken Bento ($17.95++) comes with a succulent piece of grilled chicken chop served with your choice of bell pepper or teriyaki sauce.

For diners who aren’t keen on sushi, they also offer rice as your choice of carbs instead. With all the essential food groups checked, you’ll definitely have enough fuel to power through the day ahead!

Location: The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1-86
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Fri, 11am – 3pm 
Reservations: 6688 7426


4. 9 Goubuli – 3-course set lunch at $20++


If you fancy some tummy-warming, comfort food for lunch, 9Goubuli restaurant has a 3 course set that’ll do the trick.

Your meal starts off with their signature, steamed Goubuli Bun. Handmade and elegantly crafted, the Goubuli Baozi features a richly flavoured pork and broth filling. Similar to a xiao long bao, but with a fluffy and slightly chewy pau skin enveloping the meat.


For the mains, you can pick from a choice of 3 noodle dishes – Hot and Sour Noodles, Dan Dan Noodles or the slightly spicy Noodles with Soy Bean Paste aka zha jiang mian. Finally, choose between a refreshing Osmanthus Jelly or a Herbal Jelly served with Honey for that sweet finish.

Location: The Shoppes, Canal Level, B2-02
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Fri, 11am – 3pm 
Reservations: 6688 7799


5. Bay Sushi – Bento sets from $15++


Sushi Lunch Bento Set, $15++

With such hearty portions, it’s hard to believe that a meal like this is actually easy on the wallet. Do come down early, because their bento sets are so popular, they attract the working class in droves.

From just $15++, this cosmopolitan roll and sushi outlet serves up a variety of hearty lunch bento sets featuring picks like Beef Nabe Set ($19++), Orange Chicken Set ($15++), Katsu Set (Pork, Chicken or Fish, $15++), Soba and Salmon Sashimi Set ($15++), and last but not least, their Pork Donburi Set ($15++).

The sushi set I opted for came with generously sliced portions of raw, fresh fish sitting atop beds of sushi rice. Add in a bowl of miso soup, smooth chawanmushi, udon noodles, crisp salad greens, 3 pieces of freshly fried tempura and 2 slices of oranges, and you’ll be in a food coma after this. Talk about value for money!

Location: The Shoppes, Canal Level, B2-01B
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Sun, 11.30am – 3pm 
Reservations: 6688 7707


Other Set Lunch Options


6. Punjab Grill – Takeaway set lunch at $20++



If you can’t afford to take that trip, take your taste buds to the land of five rivers. With a menu that pays tribute to the region’s richly diverse cities and cultures, treat yourself to some traditional Chowk Ki Tikki (Potato Cake with Mint and Tamarind Chutney), alongside your choice of main and fragrant basmati rice. Perfect for a quiet lunch break in.

Location: The Shoppes, Galleria Level, B1-01A
Set Lunch Times: Mon – Fri, 1130am – 2pm 
Reservations: 6688 7395


7. Long Chim – 2-course set lunch at $20++



Long Chim is Chef David Thompson’s first Thai street food restaurant in Singapore. Rest assured you are in good hands as this internationally acclaimed chef combines traditional street food and contemporary flavors. The restaurant concept is reminiscent of the vibrant streets of Bangkok, and is sure to transport you to the Land of Smiles. Pick from a variety of popular thai mains like Charred Rice Noodles/ Beef Laksa/ Chicken Biryani and many more. 

Location: The Shoppes, Level 2 Dining, L2-02
Set Lunch Times: Mon – Fri, 12pm – 4pm
Reservations: 6688 7299 / 6688 7083


8. Hide Yamamoto – 9-course set lunch at $18++



Found on the second floor of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, is this new casual Japanese restaurant opened by renowned Chef, Hide Yamamoto, one of the 2010 Global Chef Award Recipients.

This multi-concept 128-seat restaurant allows for patrons to experience a medley of tastes. They offer 2 different weekly lunch sets to choose from with 9 different courses – salad, sashimi, chawanmushi, fish/chicken, rice, soup, japanese pickles, vegetables and a refreshing dessert (sherbet/ ice cream).

Location: The Shoppes, Level 2 Dining, L2-05
Set Lunch Times: Mon – Fri, 12pm – 3pm
Reservations: 6688 7098


9. Jin Shan – 3-course set lunch at $20 ++ (min. 2 pax)



If you’re looking to impress a client, but don’t want to come across looking desperate – Jin Shan is the place to be. Helmed by renowned Master Chef Huang, get your fix of the best of Cantonese, Hunan and Szechuan flavours.

Their 3-course set lunches go at $20++, and comprise of a dim sum appetisers, noodles/rice/congee as a main and your choice of traditional hot/cold dessert.

Location: The Shoppes, Tower 2, L1-05
Set Lunch Times: Mon – Fri, 11.30pm – 3pm
Reservations: 6688 7733


10. Bazin – 3-course set lunch at $20++



Bazin is a bistro & bar situated by the waterfront with a view of the Singapore skyline. The food here is American-inspired with a wide range of delicious cocktails, wines, and craft beers. When the weather’s fine, dine al fresco and soak in the lovely atmosphere.


Location: The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1-84
Set Lunch Times: Mon – Fri, 12pm – 3pm
Reservations: 6688 7375


11. DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe – 3-course set lunch from $17.90++



Comic themed cafes are all the rage right now. Get your dose of superpowers with DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe’s set lunch featuring 5 different mains. Additionally, for those with an extra stomach for sweets, you can top up another $5 for a slice of cake or a beverage. Remember to bring your cameras and don’t let those artfully created mains go to waste!

Location: The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1-03
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Fri, 11am – 3pm
Reservations: 6688 7610


12. Yu Cuisine – 3-course set lunch at $18.80 ++ (min 2 pax)



漁 Yú Cuisine is a modern and hip chinese seafood, dim sum, grill and champagne bar concept restaurant. Their set lunch for two features both a dim-sum trio for starters, a congee/noodle for the choice of main, and a chilled dessert.

Location: The Shoppes, Galleria Level, B1-08 & Bay Level, L1-82
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Fri, 11.30am – 3pm
Reservations: 6688 7318


13. Trung Nguyen Cafe – 2-course set lunch at $14.90



A leading cafe chain in Vietnam, this is a great place to chill out for the afternoon with a cuppa in hand. Sate those hunger pangs with an affordable sandwich set (Ham & Cheese/ Roasted Beef/ Grilled Chicken) and a beverage (Hot Tea, Hot Coffee, G7 Iced Coffee). 

For a truly Viet experience, opt for the Banh Mi as your choice of sandwich base over the croissant.

Location: The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1-71
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Fri, 12am – 3pm
Reservations: 6688 7493


14. Toast Box – Set lunches from $8.80



Satisfy your cravings for local food with these signature Asian delights at Toast Box. Munch on their popular Curry Chicken, Laksa, Mee Siam, Mee Rebus and a Homemade Nasi Lemak. Their Laksa Set ($9.40) comes with a glass of Homemade Barley to quell the heat from the spices.

Location: The Shoppes,  Canal Level, B2-62
Set Lunch Times: Mon-Sun, Available all day
Reservations: 6688 7493


Lunch in style at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands


If you find yourself bored of the meal selection around the CBD area, beat the CBD crowds and escape to Marina Bay Sands to snag these lunch deals. With so many value-for-money dining options to choose from, spend your lunch hour dining in style at any one of these 14 eateries for under $25.

Finish with some time to spare, and you can even pop into the ArtScience Museum for a well-deserved break and that starry new profile picture. But if you’re like me and hate missing out on a deal – spend the extra money saved on some retail therapy! With a wide range of retailers from fashion to lifestyle, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

Check out our guide on inexpensive things to do around the bay here!

Find out more about dining at The Shoppes at MBS here! 

This post was brought to you by The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.