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MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - crossover

MapleStorySEA Has A Collab With Popular Anime KONOSUBA, Join Limited-Time Quests & Snag Rewards

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab

Alright, gather ’round, fellow adventurers, for the iconic game featuring a certain mushroom-hat-wearing pet has some exciting news. From now till 9th April 2024, characters from the Japanese manga and animation, KONOSUBA, will be making an appearance in the Maple World.

We’re talking about the much anticipated MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab. The crossover sees Kazuma and his friends bringing with them exclusive collaboration items and activities for gamers to enjoy. There’s also a pop-out event happening at NEX from 18th-24th March. Here’s all you need to know:

What is MapleStorySEA?

Nostalgia junkies will be all too familiar with MapleStorySEA given it was one of the most raved-about video games in Singapore back in 2005. But for newbies or for those who haven’t played in a while, here’s a quick recap.

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - maplestory worlds
OGs will recognise the different continents of MapleStory.
Image adapted from: @maplestory via Instagram

MapleStorySEA consists of a colourful, whimsical world where players can create their own characters such as a brave warrior, a powerful magician, or even a sneaky thief. Much like most online role-playing games, there are quests and missions to complete such as battling monsters known as MapleStory Bosses.

But it’s not all serious business; if you ever need a break from saving the world, you can always relax by fishing in a tranquil pond or customising your character’s outfit with all sorts of wacky accessories.

What is the plot of KONOSUBA?

Now, if the MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab has sparked your interest, you might as well find out more about this manga and animation too.

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - anime
Image credit: @konosuba via Instagram

The plot revolves around the main character, Kazuma Satou – a teen who faces an untimely death and finds himself transported to a fantasy world. Here, he meets a goddess named Aqua, who reincarnates him in a parallel world, where he can go on adventures and battle monsters.

It is in this new world that they also recruit other members – a magician named Megumin and a crusader named Darkness. Together, the 4 form a party and try to battle the Devil King and his generals.

Embark on an adventure with MapleStorySEA & KONOSUBA

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - limited time quests
Image credit: maplesea

The KONOSUBA clan has landed in the Maple World. And fans of both MapleStorySEA and the Japanese anime will be able to immerse themselves in the crossover experience only till 9th April.

Basically, gamers will follow the party’s quest, honing their skills and gaining strength before returning to their own realm. There will also be exclusive in-game events, allowing players to grab limited edition rewards.

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - limited time rewards
Image credit: maplesea

By joining each of the KONOSUBA character’s quests, Maplers level 101 and above will be able to nab special medals and equipment.

These include:

  • Aqua’s Nature’s Bounty: a little boost in strength with her powers once every 24 hours
  • Megumin’s Explosion Magic: a skill to help players attack once a day when hunting monsters
  • Darkness’s Joyful Sacrifice: a skill that lets players survive a boss attack once a day
  • Kazuma’s “Small Fortune”: a daily login quest resulting in a variety of gift box items and buffs given out 5 times a day

NEX pop-out booth with complimentary slushies

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - NEX booth

That’s not all for MapleStorySEA fans. There’s also a pop-out booth at NEX from 18th-24th March where complimentary slushies will be given out to new and existing gamers.

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - game sign-up

If you don’t have a MapleStorySEA account yet, simply sign up for one on the spot.

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - slushies
The 2 flavours on offer are fruit punch and apple.

For loyal fans who already have an account, you can get your complimentary slushie by posting a pic of yourself at the pop-out event on IG and tagging @maplestorysea.pp.

MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab - free stickers

Plus, get your hands on free limited-edition stickers, while stocks last.

Venue: B1, NEX
Date: 18th-24th March 2024
Time: 11am-8pm, Daily

Play the MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab for a limited time

It truly is all fun and games when it comes to this MMORPG that stole our hearts and ate our free time back in the day. For those who lost touch, the MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA collab is the perfect chance to revive your love for the video game. And for those who’ve been loyal, here’s your opportunity to gain limited edition rewards.

Play MapleStorySEA x KONOSUBA online


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Photography by Alastair Pang.
Cover image adapted from: maplesea