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15 Little Things Your Boyfriend Will Do If He Really Loves You

Love Is In The Little Things


Singaporean boyfriends don’t have it easy. Chided for being stingy, lup sup and above all, unromantic; the little things that they do to tell their other halves “I love you” are too easily and too often overlooked.

No point sugar coating here: if you constantly compare relationships with other couples, or persist in holding on to sky-high K-drama fuelled expectations, everything tends to go south quick. But don’t rush to call it quits from post honeymoon-phase blues – you’ll simply have to appreciate the bigness of small things.

If you’ve hit a rut in your relationship, take heart knowing that your boyfriend loves you all the same, even when he doesn’t say it out loud. Here’s 15 little things boyfriends do when they’re head over heels in love with you. 


1. He shows you off in public


Source: @melissackoh

Without even batting an eyelid. This is a relationship milestone, a public declaration that you’ve DTR-ed (defined the relationship) in front of all his bros. Which is basically an invitation to a lifetime of endless taunting, and the transformation from a fellow ‘bruh’ to the ‘one-that-never-shows-because-he-has-a-gf’.

The day he grips your hand harder instead of letting go, is the day you know he’s committed to making it work. It’s his way of saying “I Love You” without words. Appreciate it. 


2. He stays home to take care of you when you’re ill


Germs can’t keep him away – whether it’s a face full of snot, three agonising hours on the toilet or a fever so hot you could cook an egg on it; no matter how contagious, you’ll wake to find him changing the towel on your forehead, measuring cough syrup, while shovelling the mountain of snot-filled tissues into the bin. Or (more likely) sitting there fast asleep, but always by your side. 

When he can’t be there in person, you’re still always on the back of his mind – prepare for an onslaught of Whatsapp messages and calls if you fail to prove you’re taking your meds from the pastel pill organising box he bought off Etsy. 

And for the poor confused lot at a loss during your girlfriend’s period cramps,  just remember: heat, hugs, and hot water. Pads not necessary, but always appreciated. You’re welcome. 


3. He does things he hates for you


Like cuddling your pet cat

Yesterday it was a TOPSHOP sale. Today, a couple yoga class that all your couple friends have been to. He’d much rather be watching the latest Marvel film, but he knows what makes you happy.

So even if your retail therapy session blows up into an all-out intense Orchard Road shopping marathon, or you end up spending your Saturdates practicing the Crow and Downward-Facing Dog, to him it’s worth it. 


4. He bothers to get to know your friends


Your inner circle could include a couple of close secondary school friends, their friends, their significant others, plus the friends of your friends’ significant others. But they’re important to you, so your bae gets stalkin’ and arms himself with enough small talk to avoid the dreaded awkward silences during double dates and group outings. 

This one works both ways: if you love your man, work towards becoming an honorary lad too. Bros over hoes, chicks over dicks – you know you’ve a keeper when everyone clicks!


5. He’ll be your personal trainer + dietitian


Source: @joalong_

#FITSPO. #BODYGOALS. It’s only April, but you’ve already fallen off the wagon at least 5 times this year. You would’ve given up by now, if not for your dedicated boyfriend who’s doubled up as the ultimate workout buddy – a couple that sweats together, stays together! Date nights will never be the same again. 

Goodbye, cosy cafes and lava cakes; hello gym sessions and protein shakes.  


6. He starts looking his best for you


Out of every 10 guys, 8 will have an average of 5 articles of clothing: 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of berms, and 3 shirts. And a stick of deodorant for formal occasions. 

But suddenly you realise he’s wearing a H&M shirt you’ve never seen before, and he smells a little like… honey? Even his complexion’s gotten better! Of course, you love him regardless of what he looks like; but hey, who’s complaining?


7. He shares his food with you


I’m watching my diet, you say. But stuffing your face with salad greens only seems to make you hungrier. You look over at his aromatic, greasy, calorific plate of char kway teow, and your dietary qualms go out the window. 

Your fork moves, he blocks it. He takes out a second plate of char kway teow, with extra lap cheong (Chinese sausage), plus a cup of Kopi-C peng (iced coffee with evaporated milk). Trust me gurl, he’s a keeper. 


8. And you never have food cravings anymore


Local food bloggers are your worst enemy – they persist in pushing out the “20 New Cafes and Restaurants to Try This (enter month here)”, along with the occasional food trend listicle that’ll hit you with incessant cravings that demand immediate attention. 

Cue the boyfriend, who’ll selflessly queue at Swee Choon or Chomp Chomp even though he lives on the other end of Singapore just to put that smile on your face. Though try to temper your expectations a little – he’s your boyfriend, not your delivery man.


9. He remembers the tiniest details about you


Source: @elaineteoo

Exactly the kind of heart-melting, soul mate-esque moment this header suggests. He remembers  that you used to be a sprinter in primary school, that your fingers are extra susceptible to the cold, and has your Llao Llao order memorised to a tee. 

Likewise, you can recite all his IGNs (in game names), knows that he prefers roasted chicken over white, and oversells his spice tolerance. 


10. He’s willing to sacrifice his comfort for yours


Unless you’re a military doctor deployed in some faraway land, Hollywood-style grenade-catching and jumping in front of a bullet for the love of your life is pretty much out of the picture. 

Your irl bae will stop at nothing to make sure you’re well taken care of, even at his own expense. That’s not to say that just because he’s not putting his life on the line for you, that he’s loving you any less.

He wakes up at 5am to be your wake-up-call for that super important meeting he knows you’ll forget about. And if he ever offers up his leather loafers knowing that your feet are in high heel hell – congratulations, you’ve just reached the pinnacle of #relationshipgoals.


11. He’ll go to the ends of Singapore to find that one ulu cafe with you 


Nothing makes cafe-hopping addicts happier than posting a pic of a cafe no-one else on their IG feed has been to, even if it means travelling to the ulu-est streets in Singapore (think Tebing Lane, Ah Hood Road, Lorong Ampas). No pain no gain, right?

Even if it’s a blistering 36 degrees, there’s no place pain-in-the-butt enough to get to that’ll deter him, and he’ll follow you to the ends of Singapore just for your one IG post. Besides, the farther out the cafe, the less people there’s likely to be to interrupt your nice romantic stroll after.


12. He leaves little presents for you just because.


No, I’m not talking extravagant dinner dates or expensive jewellery here. It’s as simple as a good morning text, a packed lunch to make sure you eat, a word of encouragement when you have a deadline to meet. It’s safe to say you’re on his mind 24/7, and the sweetest gestures needn’t always be the most over-the-top. 


13. He behaves in front of your family


He’s survived interrogations unscathed. But here’s the real Goliath to your lifetime together: your parents. 

Brownie points are the currency your relationship will survive on. Run out, and there goes your future together, because unfortunately, a relationship is hardly ever between just two people. A boyfriend who’s in it for the long run will understand the importance of a good first impression. 


14. He’ll be your guinea pig for beauty/skincare products


You walk past a Sephora sale, and the rest is history. (Read: ‘the rest’ = half your monthly paycheck) Poring over the 20-piece nail polish set you bought, you only now remember your freshly-manicured nails. But you wanted to try out the nail art you saw on Instagram! And the only bare nails in sight are… oh. 

You promise what happens then stays between the two of you. He protests, but to no effect. One hour later, his nails are bedazzled, sequined and pastel-hued. Still a better love story than Twilight. 


15. He’s your stay-at-home spa day companion


We’ve all been there: you go to bed with baby soft skin, but awake to find dozens of pesky pimples have waged a war on your face overnight. Stepping out of the house is a complete no-no for at least a week; but who said date nights in always have to involve streaming Netflix?

When in doubt, do what Pinteresters would do: have a romantic evening with a couples’ spa night! You’ll both get the pampering you deserve, complete with facial scrubs and massage oils, becoming the pore-fect power couple envied by all. 

Nothing screams #husbandmaterial more than if your bae knows exactly how to spoil your inner beauty junkie.


Finding The One for you


There isn’t a winning formula to finding your soulmate, but once you find The One it’s all about being committed to making it work. Don’t fret if the grand romantic gestures and swoon-worthy pickup lines are non-existent, because there’s always something to be grateful for. 

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