Lazy Potato’s Private Rooms Have Retro Consoles, Netflix, Plus Cup Noodles & Drinks For Hangouts

Lazy Potato – private rooms in Jalan Besar

See, once you hit your mid-20s, having a table at a nightclub sounds better than being on the dancefloor all night, and chilling over coffee at a pretty cafe suddenly seems dandy as can be. Adulting is tiring; there’s no denying it.

The next time you meet your mutually exhausted friends, gather at the new Lazy Potato where to enjoy board games, binge on Netflix, and unwind in a private room. No one has to stifle a yawn or hang around cuz they’re too paiseh to retreat home first. Plus, free food and drink vouchers are included with bookings!

Cosy private rooms near Bendemeer MRT

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While Lazy Potato Private Rooms isn’t a huge establishment, they have 3 super cosy rooms where friends and couples can hang out. Walk 7 minutes from Bendemeer MRT, and head up a flight of stairs adorned with pop culture references and neon lights.

VIP Room – From $89/4 pax for 3 hours. Top up to fit up to 8 pax.
Image credit: Lazy Potato

Come with 3 friends to hang in the VIP Room, decked out like a man cave with dark furnishings, a TV, and more than 20,000 retro console games.

Image credit: Jereyn Lim

Tickle your minds with board games such as Spyfall and Game of Thrones, or hit the classics with games like UNO and Jenga. Board games are complimentary with room bookings.

Deluxe Room – From $49/2 pax for 3 hours.
Image credit: Lazy Potato

Couples probably still have Barbie and Oppenheimer fresh on their minds but it’s never too early to enter another movie binge. Cuddle with boo on the couch with catching up on your favourite Netflix series in the cosy Deluxe or Premium Rooms, made just for 2 pax. You’ll get all the amenities the VIP Room has –  games and TV included. 

Premium Room – From $69/2 pax for 3 hours.
Image credit: Lazy Potato

To satisfy the perpetually peckish, all rooms also get a $4-$10 F&B voucher – that varies depending on room size. Grab some Nissin cup noodles, chocolate bars, popcorn, or potato chips. Chilled drinks like Coca Cola, Pokka Green Tea, Milo ($1.50) are also available. 

Image credit: Yong Heng

Be a couch potato at Lazy Potato, with 20% off on Friday nights

Image credit: Lazy Potato

It’s really no surprise that private rooms have become popular among Singaporeans. There’s no need to worry about the blazing sun, and everyone can sit and have fun. Apart from visiting the cinema and swinging by another board game cafe, spend your next date night at Lazy Potato Private Rooms for an amalgamation of both. 

For a sweet end to the work week, come on Fridays for 20% off, until further notice.

Lazy Potato
Deluxe Room: From $49/2 pax for 3 hours
Premium Room: From $69/2 pax for 3 hours
VIP Room: From $89/4 pax for 3 hours. Top up to fit up to 8 pax.
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403 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209010
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Monday 11:00 a.m - 11:00 p.m
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Saturday 11:00 a.m - 11:00 p.m
Sunday 11:00 a.m - 11:00 p.m

For more private rooms in SG:

Cover image adapted from: Jereyn Lim, Lazy Potato

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