Last-minute deals in Singapore


eatigo discounts 50% off singapore half price

Since young, we’ve been taught to be kiasu. From booking plane tickets months in advance to doing Christmas shopping in November, even our fun doesn’t come without some work. 

But being late can actually be a good thing, ‘cuz we’ve found 5 services that reward you for being last minute. Procrastinators, here’s how you can enjoy the same perks as all those early birds, at a fraction of the price.


1. Book a discounted flights as late as 2 days in advance with Expedia last minute flights discount

Image credit: @expediasg

If you’re not doing much house visiting this CNY, then perhaps hopping on to travel website Expedia to get away for the weekend might be on your to-do list. 

The website offers flight and hotel package deals as late as two days before the flight and they come at reduced prices too. A two day holiday in Bangkok could cost you less than $300 – Expedia even lets you snag hotel stays for as low as $6. So get your suitcases ready, because affordable getaways are now a reality.



2. Score half-price electronics with Ezbuy’s flash deal section


ezbuy flash deals discounted electronics taobao

It’s not too late to pick up your CNY outfit on Ezbuy’s flash deal section. The website offers plenty of electronics and household items too, so it’s a great way to redecorate your home after spring cleaning too.

The deals are refreshed every day, so you can find good deals all year round. Great if you’re always missing events like the Great Singapore Sale or Black Friday. Ezbuy has almost 300 collection points around Singapore and a home delivery service, making it super hassle-free to use.



3. Get as much as 50% on tables for over 2000 restaurants on Eatigo


eatigo discounts 50% half price

Image credit: Eatbook

Your reunion dinner is just a few days away, and you’ve forgotten to book a table again. But they don’t have to find out because Eatigo lets you pick dinner spots at the last minute and enjoy discounts off your final bill too. 

You can pick the timing of your reservation, and the deals get even better during off-peak hours. Now you can satisfy your supper cravings without spending a bomb.

last minute restaurant discounts

Image credit: Eatigo

The website features over 2000 restaurants, from pizza joints to fancy hotel buffets. Deciding where to eat will never be a chore again.



4. Book an on-the-whim staycation for as low as $30/night on HotelsQuickly


last minute discounted staycation vacation hotel

Booking a staycation on a whim can actually cost you less than an ordinary booking on HotelsQuickly. Their prices get lower when you get closer to the date, and can drop as much as a hundred dollars the day before.

No need for dodgy rooms either, because the website offers super atas choices like Marina Bay Sands for that special occasion, as well as rooms that can go below $30 if you’re just looking for a place to crash after all the CNY house visiting.



5. Chope last minute slots for fitness classes on the same day with Activpass


activpass boxing discount fitness class

Image credit: Activpass

With all those pineapple tarts and reunion dinners, it’s hard to avoid putting on some weight during CNY. But even if you don’t have an active gym subscription, it’s not too late to start losing those pounds with Activpass.

activpass discounted fitness classes services 

Besides letting you book various activities ranging from kickboxing to back massages, the app also has a “last minute feature” where you can sign up for these programmes as late as an hour before the class. Perfect if you want to get into shape, but aren’t interested in expensive packages and routines.



Last-minute CNY shopping with 7-Eleven


With Chinese New Year around the corner, people are already starting to stock up on things like snacks and pineapple tarts. But if festive emergencies arise and you need to make purchases at the last minute, you don’t have to splurge on marked-up prices or settle for leftover goods. 

711 7-11 shop convenience

Image credit: 7-Eleven

At 7-Eleven, you can pick up Chinese New Year essentials at affordable prices. Whether it’s Ready-To-Eat 7-Select Chicken Wings ($2.90) and Baker’s Oven Pineapple Tarts ($18.80) for those surprise guests that turn up unannounced, or Lu Gan ($2 for 2 Mandarin oranges) that comes with an adorable paper bag for unplanned bai nian visits, this convenience store has got you covered.

mandarin oranges red packed ang bao

Image credit: 7-Eleven

Note: Ang baos not included

Some of the other CNY goodies include:

  • 7-Select Chicken Leg ($3.60)
  • Baker’s Oven Snacks (3 for $45)
  • Mandarin Gift Pack (18pc – 1 for $7.80, 2 for $13.80), (34 pc – $12.80)
  • Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea x 24: Buy two cartons to receive a free Yeo’s Tote Bag

You can also stand a chance to win $108 whenever you spend just $5* at 7-Eleven, from 24th Jan to 20th Feb. Just enter your details on this website to be eligible.

Each 7-Eleven shop is well stocked and well organized, so it’s the perfect place to pick up whatever you need at the last minute. And with more than 350 stores around our little island city, you don’t even have to travel far to find one of their nifty outlets. Huat ah!

Find out more about 7-Eleven here!

*Note: Not applicable for cigarettes, lottery, fuel, bills and service payments.

This post was brought to you by 7-Eleven.