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Laser Tag Goes Outdoors! This May Be The Most Fun Group Activity To Hit Singapore

About Adrenaline Laser Tag’s Outdoor Laser Tag


Adrenaline Laser Tag started Laser Tag with the idea of promoting a fun, healthy and adrenaline-filled lifestyle. In a society where we’re constantly facing computer screens and electronic devices, it offers a good change to take a break and get out there and engage with other humans face to face.

One of their other aims is to promote a healthy family lifestyle – encouraging team bonding and teamwork with their team-based activities.

The TSL team recently went down to try a hand at Laser Tag.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5909-copy.jpgMe and Noelle using some of the masks they brought along!

Our Laser Tag Experience


Adrenaline Laser Tag has changed the way Laser Tag is played in Singapore. You are no longer confined to stuffy and small dark rooms. Laser Tag has become an activity that can be played any time of the day, anywhere you want! Be it in your office, home or even in school, Adrenaline Laser Tag will bring the game to you. Our Laser Tag experience was at the beautifully refurbished Bishan Park, which is their default location if you don’t have a venue of your own to suggest.

It rained heavily earlier in the day, so we were rather skeptical about how fun the whole activity would be. We never expected to be treated to such a fun and laughter filled 2 hours of adrenaline!

There were 12 of us, and we split into two teams of 6. The facilitators, or Game Masters, at Adrenaline Laser Tag were incredibly friendly and pro-active. They were patient in teaching us the rules of the game and definitely made our experience a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

Being an outdoor activity, the playing area was rather wide and spread out, and kind of reminded me of my army days where you could hide behind trees and walls for cover to avoid being shot.


There are 3 stages, or modes of play, in Laser Tag. The first stage is a normal 6 v 6 team game, where the team with the most number of players still left “alive” at the end of the game wins. You can afford to be shot roughly about 5 times before you’re “dead”, but you’re also allowed two “lives” in this stage.

I felt that this was the most exciting, as it was a combined team effort and encouraged communication and teamwork to win.


The second mode of play is called the “Master Chief”. For those familiar with the video game Halo, this is where our second mode comes from. The rules of this stage are simple: Each team can allocate one “Master Chief”, and the aim of the game is to protect your own while trying to kill your opponent’s “Master Chief” first. The “Master Chief” also has the ability to respawn his or her teammates should they get killed.


The last stage was the most intense. It is basically a Sniper mode, where you are only given one bullet and being shot once would kill you. In short, it is “one shot one kill”. Everyone was very cautious about their movements as no one wanted to die, so remaining patient and having good team communication to help one another look out for your enemies is key to the team’s survival.




Overall, our Laser Tag experience was a very enjoyable one. Although I was skeptical about it at first, the service and fun provided has turned my mind about the whole activity. It is a great activity for corporate bonding events, school events and even families with young kids with boundless energy – in fact it would make a great birthday present.

For older group of friends, we recommend playing Laser Tag and night so the lasers can actually be seen.

Lastly, this activity does not burn a large hole in your pocket and it is way better than staying at home and staring at your computer screen. So get up, gather your troops, head down to Bishan Park and be guaranteed hours of fun!

Playing Laser Tag in Singapore

Prices start at $33 per pax with a minimum of 10 persons for 90 minutes. You can make bookings online at the Adrenaline Laser Tag website.

This post was brought to you by Adrenaline Laser Tag.