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You can’t walk past Centrepoint without stopping to look at Lady M across the street – it’s impossible. How could you not love its beautiful, lofty facade? When I’m out on weekdays, busy running errands under the hot sun and not having cakes, this view makes me incredibly envious. But the universe is fair – one afternoon, I finally got my chance.

Lady M, the confectionery boutique from New York, is popular for her cakes. Its latest storefront at Orchard Central is an elegant and minimalist duplex. It’s also the only outlet that offers all day breakfast!


All Day Breakfast


Smoked Salmon and Roasted Pumpkin Salad ($15)


b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-2.jpgMade up of soft and sweet pumpkin cubes, hard boiled egg, and smoked salmon topped with dill dressing and fried shallots, this salad is unlike the predictable bowl of veggies. The smoked salmon was firm, tender and generously sliced – I loved it. Compared to the usual salad greens, it was slightly heavier and chunkier for a starter, so I’d recommend this for sharing.


Mushroom Soup ($10)


b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-15.jpgThe Mushroom Soup was cooked with white truffle oil and vanilla essence. The latter’s taste wasn’t distinct, but the soup sure was fragrant with fine mushroom bits. The onsen egg spiced up what would otherwise be an ordinary dish, giving it a richer taste and creamier consistency.


M’s Big Break


b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-14.jpgMost places I’ve been to don’t do this cafe staple enough justice, passing off badly-poached eggs and dense, rock-hard muffins as Egg Bennies. But M’s Big Break was nothing like that.

I was most impressed by the toasted muffin – crisp, soft and sweet. As I sliced through the eggs topped with a tangy, appetizing sauce, its yolk oozed out and it was pure golden and flowy goodness. Seriously, what an exemplary poached egg.

The limelight was not entirely stolen though, as its sides were just as delightful. The sausages were tender and juicy, while the mushrooms were infused with truffle oil. Most surprising of all were the baked beans, tasty and distinctly different from the canned, mushy ones most restaurants serve.




And because no visit to Lady M is complete without her signature cakes, we had to grab a few!


Lady Baltimore ($8)


b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-7-of-36.jpgLadies and gentlemen, I present to you Lady Baltimore, the gorgeous cake that got me so excited I rose from my seat to watch the waiter slice it on the counter. It looks like it’s laden with cream but really, the white meringue and frosting is very light.b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-26.jpgThe sponge cake was thin and soft, with a vanilla custard centre of rum-soaked dried fruits with a distinct honey flavour. The contrasting tastes and textures made this my favourite of the day.

Alas, all good things come to an end. Lady Baltimore is only available from 1-10 May 2015 as a Mother’s Day Special, so try it while you still can!


Mimosa ($7)


b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-25.jpgLady M regularly offers seasonal items, and this Esplanade-lookalike number is the Cake Of The Month for May and June. Mimosa tasted like the chinese steamed sponge cake, or kueh neng ko, sold in old-school, neighborhood confectioneries. It was fluffy with a safe, pleasant flavour, but a little plain and lacklustre on its own.


Mille Crepes


A trip to Lady M isn’t complete without trying the signatures that earned her a reputation for cakes. After sampling 3 different Mille Crepes, it’s no wonder why they’re so well liked. When you start eating, the paper-thin crepe layers harmonize with one another and melts in your mouth almost immediately.b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-20.jpgThe Signature Mille Crepes ($8.50) is Lady M’s most popular cake – caramelized on top and all sorts of creamy and milky, like desserts made out of Hokkaido milk or Japanese pastry cream. This is perfect for anyone who’s crazy about that.b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-22.jpgIf you’re a chocoholic, you can’t miss the Chocolate Mille Crepes ($9.00). This cake is exclusive to the Orchard Central outlet and another bestseller of Lady M’s. Layered with chocolate cream between each delicate layer and topped with chocolate shavings, the melt-in-your-mouth factor is enhanced with more texture.
b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-18.jpgThe Signature and Chocolate Mille Crepes were a little too sweet for me to finish in one sitting, but the Green-Tea Mille Crepe ($9.00) hit the right spot. The top of the cake and all twenty layers were infused with fine green tea powder, balancing the cake’s sweetness with earthy and grassy tones.




Some say dessert IS the main course, but Lady M at Orchard Central makes some pretty neat savouries you shouldn’t miss, of which M’s Big Break was the most outstanding. I had expected the famed Mille Crepes to blow me away, but they’re a little jelat if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Mimosa was mediocre, but Lady Baltimore was most impressive – both a looker and a lovely treat. 

Rating: 7/10


Getting There


b2ap3_thumbnail_lady-m-36.jpgAddress: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #01-27/02-07, S(238896)
Telephone: 6509 3673 
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (Last order: 9.30pm)

This post was brought to you by Lady M Confections.