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My Experience Getting Shaped Up At Kris By MENCE

About Kris By MENCE


An anti-aging and weight management centre started up in Hong Kong, Kris By MENCE is an extension of the original chain, MENCE Hong Kong. The firm believes in non-invasive and non-surgical approaches when it comes to their slimming treatments. Their state-of-the-art machines boast abilities to detoxify the body and “melt” fat through currents and heat processes with their hour-long sessions.

We recently had appointments for a Double Chin Removal Treatment and a Personalised Body Slimming Treatment. Not that we had to resort to such measures to get in shape but I’ve never been to any slimming sessions in my life and my body was ready to be a guinea pig. In a mix of paranoia and anticipation, I couldn’t help but run these thoughts in my head as I went under the invisible knife.

Here are 5 things I learned.


1. My Body Looks Like A Blob


Each client goes through a personalised evaluation upon consultation. I was instructed to stand on a machine that could only come from the future for within 5 minutes, my body fat percentage, nutritional assessment, BMI, etc. were all logged into the machine. A health report is then printed out with the results, together with a guide to help gauge if your current results are either under or over the optimum range.


Aaaand … I’m safe! I owe it to my minimum exercise and regular diet for my reportedly healthy body. Though, my body isn’t like a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s as I’d like to imagine. After watching the measuring tape unroll longer than necessary, I opted to have the body slimming procedure focus on my tummy area which is a 2-hour session.


2. It’s Way Too Hot In Here … Am I Going To Melt??



Source: Kris by Mence

After stripping down to the bare minimum, I was enclosed in a heating dome which was set to a humidity of 75%. 4 metal plates were strapped to my abdomen and small electric currents were running through them sending vibrations to the affected areas. It’s not so much like a massage but more like fast-crawling ants pinching your skin. It was tolerable.

It wasn’t long until I felt my legs dripping with perspiration. And then the heat started to creep up to my arms and I laid there feeling like steamed fish. But this is good, I kept telling myself. I was determined to lose weight by doing absolutely nothing. Screw cardio exercises.


3. I’m On My Way To A Better Jawline


As the machine was en route to eliminate my fat cells, my beautician then proceeded to give me my Double Chin Removal Treatment. This was more pleasant compared to my tummy activity as the fat-burning cream was slathered around my jaw and massaged for a good 30 minutes. To show me its effectiveness, she first did one half of my face for a test and rinsed it off after 15 minutes. The skin was meant to be lifted, showing off the jawline.

Removing a double chin isn’t solely for vanity reasons. The fat deposits around the neck weighs down on the air passage, causing obstruction and is one of the main causes of snoring and sleep apnea.


4. I Have 1 More Hour To Go … My Body Is Taking Forever


The machine is still sending electrifying sensations to my stomach and the only view I’ve had besides my beautician’s face is the false ceiling. Why are the boards so porous? … Sorry, I digress. The machine is still working its magic in the form of tiny currents it charges the body periodically in different sets of patterns, allowing the body to rest between each 30-minute set.

As I resumed to doing nothing with 80’s music on repeat in the background, my beautician passed me an iPad to watch TV shows until the machine was done running. How thoughtful! And because I was immobile, she fed me lemon water periodically as my body was perspiring profusely. This was to ensure that my body is sufficiently hydrated.




Or so I feel. It was time for the verdict. I hopped off the table and proceeded for a wash down as instructed. Each room is furnished with its own shower for an easy clean-off. A plate of cherry tomatoes and apples are also prepared to satisfy the satiating hunger as well as facial cleansing staples to refresh yourself before leaving the room. They think of everything!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Slide4.jpgSource: Kris by Mence

I buzzed in my beautician after getting dressed and she took my new measurements. My tummy circumference went down by a dramatic … 1cm. Are you kidding me?! Where did all those 2 hours go? My beautician then informed me that because my initial body fat percentage was 26.7%, it is already in the optimum range. Hence the intensity of the treatment was set just right and I needn’t expect dramatic results. But this gave me a good gauge on the nutritional levels to maintain my body at as well as beauty grooming for my face!





Of course, I was realistic and didn’t expect one slimming session to transform me into Adriana Lima. Kudos to the team for taking real good care of us and looking out for our well-being! Kris, the lovely manager of the chain in Singapore, then generously shared her advice, health tips, and exercises we can do to maintain our physical bodies.

Source: Kris by Mence

She shared that their slimming procedures are a key agent in detoxifying the body which only works well paired with exercise and a good diet. I won’t reveal her real age but she could pass off as my sister.

The halls are decked out with advertisements of male celebrities, mainly because MENCE is popular with the male clientele. Who said slimming is just for women? Men, when the next boys’ night out rolls along, you know where to go.

Create a new you this new year! Kris By MENCE is offering a promotion for its Double Chin Removal Treatment at $79 for a first trial session until 31 March 2015.

Address: 39 Robinson Road #07-03 Robinson Point Singapore 068911
Telephone: 6536 5747
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm

This post was brought to you by Kris By MENCE.