Kiseki You Give Me The Feeling of Turning Japanese!

By next week, I would be starting Year 2 in my poly year. Under one of my modules I would be taking Basic Conversational Japanese. Sounds exotic right? Wait till you hear about my lifestyle. During my holidays, I have engaged in watching anime at night, manga by day, and craving for Japanese cuisines every mealtime. With Japanese as one of my modules next semester, it seems that fate has played a part to ensure that I’ll turn Japanese by the time school reopens.

One of the highlights of being “Japanese” would be the delectable exquisite food. One simply cannot say one feels Nippon without tasting the Japanese ever so famous cuisines. I remained true to that saying and have let myself be pampered over a Japanese buffet at Kiseki just last Friday. Oh boy, I was really really  “pampered” all right.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant, located at Orchard Central level 8, is the hotspot for most teenagers now. I paid a total of $23.70 for the entire meal (GST and all included) and the food quality there is as high as the level the restaurant is located at.

Entering Kiseki, there are three clearly defined sections, the raw section, the cooked section, and the dessert corner. I learned, long ago, how not to divide and conquer my meal. Hence, I eat each section respectively before going on to the next. This is a breakdown of what I felt about the three sections:

The raw section had an array of mussels, sushi, and the crucial imperative sashimi that decides the fate of most Japanese places. The spread was reasonable but what truly stands out was the sashimi.


One look and I could tell it was a fat juicy scrumptious favorite of mine already. The thickness of the salmon sashimi gave me such an excited chill to my body that I took a bite of it without even waiting to dip it with wasabi and sauce. The result? Looks do not betray the taste of this lovely fish. I love how succulent and full of meat the sashimi is because I know fish and their fats would not make me turn into a Queen Victoria-figure.

Having enough of the raw section, I explored the cooked section. This section was the most crowded and the tables are flooded with many dishes. Ranging from croquettes to Chawamushi to even porridge and many more, this section deserves the most time to be checked out. I heard the yakitori was good so I gave it a try. The meat was very strong indeed and I went back for a second round. What I really loved though that I found quite hard to find in other Japanese restaurants is the pizza and the chicken rice (of course, Nippon style).


The duck pizza was of timbre-standard. The crust was thin and crispy. I really adore thin crust because the toppings become more important that way. The top of the pizza was dressed with some herbs, which gave a slightly spicy feel at first bite, but then the cheese comes in and swipes the chili taste off! Contented after having a slice, I kept taking more and more until I became Santa Claus. Well, of course not, I stopped after taking 6 slices.



The chicken rice was adorable! Set in a clay pot like container, its mini sight already attracted many customers. I was no exception. The rice was sticky and full of chicken savory taste; I must say it’s a unique dish!


Now get ready for the dessert section! My best section! Kiseki is one buffet place that pampers their guest with the choice of freshly baked waffles as a dessert choice! I took 2 waffles, each topped with ice cream. A true yum indeed! The fluffy waffles were as good as Salted Caramel’s and the ice cream was just like Gelato. Because it was the famous Japanese Gelato ice cream! Cakes and jellies were also provided but my eyes were attentively focused on the waffles the entire time.

In total, I spent about 3 hours at Kiseki, taking many rounds and when I was tired, asking my friend to do the honor of serving the lady (me). Kiseki gave me a very good impression with its wide spread, high quality and low price. Three factors each buffet restaurant should always hope to achieve. I’d say Kiseki deserves a big thumbs up from me, and my friends who accompanied me probably share mutual feelings too.

So thank you Kiseki, for unintentionally participating in my campaign of ‘turning Japanese’!