Kai Suites confinement hotel

Picture this: you, your newborn, and a 5-star confinement hotel with a chef and a team of nurses at your beck and call. For once, you’re not hunching over the stove making your own meal or relying on online advice for breastfeeding tips.

That’s real life and it belongs to those who can afford a stay at Kai Suites post-childbirth. Billed as the most atas postpartum centre in Singapore, rooms start from $14,500 for 14 days. That’s certainly celeb budget. But when you see the swank facilities, 24-hour care from experts, healthy meals, lactation massages, yoga sessions, and limo services, you’ll see why.

Japanese-inspired private postpartum suites

Not everyone has stayed in a 5-star hotel, let alone a 5-star confinement suite. But we’ll give you the primer on this palatial spot in case you somehow win a mini lottery to fund your post-pregnancy stay here later on. 

This Japandi (Japan x Scandinavian) confinement hotel boasts 18 fancy schmancy suites, a salon, a spa, a nursery, and a yoga studio for new mums.

kai suitesImage credit: @k2ldarchitects.sg via Instagram

New mums can choose to ball out in either a comfort, deluxe, or premium suite. All 3 types of rooms come equipped with an ensuite bathroom, personal fridge, smart TV with Netflix, extra bed for your other half, and a nursery monitor so you can keep a close watch on your bub.

kai suitesImage credit: @mysginsider via Instagram

The hotel’s uber-zen vibes with muted-toned furniture, white walls, and light wood carpentry make it the perfect spot for new mums to relax after a laborious delivery.

24-hour services by nurses & chefs

In Singapore, new mums tend to rely on confinement nannies, catering companies, and the good ol’ village. 

However, Kai Suites occupants will have an army of nurses to guide them through every newborn-related issue: swaddling, latching, nipple chaffing – the list goes on. They have years of experience under their belt and work around the clock to make sure mums aren’t fumbling in the dark or on the world wide web looking for tips. 

confinement hotelImage credit: @k2ldarchitects.sg via Instagram

But the services don’t end there. New mums also receive free-flow lactation cookies, massages, laundry services, and 6 healthy meals a day. The dishes are cooked in-house by chefs, sauces are handmade, and healing ingredients like black dates are used to boost milk production and speed up recovery.

kai suitesImage credit: @sylvesterng via Instagram 

After feasting yourself into a food coma, adjourn to the spa to knead out your post-pregnancy aches and pains or step into the salon to get a mani-pedi and a blowout. Because, mums, it’s entirely possible to look good and feel good while caring for your newborn. 

confinement hotelTry body sculpting service at Kai Suites spa.
Image credit: @kai_sg via Instagram 

There’s also a limo service, a driver, and a chauffeur to take mums and bubs to the hospital for checkups and back.

Recover post-childbirth at Kai Suites

Look, IG memes might try to reassure new mums that sleep deprivation and a greasy tuff of hair are parts of parenthood. But it doesn’t have to be. Kai Suites proves that mums can feel fresh as a daisy during their hectic confinement period.

confinement hotelImage credit: @pangaguru via Instagram

Room rates start from $14,500 per 14-day stay, which isn’t cheap. But when you think of it as an investment in mums’ physical and mental health, plus their babies, then it makes total sense. So, those who don’t want to paddle to their newborn’s bassinet at an hourly interval while running on no sleep and pure caffeine, consider a stay at Kai Suites.

Check out Kai Suites confinement hotel

Rate: From $14,500 for 14 days
Address: 26 Dunearn Road, Singapore 309423
Opening hours: 8am-8.30pm, Daily
Contact: 88770222

Cover image adapted from: @k2ldarchitects.sg, @byruhani via Instagram

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