New Arrivals from Japan


Ah, the Land of the Rising Sun. For a long time Singaporeans have had an obsession with Japanese food. And its not hard to see why. The Japanese people are known for being innovative and knowledgeable and nowhere is this more apparent than in their food! If you, like me, love Japanese food then you’re in for a treat.

ISETAN Scotts has teamed up with The Japanese Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry to bring to Singapore the New Arrivals from Japan fair. The unique thing about this fair is that all the products are made by small enterprises in Japan.

From now till March 10th, you can visit ISETAN Scotts to sample and purchase food, household and beauty products from all over Japan including Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kyushu, Osaka and Tokyo.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Handmade-Soba-Noodle.jpgHandmade Soba Noodle 


Hyoshiro Dashi Soup Stock & Wakame Seaweed Udon Noodle


Moisture Essence & White Jelly

From the moment you enter the store, the smells hit you and will immediately get your stomach growling. They’re almost enough to fill you up by themselves! But of course I wasn’t going to leave without trying a few things for myself and by the time I was done exploring the fair, I felt very well fed.

Some of my favourite things include:

Honzukuri Warabimochi; which felt like the softest mochi in the world. 


Otaru Takuyo Fish Cake; with a variety of toppings like Leek, Sardine or Squid.


Akita Yamayo Ramen; which was accompanied by a really tasty broth.


Apart from this you can also look forward to a variety of Japanese products including pork minced cutlet by Mitamura, polished white rice and brown rice from Joint Farm, beauty products by Josen Mizuno Gotoshi, dental products from Dentalpro as well as premier knives by Okuzen. 


Visit the ISETAN Scotts fair!


Dates: Now to March 10 
Time: 10am to 7pm
Venue: ISETAN Scotts Supermarket, Basement 1, Shaw House, Scotts Road