Insta-worthy Staircases For Your Next #OOTD


Rather than scale endless flights of stairs to get to our destination, it’s safe to say that us Singaporeans would rather take the escalator – which is no surprise since we are notorious for our obsession with efficiency and whizzing through this fast-paced city life.

Sadly, our propensity to avoid stairs has caused us to bypass many unique staircases that are hidden in plain sight. For most of us, the only insta-worthy stairs include the ones leading up to National Gallery, or the famous Bugis spiral stairs. 

But besides those insta-famous stairs, you’ll find other quirky staircases scattered around town. From spiral stairwells to asymmetrical steps, these chio staircases will open your eyes to a whole new world of staircases and level up your OOTD game.


1. Apple Store at Orchard Road


For us Apple fanatics in Singapore, the long-awaited day for the opening of this tech giant’s store has finally arrived.

 Chio Staircase - Apple Side

Just like the sleek electronics it houses, this elegantly curved, marble-lustred staircase is consistent with Apple’s clean aesthetic and minimalist designs.  

 Chio Staircase - Apple Top Shot

Inside, this ginormous spiral staircase leading up to the store’s second floor is in itself a monument to behold – just standing in the midst of it is enough to dwarf any human being. 

 Chio Staircase - Apple Front

Sneakerhead tip: Strut up and down these marbled stairs in vibrant kicks for an oh-so-casual OOTD. 

Getting there: A 7-minute walk from Orchard MRT station.

Address: 270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857 

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2. Ngee Ann Polytechnic Blk 51


 Chio Staircase - Ngee Ann Makan Place

Located in Blk 51, also fondly known as Makan Place, these long staircases may appear rather nondescript at first glance, but look closer -the geometric patterns on the buildings’ walls make the interior look like it’s in motion. 

 Chio Staircase - Ngee Ann Front

The turquoise-painted walls also give its interior a much-needed pop of colour. 

 Chio Staircase - Ngee Ann Monochrome Shoes

With these babies, you can effortlessly parade up and down these stairs for that golden shot 

 Chio Staircase - Ngee Ann Wide Shot

Get a wide angle shot of these zig zag stairs from its side, or snap your OOTD on the steps to capture that psychedelic backdrop. 

Getting there: A 12-minute bus ride from Clementi MRT station (take buses 52, 154, or 184). Head to level 4 of Blk 51 for this view. 

Address: 535 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599489

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3. Plaza Singapura


 Chio Staircase - Plaza Sing Front

Some of us may have bypassed these stairs as we dive into the air-conditioned mall to seek refuge from the unbearable humidity outside. 

Located right across Plaza Singapura’s main entrance, you’ll find these stairs concealed beneath an interesting domed roof. 

An unexpected alternative to symmetrical lines that our eyes are attuned to, these grayscale steps look like they’re ensnared in a gigantic white web when captured from this angle.

  Chio Staircase - Plaza Sing Top Shot

 Chio Staircase - Plaza Sing Red Shoes

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So the next time you’re waiting for that forever-tardy friend, you can chill on these steps to take cover from the sweltering heat outside and bask in the shelter that this concrete web offers. 

Getting there: Nearest MRT is Dhoby Ghaut Station, stairs are located at the exit of Plaza Singapura where Starhub is located. 

Address: 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

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4. Space Furniture Asia Hub


 Chio Staircase - Space Furniture Hub Main

With its blacked-out steps and bleached white walls, Space Furniture Asia Hub’s other-worldly spiral staircase offers a futuristic twist to the average staircase and will make you feel like you’ve stepped into an alien spaceship. 

 Chio Staircase - Space Furniture Hub Top Shot

For a trippy view of this unique stairwell, head to the top to snap a pic, or stand at the bottom of the stairs for a wide angle shot from the top. 

 Chio Staircase - Space Furniture Hub Front

Sneakerhead tip: Pair these pure white sneakers with some ripped jeans to achieve that Hypebeast aesthetic.

Getting there: A 4-minute bus ride or a 10-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Address: 77 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189653 

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5. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)


 Chio Staircase - SIM Main

Surrounded by buildings that tower overhead, this stairway nestled beside SIM’s Block D is an urban valley amidst concrete mountains. 

 Chio Staircase - SIM Side

For a shot that really brings out the building’s sleek design and grunge-y tones, slip on a  monochromatic outfit for that hypebeast vibe.

 Chio Staircase - SIM Black Shoes

Sneakerhead tip: Achieve that Vogue-worthy monochromatic look with all-black sneakers and a white outfit, set against these grayscale steps.

Getting there: A 10-minute bus ride from Clementi MRT station (take buses 52, 154, 184)

Address: 461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491

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6. School Of The Arts


 Chio Staircase - SOTA Main

Right in the heart of the city, you’ll find the SOTA building – an architectural masterpiece housing the most art-sy of us.

 Chio Staircase - SOTA Front

Most of us have passed by the iconic steps that skirt around the buildings’ entrance, yet not many notice its side entrance right next to I’m Kim’s Korean BBQ restaurant. 

So, step into SOTA’s unassuming entrance on Prinsep Street to discover this hidden staircase,  flanked by slanting wooden walls that arch high above.

 Chio Staircase - SOTA Neon Stairs

You’ll also notice striking splodges of neon paint – a distinct contrast to the black steps.

Getting there: A 5-minute walk from Plaza Singapura, next to I’m Kim’s Korean BBQ on Prinsep St.

Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, Singapore 227968

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7. Marina Square Roof Maze 


 Chio Staircase - Marina Square Maze Main

From eye-level, this roof may look like a mess of stairs that lead to nowhere, or an endless stream of walls, walls, and more walls. But all you have to do is survey the area from top down and you’ll see a maze unfold beneath you.

 Chio Staircase - Marina Square Maze Front

This unique rooftop maze consists of a slew of emergency exits leading to the shops in the building, but in times of non-emergency, you can perform all sorts of highly instagrammable visual illusions here, such as lying on the ground and pretending to scale its walls. 

 Chio Staircase - Marina Square Maze Navy Shoes

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Getting there: Marina Square level 2 samsonite entrance rooftop 

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

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8. St. Andrew’s Cathedral


 Chio Staircase - ST Andrew's Main

Constructed in 1856, the site for St. Andrew’s Cathedral was first reserved as a Cathedral by Sir Stamford Raffles himself. But besides its iconic clock tower and castle-like spires, this English Gothic cathedral also boasts an expansive contemporary garden behind its rustic gates.

 Chio Staircase - ST Andrew's Falling Shot

Here, you’ll find semi-circular stairs that are an interesting combination of concrete and grass, and wide and narrow steps.

 Chio Staircase - ST Andrew's Side Shot

Plus, this hidden spot right in the heart of town is concealed from its hustle and bustle – making it the perfect picnic spot on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 

Getting there: A 5-minute walk from City Hall MRT station. These stairs are located next to the St. Andrew’s cafe 

Address: 11 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178959

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9. Enabling Village 


 Chio Staircase - Enabling Village Main

Designed as a wheelchair-friendly space, these stairs in Enabling Village are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

 Chio Staircase - Enabling Village Burgundy Shoes

It’s asymmetrical design, subtle slopes, and perpendicularly tiled steps create an interesting play of intertwining straight lines, while the green and brown wooden tiled steps allude to nature’s lush greenery. 

Getting there: Nearest MRT is Redhill. Stairs are located between Hive and Village Green.

Address: 20 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 159053

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10. SUTD


 Chio Staircase - SUTD Top Shot

Located in SUTD’s Building 2 Main Entrance, these broad stairs spiral into a curious circle at the bottom – a testament to the school’s avant-garde architecture. 

 Chio Staircase - SUTD Front Shot

The grey concrete floors make it the ideal backdrop for rocking bright colours or blending in with a monochromatic wardrobe, and you can get a shot of that OOTD on these steps or by lying in the middle of the circle.

Getting there: A 9-minute walk from Expo MRT, or take buses 2, 5, or 24 and alight outside Building 2. 

Address: 8 Somapah Rd, Singapore 487372

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Strut yo’ stuff on these unique staircases


With Singapore’s progression towards contemporary architecture, you’ll find many interesting staircases you never knew existed. From schools, to shopping malls, to HDBs, just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with some stairs so quirky that climbing them wouldn’t even be a chore. 

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