Ice Mountain Peach Sparkling Water

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water New Peach Flavour

In Singapore’s sweltering heat, few things hit the spot quite like guzzling down a cold, sweet beverage. They say “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” however, and the ugly truth remains that the most addictive drinks are also the highest in sugar and caloric content. 

On the flipside, Ice Mountain Sparkling Water is a zero-calorie refreshment, lightly carbonated so you don’t have to force yourself to chug plain water just to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s also naturally flavoured to provide zesty notes of lemon, grapefruit, and now the new kid on the block: Peach.

Zero-calorie refreshment on-the-go

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water Peach Flavour Zero Calories

Before you reach for a can of soda and offset all the hard work and dedication to your #CleanEating + fitspo lifestyle, quench even the biggest of thirsts with a dose of Ice Mountain’s Sparkling Water.

Refreshing Ice Mountain Sparkling Water Peach FlavourKeep a couple of bottles on hand during long hours at work or school to ensure your recommended water intake is met.

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water Peach Flavour No Sugar Added

Crisp and refreshing gulps hit your throat first while the delightfully fizzy bubbles dance on your tongue. The peach element then starts to set in, providing sweet and subtle yet well-rounded flavours of the delectable fruit without any nasty, artificial aftertaste. 

Thirst-quenching with no added sugar

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water Peach Flavour Bottle Design

Besides the latest peach addition to the flavour family, Ice Mountain’s Sparkling Water also sports a sleek new bottle design that’s perfect to tote around on-the-go. 

Ice Mountain Sparkling Water Peach Flavour Singapore

Stock up on Ice Mountain Sparkling Water now to quell monster thirsts without piling on the pounds. The peach flavoured bottles are available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Find out more about Ice Mountain’s Peach Sparkling Water here

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Photography by Huy Pham.