This may come across as tragic.

It may also come as a shock.

I may come across indifferent to your opinions.

I really am indifferent

But this needs to be said.

If you find Singapore boring, I have news for you darling.

Singapore is not boring. YOU are.


You can only say Singapore is expensive. Now that would make more sense. Because in my opinion, there is nothing more interesting than where I am right now, Singapore.

I have been to yoga classes at bukit timah. Was that boring? Nope! It was a nice relaxing exercise that caused me aches for a while but I relished in the view of the place afterwards and I SAW A HORSE. How more exciting is that! #suaku

I have been to kickboxing classes at the east. Was that boring? Nope! It was a fun, inviograting time smashing my leg into the punching bags and going for rounds of physical training till my muscle ached for days on end but the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of knowing you can beat up your friends with skill and class, is unparalleled.

I have been to Siloso Beach alone. Was that boring? Nope! I entertained myself with self timer photos that made me look like a toad and a book that I couldn’t finish and food I made that I’m proud of. I was alone but so immersed in the view that I forgot how nice it was to be my own accompany again.

I have been to art sessions at marymount. Was that boring? Nope! The initial stage was sad but to slowly see your canvas come to life is a pleasure tantamount to no other. It’s like saying “whaddup” to Picasso and him patting your back and going “medicore job but at least you tried, minion”. To see an idea in your head come to canvas is beautiful.


Singapore is not boring.

Singapore has a lot to offer.

And since you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, you should take every effort to explore this beautiful place. I travel around Singapore for fun and even though I have dropped by most areas, I can always find new cafes and interests I want to be a part of.


There’s always something around a corner.

Stop complaining.

Get out and explore.

Singapore is not boring,

And neither should you be.