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30% Off Poulet

Say goodbye to walking under the sweltering SG heat just to dapao your favourite food – now you can have it freshly cooked and dropped off at your doorstep. honestbee entered the food delivery market in July 2017 and is underlining their intent of staying by offering discounts of up to 50% off for restaurants like Chicken Up, Poulet and Miam Miam from now till 31st October. 

This promotion is one of those incredibly rare cases that allow you to have your food both cheap and good. Plus, if you order a meal and leave a comment on honestbee’s Facebook post, you might win tickets to the premiere of a mystery movie on 26 October. 

Here are 5 of the “most worth it” deals:


1. Poulet – Quarter roast chicken at $7.40 (U.P. $10.59)



Poulet is well-known for their French cuisine and roast chicken dishes. Their roast chicken is usually only available in whole or half chicken portions in stores, with extra costs for fries and other add-ons when you walk-in. 

This Quarter Roast Chicken ($7.40) set, however, is specially designed for home delivery, and includes chicken, fries and their signature sauce for a full meal. 

Must try: 

  • Quarter Roast Chicken at $7.40 (U.P. $10.59) – 30% OFF

Promotion Validity: 9th Oct – 31st Oct 


2. Chicken Up – 8 Pc Soya Wings at $12 (U.P. $24)


 chicken up

Chicken Up is famous for being one of the first few Korean restaurants to hit SG with the K-Chicken Wings craze way back in 2010. Other than their Ganjang (Soya) chicken wings and Yangnyum chicken wings, it’s also famous for serving up its signature Watermelon Soju that retains a loyal following to the speciality shop. Annyeong to chicken heaven!

Must try: 

  • 8 Pc Soya Wings at $12 (U.P. $24) – 50% OFF
  • Bulgogi Fries at $9 (U.P. $18) – 50% OFF, 
  • and Yangnyum Up (Mega Half) Chicken at $10 (U.P. $20) – 50% OFF 

Pro-Tip: Order Chicken Up in at home to watch a K-Drama marathon with your besties – the best way to spend a TGIF. 

Promotion Validity:  9th Oct – 31st Oct 


3. Miam Miam – Mentaiko King Crab Algio Olio at $11.45 (U.P. $22.90)


 miam miam

Image credit: @miammiam.sg

Miam Miam’s signature pasta dishes are cooked with a secret broth made with naturally-sourced ingredients, which makes it super tasty without you feeling parched after the meal. The chain boasts of using French techniques to whip up Japanese dishes. So if fusion dishes are your thing, Miam Miam is the place to whet your appetite. 

Best Deal: 

  • Miam Miam Spaghetti at $9.47 (U.P. $18.94) – 50% OFF
  • Chicken Teriyaki at $9.31 (U.P. $18.62) – 50% OFF
  • Mentaiko King Crab Aglio Olio at $11.45 (U.P. $22.90) – 50% OFF

Promotion Validity: 9th Oct – 31st Oct 


4. The Soup Spoon – Sandwich/Salad set at $6.90 (U.P. $13.80)


The Soup Spoon

Soup Spoon offers a healthier and cheaper meal option than chomping down a fast-food meal. For the month of October, you can get any whole set meal at Soup Spoon including a soup, sandwich and drink, for under $10 with Honestly Shiok!. 

The 50% off is valid for all sandwich and salad sets, so to make your money’s worth, you might want to go for their Premium Smoked Salmon sandwich, the highest priced item on the menu! 

Best Deal: 

  • Sandwich/Salad set at $6.90 (U.P. $13.80) – 50% OFF

Promotion Validity: 9th Oct – 31st Oct 


5.  Thai Express – Tom Yum Seafood Soup at $7.40 (U.P. $10.59) 


 thai express

The local favourite serves up classic Thai dishes with expected quality. Thai Express is one of Singapore’s most affordable Thai food chains, and its warm, comforting dishes on a rainy day in the office will have your day made. 

Thai Express is staggering their 50% off offers across different dishes over the month, so you can try the different dishes on their menu.

Best Deal: 

  • Tom Yum Seafood Soup at $7.40 (U.P. $10.59) – 30% OFF 

Promotion Validity:

  • 9th – 31st Oct (Tom Yum Seafood Soup) – $7.40 (U.P. $10.59) – 30% OFF 
  • 16th – 31st Oct (Phad Thai with Seafood) – $9.70 (U.P. $13.80) -30% OFF
  • 23rd – 31st Oct (Chicken in Green Curry) – $8.90 (U.P. $12.73) – 30% OFF

Discounts on honestbee food deliveries for October 2017


honest bee

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With over 40 participating food merchants over 100 outlets islandwide, honestbee and its partners are really doing all our hungry tummies a huge favour all day at the most convenience. 

If the 5 restaurants above aren’t enough to fill your foodie bucket list, check out some other participating restaurants here:

6. Popeyes

  • 6 pc tender chicken at $6 (U.P. $12) – 50% OFF

7. Khao San

  • Stir Fried Pepper Garlic Chicken Rice at $5.62 (U.P. $8.03) – 30% OFF

8. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe 

  • Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop at $8.20, (U.P. $11.66) – 30% OFF (9-31 Oct)
  • Offered in Week 2: XW Signature Fried Rice at $7.90, (U.P. $11.24) – 30% OFF (16-31 Oct)
  • Offered in Week 3: Cream Sauce Spaghetti with Chicken Chop at $8.20, (U.P. $11.66) – 30% OFF (23-31 Oct)

9. Fumee 

  • Chocolate Banana Smoothie at $14.98 (U.P. $17.65) – 30% OFF
  • 3 Chicken Avocado Sliders at $16.93 (U.P. $24.18) – 30% OFF
  • Chicken steak at $10.49 (U.P. $35.31) – 50% OFF
  • Most Value: Grilled boneless chicken marinated with herbs and spices. Served with cajun fries and brown sauce

10. JK Don 

  • Salmon Teriyaki Set with Miso Soup and 1 Spring Roll & Gyoza add-on at $15.50,(U.P. $18.80) – 30% OFF
  • Beef Curry Don with 2 Chicken Karaage and 1 sunny side up egg at $12.50, (U.P. $15.80) – 30% OFF
  • Chicken Kimchi Chigay with rice at $11.50, (U.P. $14.40) – 30% OFF

All you have to do is download the honestbee app (iOS or Android) and zoom in to the Honestly Shiok! category for the best deals. 


Order on honestbee and win free movie tickets on Facebook


As a part of Honestly Shiok!, honestbee is giving away 250 pairs of tickets to a mystery blockbuster movie premiere – they’ve booked an entire theatre just for this! 

Simply make a food order from now till 20th Oct 2017 and leave a comment on this Facebook post guessing which mystery movie* they are going to screen – and you stand a chance to walk away with free tickets to the show! Check out the post for more details. 

Find out more about Honestly Shiok! 

This post was brought to you by honestbee.