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The holidays are coming, and you’ve probably got a whole host of events lined up from cosy get-togethers to fancy dinner parties. However, the festive season also comes with a pretty long to-do list. With all the errands and chores, it can sometimes feel like you’re spending more time running around like a headless chicken than with the people who really matter. 

Well, worry not, because in addition to delivering groceries and add-on meals for your for your Christmas dinner, honestbee now also offers a new laundry service to make everything from your clothes to curtains look tip-top for the holidays.

Here’s why it’s so awesome:


1. Have your laundry picked up from and delivered to your doorstep


If the thought of having to lug all your laundry for dry-cleaning down to the laundromat sends shivers down your spine, you’re in luck. 

On top of the cost of laundering your items, honestbee will pick up and deliver your laundry from and to your house for the low price of $3.99 – regardless of whether you’re laundering six formal shirts or all the curtains in your house. No, this isn’t a flat delivery fee, but the price of their helpful concierge service. 

You can expect to have your items picked up and delivered all 7 days a week, from 1pm – 10pm, so that’ll be one less chore on your to-do list.


2. You can get your fresh, clean laundry in just 2 days


One of the biggest gripes about laundry services is that sometimes, it takes forever. But when you need to make the place spick and span in a matter of 2-3 days, ain’t nobody got the time for dry cleaning. 

Fortunately, honestbee solves that issue by providing one of the quickest turnaround times on the market – just 2 days! So if you want to wear the same gorgeous dress you wore on Friday again on Sunday, it can totally happen.


3. They launder EVERYTHING


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When I say that honestbee’s laundry service launders everything, I mean everything. While other laundromats might slap you with their list of can-do products, the ambitious folk at honestbee can take on the task of cleaning anything from winter clothes, formal wear, and even household items such as cushions, curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers, and even floor mats!

This comes in especially handy for procrastinators, because bulky items take forever to dry in our humid Singaporean air. If you’ve ever smelt Mildew on clothes that haven’t dried adequately, imagine how pungent it would be coming from your couch cover.

You can also get them to help wash and fold your various clothes and linens for just $4.90/kg.


honestbee – Singapore’s quick, convenient laundry service


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So the next time you’re in dire need of fresh clean clothes for a big meeting or staring down at dirty pile of household linens, just turn to honestbee – they’ll do all the dirty work for you. 

honestbee’s prices start from $2.90 to wash and iron a pillowcase; $4.90 for a regular button-down shirt, bed sheet, tablecloth and floor mat; $9.90 for a mattress protector and more! You can find their full price list here.

Exclusive to TSL readers, honestbee is running a special promotion for their laundry service. Just use the code SMART15, and get $15 off (with a minimum spend of $25), for first-time customers only!

Download the honestbee app on the App Store or the Google Play store today and get started.

Find out more about honestbee’s newest laundry service here!

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