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Katong is a known food paradise amongst locals, and we’d flock all the way from the West just for the food. But instead of the hipster restos and bars round the enclave, make a pit-stop at air-conditioned I12 Katong instead – because you can now get $15 worth of vouchers to spend on your fave eats!

Here are 6 places with dishes $15 and under – you’ll practically be spending next to nothing on your next full meal. Only the first 100 customers will get the vouchers*, so turn your kiasu dial all the way up and make your way down to grab ‘em! 

*Note: Flash this article at I12’s Concierge on Level 2 to redeem your voucher.


1. The Chop House


the chop house singapore

Wooden furniture and awnings add to the rustic atmosphere

A bar-cum-steakhouse kind of concept, The Chop House has a rustic, cosy ambience to it, perfect for a nice family dinner. For just the month of December, they’ll have a special menu where each of their 3 dishes is $15 nett, so you can chill out here without breaking the bank.

Note: Promotion is valid till end Dec. Applicable to weekday lunches only, excluding public holidays.

the chop house singapore

(clockwise from top) Chop House Chicken Burger, Red Snapper, Wagyu Beef Bourgignon

Nothing wins over the young and young-at-heart like a good burger and The Chop House’s Chicken Burger ($15) doesn’t disappoint. Think a classic cheeseburger but with the full works: caramelised onions, cheddar and a dash of harissa aioli – a chilli, garlic and olive oil sauce.

Alternatively, go a little French and indulge in the Wagyu Beef Bourgignon ($15) – succulent beef pieces in a yummy red wine jus – or a huge slab of Red Snapper ($15).

The Chop House
Location: #01-13
Opening Hours: 12PM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 6443 1011


2. Hana K-Food


hana k food singapore

Sate your Korean food craving at Hana K-Food, which serves up dishes that come with 4-5 banchan – side dishes – and a bowl of soup and rice.

hana k food food

Try their Bibimbap (Vegetarian) ($14) if you want something healthy yet filling – it features generous portions of mushrooms, shredded carrots and cucumber, all over a mound of rice. A perfectly done sunny side-up egg tops everything off.

hana k food food

For those who want something with a lil’ more meat, try the delish Pork Bulgogi ($14), which serves up tender marinated pork with egg slices and rice. Get extra and add on rich cheese or egg toppings for an additional $1.50 as well!

bean paste stew korean food singapore hana k food

The go-to for rainy weather, this Bean Paste Soup ($14.50) is unbeatable comfort food. Also known as ‘doenjang-jjigae’ (fermented soybean paste stew), the nutritious soup base goes down easy on your stomach, with a slew of seafood, meat and veggies thrown into the mix.

Hana K-Food
Location: #B1-29
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily


3. Maki-San


Maki-San was usually the go-to place after school for me and my friends when we wanted something cheap and good but couldn’t make a unanimous decision on where to go. Their DIY sushis and salads were always a perf compromise for our large groups.

sushi roll maki san

Mini Combo: Maki Lemak Mega San size + Kani Stick Tempura snack + drink

While you could probably make do with just their regular-sized roll or salad at $7.90, satisfy your bottomless appetite with the Mini Combo set ($12.80), that comes with 1 Mega San Sushi (2 toppings more than a regular) or salad, snack and canned drink.

maki san snacks

Kani Stick Tempura feat. Salted Egg-straordinaire dip

We had their house sushi rolls – the Maki Lemak and Salmon Says, with a Kani Stick Tempura snack (crabstick) and drink as part of the combo.

The Maki Lemak tasted exactly like – you guessed it – Nasi Lemak, while the Salmon Says was like sashimi in a sushi roll. Dip the snacks into their house dips for a burst of flavour – we particularly loved the Salted Egg-straordinaire for its rich, savoury taste.

maki san salad diy

Pour Teriyaki sauce over as a dressing!

Alternatively, try a DIY salad if you want more greens in your meal!

Location: #B1-19
Opening Hours: Sun – Mon: 11.30AM-9.30PM, Fri – Sat: 11.30AM-10PM
Telephone: 9712 5119


4. Tim Ho Wan


For a taste of HK-style dim sum, Tim Ho Wan is the place to be. Dim sum dishes are meant to be shared, and 3-4 plates are just about right if you want to satisfy that craving without overeating.

tim ho wan dim sum

(clockwise from top left) Steamed Egg Cake, Baked BBQ Pork Buns, Pork & Shrimp Siew Mai, Beancurd Skin with Pork & Shrimp

After much indecision, we finally settled on their iconic Baked BBQ Pork Buns ($5.30), Beancurd Skin with Pork & Shrimp ($5.30), and the Steamed Egg Cake ($4). The total was under $15 – meaning it’s all completely free.

Because we’re gluttonous souls, we got some Pork & Shrimp Siew Mai ($4.80) too!

tim ho wan bbq pork bun

The BBQ Pork Bun had a soft outer pastry,and we pulled it open to reveal delicious char siew inside. The Beancurd Skin with Pork and Shrimp was also another winner – with juices from the meat seeping out of the beancurd wrap. And finally, the steamed egg cake:

tim ho wan dim sum menu

Look at how light and fluffy it is!

Tim Ho Wan
Location: #01-04
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10AM-10PM, Sat-Sun: 9AM-10PM
Telephone: 6636 2000


5. Artisan Boulangerie Co.


I’ve always only ever tried their pastries, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Artisan Boulangerie Co.’s main dishes are highly delectable, too.

artisan boulangerie co food

Their Truffled Mushroom Risotto ($14) is one of their most popular dishes, and it wasn’t hard to figure out why. Decked in truffle oil, parmesan cheese, and plenty of mushrooms, the risotto had lots of flavour, and the rice was just the right texture.

artisan boulangerie co food

But if you want something lighter, go for the ABC Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($13). It’s one of the newer items on the menu and is no ordinary chicken sandwich. That’s thanks to their special ABC chilli chutney sauce – sweet and slightly spicy, it brought out the flavour of the tender grilled chicken and the oozy cheddar.

Artisan Boulangerie Co.
Location: #01-05
Opening Hours: 8AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6443 6088


6. GastroSmiths


GastroSmiths is a unique place in I12 – the restaurant shares a space with a home lifestyle store! Coupled with some incredibly tasty fusion dishes and its chic bistro ambience, it’s the perfect place to “treat” your date – just don’t whip out the vouchers for your meal alone.

gastrosmiths food

Impress with the Angus Hamburg & Truffled Egg ($14), which will have anyone salivating. Cooked medium well with a super secret sauce, the burger patty was great on its own, but ventured into addictive territory with a scoop of the fluffy truffled egg and rice.

gastrosmiths food

Adventurous eaters, try this! Their Kimchi Konnyaku ($6) is an interesting take on Korean and Japanese flavours, featuring kimchi, seaweed jelly and Japanese leeks – all pickled and marinated together. The end result: a spicy dish overflowing with flavour!

gastrosmiths food

Now this unexpected combo brought an explosion of fireworks to my tongue: Char-grilled pork marinated in black pepper, accompanied by roasted grapes. The Grilled Spanish Pork Neck, Roasted Grapes ($7.50) was definitely one of my faves from GastroSmiths.

Location: #03-06
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 11.30AM-9.30PM, Closed Mondays
Telephone: 9772 9511


$15 off dining and shopping at I12 Katong


hana k food singapore

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s a time when our wallets are in danger of a serious deficit. Spoil yourself or your friends and fam with good food and nice things, but with some tricks up your sleeve.

I12 will be giving away 100 sets of $15 vouchers, and all you have to do to get them is show THIS ARTICLE to their Concierge at Level 2. You can spend the vouchers at any store – it isn’t just limited to food. The best part is, there’s no minimum spend and they expire only on 15 March 2018.

Note: Voucher is limited to 1 redemption per shopper.

i12 katong deals

So whether you’re splurging on X’mas gifts on your friends or yourself, these vouchers will definitely come in handy! Now, all you’ve got to do is decide how to use them!

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