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9 Home Styling Tips For A High-SES Feel As Used By Singapore Celebrities & Proud Homeowners

Home decor inspiration

home decor singaporeImage credit: Goodrich Global

After eons of waiting, you’re finally a proud owner of your very own home. Now comes the decorating. For those on tight budgets who aren’t looking to shell out thousands of dollars on an interior designer, here’s a little pocket-friendly home inspirations for you.

If you think that wallpaper and vinyl flooring belong in the 80s, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your life choices. Here are 9 Goodrich Global wallpaper, vinyl flooring, and outdoor decking revamps in the homes of ordinary and mega high SES folks that’ll completely win you over:

1. Transform your walls into posters of your favourite memories, books, and movies

home decor singaporeDaniel Boey’s digitally remastered novel cover – “The Book of Daniel” – in his attic
Image credit: AsiaOne

They say you can often tell a lot about a person’s character from the inside of their home. With Goodrich’s digital printed wallcovering you can let your home be a living expression of who you are with your favourite cult classic poster or memory blown up into a high-resolution wall feature.

Not sure how the finished product will look? You can take inspiration from Singapore’s Godfather of Fashion, Daniel Boey, whose novel “The Book of Daniel” takes front stage as the main feature piece in his sunny attic.

Digitally remastered, printed, and framed – his 2mx2m wallcovering perfectly complements the minimalistic theme of his home while still keeping the overall vibe of the home edgy and eccentric.

home decor singaporeFormer Wushu champion and channel 8 hunk, Vincent Ng’s living room sports a digital wallcovering of himself working some kung fu action.
Image credit: Goodrich Global

Should bare white walls intimidate you, take a leaf out of Former Wushu champion and channel 8 hunk, Vincent Ng’s interior design playbook and immortalise a favourite personal memory. Need we also mention how great it is as a conversation starter?

2. Use a colourful feature wall for your bed’s backdrop

home decor singaporeImage credit: Goodrich Global

While headboards add stylish flair to your bedroom, a colourful feature wall does the job just as well – if not, better since it’s a statement piece that’ll catch your attention. Follow in celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee’s footsteps: he’s propped the bed in his guestroom against a backdrop of turquoise palm trees.

home decor singaporeImage credit: Goodrich Global

As Addy Lee’s master bedroom, this room follows a similar design concept. The feature wall covered with geometric inspired wallpaper, as the bed’s backdrop, offers an aesthetic contrast to the room’s neutral finishings.

3. Design your nursery to be quirky yet tranquil

home decor singaporeThe above nursery belongs to local Instagram influencer Denise Tay
Image credit: @denisetaytay

Some call it “mother’s instinct”, others call it “nesting”. Terminology aside, there’s nothing like a fast-approaching due date to spur expectant parents into frantic cleaning, organising and decorating.

Don’t settle for the traditional muted shades of pink or robin’s egg blue, switch things up with a bubbly, gender-neutral feature wall that’ll make your room look straight out of Young Parents magazine.

4. Create the illusion of space with bright vinyl wallcoverings

home decor singaporeImage credit: Goodrich Global

While patterned wallpapers are all well and good in small doses or large spaces, the go-to trick for cosier areas is to go bright and impactful. That doesn’t necessarily mean sticking with neutral palettes – instead, consider something like Goodrich’s classy vinyl wallcoverings above, that’s all splashed out in vibrant orange tones. It even has faint horizontal stripes across for that added illusion of space and highly resilient.

5. Replicate the beauty of solid wood parquet flooring without all the maintenance worries

home decor singaporeGoodrich Global’s vinyl flooring in Daniel Boey’s home
Image credit: Goodrich Global

Inspired by solid wood, these floors add a certain warmth and beauty to any space and are one of those little additions to a home that secretly scream “luxe life”. But with solid wood floors the problem of easy scratching and having to choose the right non-abrasive cleaning liquids. They’re also prone to water and sun damage and require regular upkeep.

Since you can easily vacuum and mop these luxury vinyl tiles, Boey chose these for his personal lounge, bedroom, and walk-in closet – they’re pet-friendly too.

home decor singaporeAdd some heritage to your home by adding some Peranakan tiles to your vinyl flooring
Image credit: Goodrich Global

Go Luxe with Goodrich Global’s luxurious vinyl flooring – the more affordable, equally gorgeous alternative that is resistant to stains, scratches, sunlight and is super easy to clean. Best part? People can hardly tell the difference!

home decor singaporeTheir outdoor decking
Image credit: Goodrich Global

And in addition to their laminate floorings, they also offer a range of flooring options from carpets to outdoor decking to give your home a complete makeover. For a stylish and fuss-free product for your balconies, planter boxes and pool sides, Geff Outdoor Decking is the product to go for.

6. Use textured wallpaper to add depth and glam to your dining room

With a walk-in wardrobe the size of a 3-room HDB flat and a Hermes bag collection in the hundreds, no one can deny that socialite, Jamie Chua, is the queen of high SES living. So it might be surprising for some to find out that a fair bit of her bungalow in Bukit Timah is wallpapered.

home decor singaporeGoodrich’s Texam collection wallpaper adds visual depth to her living room
Image credit: Goodrich Global

While most of us won’t able to relate to having to decorate a space that’s too big, if you’re ever faced with the problem, opting for a dark wallpaper can instantly make any space feel 10 times cosier.

When used correctly, a combination of rich dark colour and texture works wonders to create a glamorous nook in your home. A subtle pattern such as this one from Goodrich’s Texam collection also makes for an eye-catching backdrop and naturally compliments any furniture you might have.

home decor singaporeThe main wall of her bedroom is covered with an embossed 3D French label wallcovering that adds a touch of elegant sophistication to the room and is perfect for small minimalistic spaces.
Image credit: Goodrich Global

7. Get your bedroom looking just like the Shangri-La

home decor singaporeGoodrich’s vibrant Harlequin: Momentum Vol.5 as showcased in this condominium
Image credit: Spaceone Interior Design Consultancy

If you love your staycations, it might be a practical choice to model your new bedroom after a room in your favourite 5-star hotel. Not only will your room look perpetually photogenic, the wallpaper means you can go without a headboard and your bed won’t look bare.

home decor singaporeA more muted sophisticated look with Goodrich’s Premierwall: Vogue 6
Image credit: Spaceone Interior Design Consultancy

Fun fact: Shangri-La Hotel is one of many hotels who get wallpapers from Goodrich.

8. Add dimension to a smaller space with wallpaper on your ceiling

home decor singaporeThe above landed home also belongs to Vincent Ng, and his ceiling transformation uses Goodrich’s Tree Tops sturdy wallcovering to add a rustic charm to an otherwise modern home – it also complements his wood-inspired dining table.
Image credit: One-Stop Concept Pte Ltd

As ironic as it sounds, ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to decorating. Apart from light fixtures and fans, nobody really thinks to add anything else to the top part of a room. If you’re ever looking for a way to add a rustic warmth to your modern home without touching the walls, a little natural wallcovering on the ceiling is the way to go.

9. Try iridescent wallpaper for a fantasy-like theme

home decor singaporeImage credit: Goodrich Global

Bare walls often come off looking stoic and dull – especially in the bedroom. You might think that iridescent wallpaper isn’t up your alley, but Goodrich’s designs offer an elegant touch. With rainbow-coloured splashes against a moody backdrop of swirls, such designs will add a fantasy-like theme to any bedroom.

Throw in a couple of unique pieces – a rustic chair, abstract throw pillows – and you’ve got a stylish bedroom, right there.

Bring your home to life with Goodrich Global

home decor singaporeGoodrich’s Premierwall: Vogue 6
Image credit: Spaceone Interior Design Consultancy

If this list has inspired you to incorporate a little wallpaper and laminate flooring into your home’s design, then let Goodrich Global, Asia’s leading supplier of wallpapers and wallcoverings be your pick.

Whether you’re into bright metallic hues, bold vinyl wallcoverings or just a little textured glamour, you’re bound to find something right up your alley from their extensive catalogue of premium European wallpapers and wallcoverings.

Although paint might be the more straightforward way to spruce up a plain room, the design possibilities with wallpaper and wallcoverings are endless. Not only is it just as affordable, wallpaper also perfectly cover cracks and blemishes, is easy to clean and can last up to 15 years.

home decor singaporeThe Eiffinger: Enso wall covering
Image credit: Goodrich Global

And don’t let the application of it scare you, all you have to do is pick your designs and Goodrich Global’s team of professionals will be the ones doing all the work. It’s hassle-free, there’s no strong after-installation smell – like paint fumes! – and it’s entirely free of any dust specks too.

You can also get 40% off Goodrich’s new collections from now till 31 Jan 2019.

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This post was brought to you by Goodrich Global.