Hidden puns in Singapore


We all have that one friend who’s always got a pun up their sleeves. Always. You could be talking about the hot weather, and then this friend will turn to you and say, “Not as hot as me.”

But then again, you can’t hate them. They’re actually funny. To honour their punny (Geddit? Funny + pun? No? Please say I’m funny) humour, here’s a compilation of places in Singapore that have puns in their names:


1. Which is the country’s most High SES™ money changer?



a r money exchange armani

Image adapted from: CapitaLand

Same, same, but different…


2. Which baker in Singapore comes from Hollywood? 



bread pitt

Just a bakery that rolls out buns…and puns. 

Image credit: The Road Less Travelled


But let’s be real. This was what we were all hoping for: 

brad bread pitt delicious mmmm

“I’m light, puffy, and delicious. I’m… Bread Pitt.

Image credit: Imgur


3. Which road in Singapore is always paiseh?



jalan malu-malu

Image credit: Google Maps

Fun fact: ‘Malu’ means ‘shy’ in Malay. It also translates to 马路 (road) in Chinese, making this ‘Road road road’!


4. Where can you find the heaviest noodles in Singapore? 



one ton mee

Confirm plus chop gain weight. 


5. Which road in Singapore always pretends to be sick? 



cheow keng road chao keng

Image credit: 99.co

This road’s name rhymes with the term ‘chao keng’, a term used by NSFs to ridicule their mates who fake injuries to escape their duties.


6. Where do you go when you’re thirsty? 



thirst tea rgs singapore

Image credit: @dxmnitdana


7. Where will you always find a busybody in Singapore?  



kay poh road kaypoh singapore

Image credit: Francis Chan on Google Maps

Now I know where all my kay poh aunties live. Hehe. 


Puns in Singapore


If you just spent the last 5 minutes giggling at this delicious batch of Singaporean puns we’ve cooked up, congratulations! You made it through. 

And yes, yes, we are lame – but hey, that’s where a dose of our signature Singaporean humour comes from. If anything, it just proves that we’re people who know how to have a good laugh now and then. 


Keep smilin’ with McDonald’s Ha Ha Cheong Gai burger 


For many of us, going to McDonald’s is always a happy affair. From the excitement of having Happy Meals as children to the eager anticipation of tucking into a delicious burger and fries as adults, we’re always lovin’ it. 

Once again, McDonald’s delivers happiness to us through a creation that is inspired by har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken), a local tze char favourite that’s close to many of our hearts – the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger (from $6.05).

ha ha cheong gai burger mcdonald'sImage credit: Eatbook

The har cheong gai forms the patty, which is accompanied by prawn-flavoured mayo, sliced cucumbers and lettuce. Personally, I loved how the medley of flavours didn’t overpower the taste of the har cheong.

criss cut fries mcdonald's

Image credit: Eatbook

You can also upgrade your extra value meal to the all-new Criss Cut Fries for an additional 70 cents

McDonald's Durian McFlurry

For dessert, tuck into the D24 Durian McFlurry, bringing you the creamy sweetness of the king of fruits swirled into their familiar vanilla soft serve. To celebrate National Day, this special McFlurry will go for $3 (U.P. from $4), and is available at all outlets across the island, dessert kiosks and McDelivery. 

Get McDonald’s NEW Ha Ha Cheong Gai burger here!

This post was brought to you by McDonald’s.