Ghosts, ghouls & goblins to haunt your nights


Every October, Halloween comes and we get shudders sent down our spines. It’s the only time of the year that we can paint our faces white, go all out to scare trick-or-treating kids… and get spooked ourselves while we’re at it.

And as every haunted house junkie would know, heading to the largest scarefest at USS is a MUST. On its sixth edition this year, Halloween Horror Nights 6 will engulf your nightmares more than ever with a record number of haunted houses – including a derelict Old Changi Hospital and a hawker centre massacre. Pick a date, drag your friends and be prepared to make new ones when you walk through these houses. And I mean real human friends; not  those of the ghostly variety. 

TheSmartLocal goes to Halloween Horror Nights 2016
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TheSmartLocal goes to Halloween Horror Nights 2016

The theme of the year is Lady Death, and here’s a sneak preview. Be warned: adult discretion is strongly advised. 


The 3 haunted houses you MUST visit 


Haunted House #1: Hawker Centre Massacre


Located closest to the entrance of the park, this house will greet you with the comforting smell of roti prata in the morning… But that quickly changes when a deranged man jumps out at you tells you that you’re going to die. 

But for those of you brave enough to venture into this contaminated establishment, you’ll meet vicious versions of the people you’ve come to expect at a Hawker Centre. Like the maniacally-laughing Drinks Stall Uncle and the not-so-sweet, cleaver-wielding Chicken Rice Auntie. 

My Advice: After walking through this house, I will never see Lau Pa Sat in the same light again. That and I’m probably going to avoid eating Chicken Rice for a while. So if you can’t live without hawker fare, find the closest exit. 

Bonus Pro-Tip: Find and hit each of the three hidden red buttons for an additional “surprise.” It’s like finding Wally but with creepier consequences.


Haunted House #2: Old Changi Hospital


As one of the most haunted places in Singapore, I’m sure many of you have heard stories about this historical hospital. Now, imagine those stories but in REAL LIFE. 

With Japanese Soldiers from WWII torturing prisoners of war at every corner, you will question whether you stepped back in time. But the fact that this place actually exists (it’s on Google Maps – I checked), sends shivers down my spine. 

My Advice: When the creepy but well-meaning Pakcik at the entrance of the house tells you to turn back, you turn back. No questions asked. If not, be prepared to be spooked by doctors and nurses who look way too happy to see you. 


Haunted House #3: Hu Li’s Inn


Set in 1930s Old Shanghai, this inn was where men went to seek some “fun” from beautiful ladies of leisure. But these ladies aren’t just trying to make a living – they each have a furry secret. And no, I don’t mean a chihuahua in their handbags.

Once you enter the house, you’re trapped because you see them transform from qipao-wearing courtesans to nocturnal wolf-like beings. It’s basically “Beauty & The Beast” but 10 times more menacing. But the scariest part for me was the fact that I didn’t understand any of the Mandarin they were spouting so God knows if they’ve all put some weird curse on me.

My Advice: If you’re a man, please don’t fall for their feminine wiles. They’re wilder than they seem – and not in a good way.


Final tips for Halloween Horror Night 6


Here are some tips for you to survive the scare zones at Halloween Horror Nights:

  1. Do NOT attack/molest/bully the scare actors. They’re there to provide entertainment, so don’t be the Halloween Horror Nights equivalent of the aunty who screamed at the deaf and mute cleaner.
  2. Dress lightly because it gets warm. Because you’re in Singapore. 
  3. Finish all your food and drinks before entering because you WILL get stopped at the entrance if you don’t. It sounds silly, but anyone who’s been to previous HHNs can attest to how clean the entire park was the whole night.
  4. If you drive, come early otherwise you won’t be able to find parking spaces
  5. If you don’t, it’s going to get super messy when you leave, so make sure you budget your time wisely.
  6. Last but not least, be open to making loads of new friends. Because you’re bound to be huddled up together with strangers as you walk through the haunted houses, why not take this opportunity to say hi and strike up a conversation in between screams? 

Address: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 09826
Dates: 30 Sept – 1 Oct | 6-8 Oct | 13-15 Oct | 20-22 Oct | 27-31 Oct

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