Guardian everyday essentials at Low Prices Locked

Most of us have a fixed modus operandi when it comes to shopping for essentials. Groceries and household items from the supermarket, lifestyle goods or beauty products from specialised stores, and perhaps swing by a pharmacy to pick up some plasters and meds. The thing is, Guardian carries products across all these categories – and now at lowered prices, to boot.

Launching their Low Prices Locked To Stay Low initiative which slashes prices on over 500 products all the way till year-end, Guardian lets you save big on toiletries, hygiene and wellness must-haves, and even miscellaneous items like healthy snacks and yoga mats. This means you won’t have to chiong for limited time offers, and can let your savings add up over the months ahead.

$2 items – Full-sized household & lifestyle essentials

Guardian Everyday Essentials - $2 items

It’s in all Singaporeans’ DNA to love a good deal, and Guardian’s $2 range is right up our alley. They’ve got steals for must-have items you’re sure to already have in your home or handbag, including hand wash, wet wipes, cotton buds and pantyliners.

Guardian Everyday Essentials - $2 shower cream

Before you think that the $2 items are only limited to itty-bitty travel sized objects, you can get $2 Goat’s Milk Moisturising Shower Cream as well as rice or almond flavoured Milk Shower Cream that’s a whopping 1L each. 

Beauty & Personal Care – Fan favourite brands and popular items

Garnier Micellar Water, Vaseline Body Lotion

The amount of money spent on everyday products to keep ourselves lookin’ good and feelin’ fresh can add up over time, especially when your bathroom and vanity is packed with name brand items. 

As part of Guardian’s Low Prices Locked initiative, you’ll be able to score more than 10 bucks off certain big brands and popular products from the likes of Nivea, L’oreal, Garnier, Neutrogena and Sunsilk. 

Guardian Everyday Essentials - Skin Protection

Besides things you use on the daily – like shampoo and conditioner, body wash and facial products – the price reductions even extend to popular skin protection and treatment items. These include sunscreen, aloe vera gel, specialised cleansers for eczema-prone skin, and Bio-Oil for scar reduction.

Senka Perfect Whip Facial Cleanser

To keep your complexion glowing, Guardian also has affordably priced facial products like the Guardian Charcoal Nose Pore Pack ($3, was $3.95), and famous Senka Perfect Whip ($18 for four tubes, was $19.90) cleansing foam from Japan.

Health & Wellness Products – Supplements & hygiene must-haves

People flock to Guardian to get their health and wellness needs sorted, be it to boost the entire family’s immune system with tailored supplements, or to fill up the household stash of hygiene essentials – from oral health to feminine care.

Guardian Everyday Essentials - Oral Care

Keep your pearly whites in tip-top condition with lowered prices on toothpaste and mouthwash across major brands.

Examples include Darlie Double Action Toothpaste Twin Pack ($4.90, was $7.50), Listerine Original/Cool Mint/Cool Mint Zero Mouthwash ($7.20, was $9.90) and Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste ($4.20, was $7.20) if you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity woes.

Guardian Everyday Essentials - Feminine Hygiene

The dreaded time of the month is made a little more bearable when us ladies get to enjoy savings on sanitary pads of all sorts. Guardian stocks an extensive range of feminine care, from ultra slim designs to keep you free and active, to long and contoured fits for heavy flow to give you peace of mind throughout a good night’s rest.

Guardian Everyday Essentials - Supplements, Sanitisers, Plasters

To keep everyone in the household healthy, sanitised and well cared for in the event of any nicks and cuts, you can also pick up Guardian’s solid range of supplements, sanitisers and plasters.

Snacks & Confectionery – Healthy fruits & nuts, $1 truffle & mala chips

Guardian Healthy Snacks

Little-known fact: Guardian stores carry a lot more snacks than just mints and cough lozenges. Next time you’re feeling peckish while out and about, their extensive range of baked or roasted nuts as well as dried fruits will do nicely to stave your hunger pangs in a healthy manner. 

Guardian Potato Chips

To satiate your tidbit cravings when you’re having a Netflix or mahjong sesh, load up on the tasty and surprisingly low-priced Meadows Potato Chips. For just $1 a bag, you can chomp on flavours like BBQ, Mala Hotpot, Sour Cream and Onion, and – get this…truffle. Where else would you be able to find legit truffle chips for a dollar a pop?

Shop at Guardian to save on everyday essentials for the rest of 2021

With a travel ban and nationwide restrictions upon us, we can all agree that Singaporeans are in need of a pick-me-up to get us through the rest of 2021. With Guardian’s Low Prices Locked initiative, we at least have one less thing to fret about – exorbitant expenditure on everyday essentials.

Guardian Singapore Shopping

Must-haves like skincare, oral care, and hair and bath items are absolute must-buys, but it sure doesn’t hurt that we can score significant savings even when treating ourselves to international name brand products.

And in this pandemic climate, the importance of supplements as well as proper hygiene and sanitisation goods cannot be stressed enough. After all, we all want to keep our immune system at its best, without having to dip into our savings more than necessary.

Guardian Exercise Mats

Guardian even has exercise mats on offer for $9.80 each (was $12.25), allowing you to crank out home workouts rain or shine.

Guardian Singapore Storefront

Best of all, you can shop anytime at any of the Guardian stores islandwide as these low prices are locked all the way till year-end. If you want to see your savings add up over time, make sure to head to Guardian to settle your home shopping, and even to conveniently pick up everyday items like snacks or travel-sized tissues.

The Low Prices Locked range is available at all Guardian outlets, as well as Guardian online and even via Giant shop-in-shop, which are selected Giant outlets that have a designated Guardian store within.

Find out more about Guardian’s Low Prices Locked range here

This post was brought to you by Guardian.
Photography by John Low.

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